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Spam bot being used very effectively on 4chan for months, the mods are unable to stop it and at this point have given up trying.

It currently targets a specific thread on /vg/ and duplicates posts from any of the other threads on /v/ and /vg/ and puts them into the thread it's spamming.

Currently it's just some buttmad furfag that's mad at his previous game but if one person can do it so can others and there are some people who could use this very effectively on certain boards to shut them down / market products.


Every thread made in relation this game gets this spam, if you check the archive you see it's been going on for months.


"This has been ongoing for a few months, the original /gw2g/ers reported it and directly addressed mods. The site just can't deal with ban evasion, there are other generals and boards with regular spammers, some of which includes their own variants of "repost" spam. Conclusively, reporting it wouldn't do much when the bot gets a new IP every 2-3 posts, but using a name is a decent system for now, otherwise I'd redirect people to the guilds and their discords, where most of the original gw2gers and newer members have been going. I've seen thousands of IPs get deleted, and the fact you can pay companies to solve captchas for you from remote locations in this age hints at there being a ton more that could be used, aside from public caches. Sorry, but I'd just take it easy and just carry on about the game."
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Unrelated, but daily reminder that /ammg/ needs to stop being a bunch of spergs and go back to being /mmog/ so GW2 can be discussed in peace, without this fuckin spam bot.
This is actually super easy to do, I used to have a bot like that (and of course I only did good things with it..)

And no you can't ban it, there's no easy solution.
If someone is really determined they'll always come back.
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>but if one person can do it so can others

old news

pic related has been the case for every major product launch but in the case of win10 it was for well over a year while ms still offered the free upgrade where as most product launch hype only lasts a few weeks

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Have you made use of a BD-XL? What did you put on the disc,
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all my HD dolphin porn
961,328 Loli pictures (ALL DECENSORED)
45,421 Loli Doujinshi (ALL DECENSORED)

Total MB used: 111284~109GB
For what purpose? Delete that shit before you turn into a pedophile.

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So why aren't you using a VPN? you are not allowed to use latency or download speeds as a cop-out anymore.

this is my speed test result through a vpn connection that isn't even in my state.
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Because I don't as much about privacy as I probably should. Because I still am learning networking and don't know/understand the basics of how to not rely on a external IP for hosting for friends. Because I moved to a new area, and I'm saving all my money while praying that I get this job I was recently interviewed for, and saving every penny in case.

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because muh ping
>less than 20 ping is too high

Thank you very much and fuck you very much
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>unironically using the cloud
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OS will be Ubuntu or Devuan

Did I do good /g/?
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>parallel port
Why does it even exist now?
very common in China/Taiwan/Philippines
pararrel port

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>still falling for the smartphone meme
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>posting smug anime faces
>Liking Satania
Retard Kys.
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tbqh OP is right, a phone is for phonecalls, why would i waste a few hundred dollars on a phone just because it can play a few games? pfft.

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I aint clicking that shit
Nice try FBI

You're both retarded, just Google it, it tracks the ips that seed torrents on popular trackers and matches it against whatever you access the site as.

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Someone on /pol/ found CNN's internal link shortener.


Now you can make your own arbitrary CNN URL's.
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Have anyone actually successfully baited anyone with anything yet?
This is like 50/50. I ain't clicking all links there lmao
Why do you still have not banned yet?

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I'm a Windows user and what is this?
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Install snaps via the cli. You won't need a Canonicuck account then.
Ubuntu (ooh-bun-too) is a virus that makes you fail college:


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t. 1050 Ti owner
shut the fuck up and leave this board fucking shill or ill shit on your chest

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We have the technology for this shit now, is it just too dorky and cumbersome for the marginal benefits over a smartphone?

Even the military is having trouble making it work overall.
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We actually don't have the necessary display technology yet. Available devices don't provide the functionality that's expected.
>those acid dealer sandals

Just fuck my shit up.
Because normies are to stupid to use chorded keyboards which are nessasary for using wearable tech in any usefull function.

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How far away are we from semi-intelligent sexbots? Who, besides sex, can hold a decent conversation, and maybe even do some cooking, cleaning around the house?
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What does that mean?

>sex robot
What does that entail?

Question is too open ended to resolve it.
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female android.png
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We are close.
70 - 100 years.

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The Apple II and the Walkman. Use them every day.
I don't like technology.
>What interests you in technology?
Technologies to build my perfect waifu

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Should I get it?
My current phone is an iPhone 5 from 4 years ago. I like iMessaging and Facetime. What can't it do that an android can?
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No. Most likely will get rid of Touch ID, has already done away with headphone jack, and im predicting battery life will be bad due to "high quality" maymay screen. Just buy an iPhone SE if you only use it for calling and texting. If you do anything that involves looking at high resolution media, buy a fucking laptop
dw if the rumors are right there will be an older style model that will probably be better than the new one
If its within $50 of an SE/6, go ahead. Otherwise just go for SE

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how do you store your tech?
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why the hell would anyone need more than one flashlight
Why the hell would anyone need more than one screen?
Don't the top ones fall out?

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