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>buy Kaby Lake processor (7740X) so that I can watch NetFlix 4K goodness
>doesn't work even though it says KABY LAKE is needed


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You using edge?
7700K is needed, not 7740X, you stupid moron,
You also need a GPU capable of decoding 4K HEVC.

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I am gonna invent my own operating system only instead of being like ubuntu it will work on all computers everywhere.
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Troll harder...

Just do it.
How will it cope with different instruction sets?

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>put in some disposable card info for my apple ID months ago
>it zeros out
>apple begs me for more shekels by putting in a new one
>try to select "none" as a payment method
>not even there
>look up solutions
>i dont apply to any of them, no reason it shouldnt be there
>cant even update or download free apps without it
>guess I need to wait a whole month for my one free trial subscription to end in order to have full functionality over the phone again
"It just works," right?
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Found your problem.
I hate apple but I'm OK with this, if you can afford a 700€ phone you may at least have some form of personal reliable electronic payment method, dude I'm poor as fuck but my prepaid card has a bit of movements and it even has SEPA if I need to get paid... It costs 15€ a year...
>700€ phone
>2.8k€ pc
>9.99€ Apple Music
>10€ to get an app for my GoPro
>can share everything between phone, go pro, camera, and pc by cloud/wifi
>no bullshit drivers/connection bugs like with windows
Damn, it costs a lot but that's trully a great system.

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i tried to install katawa shoujo on my friends android (up to date samsung galaxy S7 edge) and nothin i did was working no matter how much i tried. Does anyone know why its so diffficult to install on android 7.1+? any idea how to fix it?
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>He doesn't decompile Katawa Shoijo and port it to android by himself
>He doesn't know how to decrypt .rpyc files

Because it is a shitty game.
look man i'm just a normal guy who wants to help a friend play a game. There was a port already made but it doesnt work on modern android OS. whaddya want from me

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Which is a better browser that respects my freedom more?
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Oy Vey.
Chrome reskin vs chinese botnet
Oh gosh which one??

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If you sold a million copies of an app worth $1 you would be considered rich in all western countries.

So /g/, why haven't you made your killer app yet?
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Wouldn't you only get $0.05 per sale though?
Lets assume $1 profit then. But you're right taxes + app store fees can be huge
70, i think
minus (((fees)))

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Has anyone tried running the Bethesda launcher with PlayOnLinux?
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If you want to play quake champions, play on windows. dont expect any alpha or beta version of ANY software to work on linux.
I tried it and it didn't function at all. Just hope that Bethesda will finally give us a Linux Version for some of their Games.
You can't even turn off mouse acceleration in Linux, so I doubt modern games are gonna work.

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Comfy xbuntu.png
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Explain Fedora linux to an Ubuntu user.
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Essentially: hang yourself you stupid fucking gay nigger frogposter.
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Get a rope and hang yourself you fucking piece of shit
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Why are newfags so easy to manipulate? Pepe is older than /pol/.

The android app claims to send your contacts to Microsoft periodically.

Never asked for permissions to access contacts, mic, camera, yet it has full access.

Sucks at the only thing its supposed to do - online chat.

Turned into another fucking social network.

This is the straw that broke the camel's back.

Suggest me an alternative /g/. No discord please.
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Is this based or is it a meme?

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What is this for?
Who uses it?
It's already hard enough getting any worthwhile software running on Linux, let alone an even more obscure, satanic OS like this.
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Warning: NOT for PLEBS

sup /g/, can you help me choose a new headset? I want something similar to Sony Pulse(wireless and not too expensive), but compatible with Xbox and PC(phone too if possible).
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Install Gentoo
Sennheiser is a good brand
Any specific model?

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If macOS isn't the best OS why do the employees of most advanced tech companies in the world use it?
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it just werks
It works
>most advanced tech companies
go on

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Looking for text-to-speech program recommendations.

I want to be able to take any text (scripts, word docs, study guides - basically, any/all copy/paste text), and both have it read to me (preferably with many voice choices) and/or be able to save it as a music file. Any of you /g/eeks have any good recommendations on good T2S software?
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Fuck off normalfag
Just google it
I'm aware of how to find it. I'm asking for personal recommendations from anons. /g/ has always had -the- best sw suggestions.
@voice aloud reader

Only found this for android, works for pdf, txt, html etc

Best feature is that it allows you to use Google network for voice so ita not robot like speech output :)

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Can we really trust technology?
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Why wouldn't we trust it?
Enjoy your botnet
>He hasn't uploaded his brain to the botnet and become one with it
have fun dying

i want the full botnet experience
how to achieve this? what do i need to install?
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install temple os
It's current year. All you need is internet connection.

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