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who wins, /g/ ?
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Post deals and we rate whether its worth the buy!
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Got my eye on this. YES or NO?
Yubikey 4 and Neo are both half off. Join me in paranoid impulse buys.

>prime day

it's literally nothing. it's just a way for amazon to get rid of excess stock from third party sellers that have been sitting for months.

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What's the best book reading device?
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hear me out...




call me crazy


It's for my mom's birthday she likes the things, I love books so I have no idea.
oh, sorry I was a taint. Get her a Kindle. She's a mom and it's no-hassle to get more books and shit on it via amazon.

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You lied to me /g/. It's garbage.
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It's not that bad.
It's p gud.
Yep, pretty much, are you surprised?

Any good MPD client for Windows?

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Newbies:

>Strap Guide:

>Guide to making your own watch brand?

Previous thread: >>61281277
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I'd recommend looking into watchmaking and how they're made before choosing, start with George Daniels and Roger W smith
Not quite Amazon

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What was /g/ like 10 years ago?
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the same thing but less /pol/ and more anime
mods killing desktop threads was the final nail in the coffin for this board
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the same but kinda not
still shit
4chan was never good

Post them,rate them, going to buy a external 4tb drive soon.
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Well it might not be the greatest thing ever but concidering i found half of the pc at a local recycling station a year back
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i wish cpus would catch up already thing is cpu bottlenecked hard.
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A bit too much Intel going on in here for my liking.

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okay I am done with this piece of shit browser. It's lagging and hitching nonstop on top of being slow as hell. what are the best alternatives?
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>e.g. able to disable websockets/other spying, impossible on chrome
>e.g. 2) able to set disk write period, and reduce writes to disk
>now has multiprocess, so pretty smooth overall
>free as in freedom
And if "SJW" is a problem, realize Google is just as "SJW", if not more.
Second for Firefox. It might be shit but it's the only one worth using.
w3m or links2? portable and not a bitch on RAM... also fastafboi

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>full windows 10 on arm
what are you talking about?
the type of processor architecture you moron

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If you are in UK , hack them they all run old windows lol
Please scan your firs-
>e-excuse me... its keeps saying this...

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Okay niggers, let's settle this once and for all

Which one is superior A or B?

Please note, javascript pajeets are not welcome to voice they're opinion, you have to compile C++ on an UNIX like OS in order to post ITT
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A is the only correct answer
What's the font
B for functions, A for everything else

General: Rehashed Edition
/Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion of anything and everything related to cyberpunk and cybersecurity.

What is cyberpunk?

Nothing to hide? - The importance of a cyberpunk mindset applied to a cybersecurity skillset.

Cyberpunk directory:
Cyberpunk resources:

Cybersecurity essentials:
Cybersecurity resources:

Harden your OS, reroute your DNS and fire up the VPN!
Shit just got real: - Looking for more resources, help is welcomed.

The Old Skool: - Looking for more resources, help is welcomed.
>0ld 5k00l h4ck3rz:

>#/g/punk - Requires SSL
>#/g/sec - Requires SSL
IRC guide:

Thread archive:

Thread backup:

Previous thread:

Suggestions for new resources are welcome.
The Gentoomen /sec/ community is looking for CTF team members, contact them at the IRC channel.

OP message:
At mentioned in the previous thread (http://boards.4chan.org/g/thread/61265322) I was planning, after some community consensus to re-work and tidy up the pasta.
This is the current, though not permanent result, I do plan to refine it further.
Constructive criticism and ideas for change are welcomed, likewise as are extra resources; you can never have too much useful information.
So please, do not hesitate.
If enough people dislike the new pasta, I am willing to return to the previous one.
Pasta poll:
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The IRC is: irc://irc.rizon.net:6697
This will be added next thread, because I'm a klutz.
This looks good, OP. Also, you're missing the IRC network, I suppose that's because you haven't chosen one yet? Perhaps we could make another poll to choose the server?
>>61298561 see >>61298550.

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Can someone post their catalog.neet.tv filter to every single general on /g/
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If you want to see the threads that are worthy posting on /g/, you'd be better off visiting another board.
It's just generals, consumer tech, bait and fake rivalry threads nowadays.
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muh dick

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What's the age gap for it being too late to learn programming and other /g/ shit?
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Whenever the dementia sets in.
whatever age you are right now
you're never too old to learn
if you're out of your 20s you're unlikely to get a job doing it though

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Are differences between current atom CPUs even noticeable in real usage scenarios, to justify paying 100USD more for z8750 over z8550 or z8350?

Even few fps in the most indie of indie 2^3 bit games or faster loading of Chrome would give it an edge or ability to play Runescape that's 10 years old would be enough.
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Not a goddamn bit.
You shouldn't even be looking at low end atom trash.
I can't afford anything better. I'm only 2 steps above pajeets and commies.

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