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>his headphones have wires
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A non-autistic human then?
obviously as I don't want re-encoded low-bitrate AAC through an unstable bluetooth connection desu senpai
b-but your anime pic has wires on her headphones

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Anyone else terrified by the ubiquitous nature of technology these days, particularly the shit like Amazon Echo, or the increased digitization of our lives with controversies about Zuckercuck and Goolag or the Equifax breach and just think the Amish have the right idea?

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Daily reminder that the guys who made the matrix are literally satanists
T.ed Kaczynski

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I haven't been on /g/ since when Stallman had that meltdown during a lecture.

What has happened here since then? What is RMS up to? What are the latest hip dank maymays?
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>you will never get to have a socially acceptable lesbian phase in high school

Why even live?
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Well since then we've figured out that Akarin > Maki
dem digits

i have a 470 and a cheap 60hz monitor, and it is a tearing/stuttering fest

dont have too much money also, so what should i get? a cheap freesync monitor so i can run everthing smoothly, or a 1070 so i can run everything at 60hz all the time?

keep in mind that the monitor will last me 10 years , but the i'd have to update the card every 2-3 years
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I dunno. What do you think?
vidyacard. your computer is probably outdated too though. so ps4
What games do you play that can't run at 60fps with a 470?

What'd you recently buy?
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Who fucking cares?
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>thunderstorm destroys two routers and a modem
>buy two new routers and a modem
>a day later thunderstorm destroys two routers and a modem
>buy two new routers and a modem

Dear /g/ I don't start community college until January. Ive dabbled into python and C#. I want to continue with C# and learn C++ afterwards. I'm a 19 year old geek who clearly just got into coding not too long ago. What advice do you have that I can prepare by practicing within these months? What math should I brush up or learn? Anything else? I didnt take AP classes in highschool.
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lmao good luck with those salaries
I should've stated I plan to transfer to a proper university.

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Who here rely completely on tethering their unlimited data phone plans for getting on the internet? Any actual downsides?
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latency as fuck
>Any actual downsides?
Fair Use Policies. There's absolutely no way mobile ISPs allow for terabytes of traffic per month on a single connection.

Who the fuck uses more than 1 terabyte? At best I used 600gb and that was because 1 download kept failing

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How do I flatten this Zowie pad out?
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Sit on it
>how do I flatten a piece of fabric
The absolute state of /g/
use monitor stand and keyboard on top?

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for maximum security, which is the best?

Tails or Qubes?

and explain why.
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The needed hardware for Qubes is insane. Gotta have something that runs on old stuff.

so true :(
They're around the same. Snowden used Tails (plus its lighter since not everything is in a fucking VM)

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Lets have a thread for Poofag tech. Good products on the cheap. Anyone agree? Pic related. 32GB iPhone SE for $129. While straight talk isn't top tier, Its pretty damn good. Had my phone and service for under $200, no contracts.
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their entire catalog
Not a poorfag but I refuse to spunk money on a bloody mobile phone. Unless you are under the age of 15 theyre not a fucking status symbol.
In fact walking down the road staring at it like some faggot pretty much makes you a cunt
There's already /csg/

Answer me this, wiseguys.
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>Siemans computer
Do they even do anything worth while anymore. All I can think of is washing machines and fridges. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
It would do whatever you instructed it to do

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Why are kids better than adults?
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>ywn be a kid chilling with your buddies at a sleepover
im going to guess you yourself are developmentally stunted and you hold them to a higher esteem because of that

Start the van Jeff

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How can I watch chinese cartoons in freedom if any fansub works with free codecs?

There is any way to download waifus with freedom?
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Most normies don't get v& for torrenting over bittorrent protocol so even if there were free as in freedom and privacy as in snakeoil protocol, you would get shit download speeds until MPAA goes 1984 on people for downloading Game of Thrones.
just re-encode them
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and how would he re-encode them without downloading non-free software?

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If it would be possible to connect gamepad to pc via ps/2 port could it be better that usb? What are potential fir this?
Pic not related.
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It'll be inferior to kb+mouse anyway you connect it.
read up on joystick port
I don't know about that but you can basically accomplish the same thing by taking an old PS/2 keyboard and reusing the controller board with some switches to make your own controller/fight stick.

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AMD on suicide watch

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Yes you see
>The kaby lake single thread king wins against Ryzen in a benchmark that favors single core performance

Wew, lad.

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