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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon bought a bootleg GBA cart >>62204502
• Anon gets a backpacking water backpack
• Anon posts webm of his new lockpick set >>62205298 >>62205450
• Time for some Chinese teas! >>62205494 >>62205575 >>62205665
• Anon shows off his new soldering stand and watch repair tool kit >>62213960
• Anon bought a Chinky violin and plans to learn how to play it >>62211700
• Anon recommends the iFive Mini for mango reading >>62217237
• Anon shows off his Chinese violins and gives buying advice on them >>62217621 >>62217682

Previous thread >>62204443
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OP, I got your back:

>Telegram group
>redmi note 4 battery last 3 days
How can samshit even compete!?
are any replacement lcds worth buying on ali/ebay or are they all shit that won't compare to the original

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Any of you nerds know how to get unlimited tethering on tmobile through windows 10? Just a got a new android phone and it seems nougat is reporting my tethering. Before I did the ttl 65 trick but it seems it doesn't work due to the new os. Clockworkmod also disconnects me on heavy downloads.
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install gentoo.
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Why are Japanease allowed to have a waifu OS?
literally this
at least, try a livecd

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Does /g/ do neural networks?

Which libraries can you recommend?

Bonus points for c++ api, good documentation and ability to define your own activation function out of primitives (so that the derivation can also be automated).

Currently looking at tensorflow - seems not too well documented for c++ though, but has the other parts down.

[spoiler]Pic related the waifu I am going to build desu
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It's sad how many virgins come on here and ask how to make a waifu. Come on, we haven't even cracked AGI yet.
Eigen is pretty good
I don't like that they use Bazel for building TensorFlow. When you have sources, the absence of documentation is not a very big problem.

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>be linux user
>notice screen tearing
>adjust compositor config

>be wintard
>notice screen tearing
>no way to change config
>spend $500 on a new gpu
>screen tearing is still there
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To: 62219454

To: 62219506
Give me a (You), dammit!
To: 62219629

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Is it autistic to make fake OS's because you are too dumb to learn how to make a real one?

Currently working on a fake w95 era "OS".
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>make fake OS's
what kind of autism is this
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You mean styling some linux vm up for desktop or workflow stills? Show some of your work.
>implying that isn't better

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I'm looking to separate my BCH from my BTC cold storage (finally), and I'm not interested in compromising the BTC key. I know Armory Wallet has built in support for offline tx via generating the tx online then signing it offline (which is what the Ledger does), but I don't want to touch my BTC and just want to split my BCH from that key. Is there an alternative that will allow me to specifically do offline BCH transactions?

I'm not buying a ledger just for this purpose and do not have one, so that isn't an option.

Posting here because my question is specifically about technology, not money.
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electron cash?

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Can we decide this once and for all? What's the best E2E messaging app?

Wire is more feature-filled and doesn't need a phone number but everybody talks about how they're just a bunch of corporate shills. They're FOSS though?
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the wire app is bloated shit with an ugly UI, the desktop client is even worse

Signal is nice and the audio compression is the best compared to both telegram and wire
>ugly UI
I think it looks pretty good. I'm less concerned with aesthetics and more with security though.

I don't care what Signal does better if they're just going to hand over my phone number.

Post your programming language tiers here.
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Good tier:

Shit tier:

Good tier:
Designed by me, myself and I

Shit tier:
Stuff that you like

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My first time was OK, left for about 6 months.
Now, I barely last a week, and then get back to this shithole.
Have you tried?
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Why leave ?
why stay? what fucking holds you here?
I would leave, but I can't find anywhere better, which is pretty fucking sad.

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What's with the movement away from GCC onto Clang recently?
Open and DragonFly BSDs making the move from GCC too, when is Linux to follow?
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The BSD's are moving to it because unlike GCC it's not licensed under the GPL.

Maybe there's some legitimate reasons besides this though?
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NetBSD don't give a shit and OBSD will potentially will never use it in stable as they support way more platform than clang
Who even uses *BSD

Is now a good time to buy Xiaomi Yi 4k action camera or should I wait until GoPro releases their new model which supposedly is in this month.
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Hoping that the price of Yi 4k drops a bit when the new gopro is released
Well do you need it right now then? If not, then wait obviously
I don't need it per se, but I want it

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this website is so fuckign shit

>only supports literally the older fucking codec for webm
>only supports 2MB (not really, have to reencode to get it below like 1.7 before it accepts it)
>meanwhile GIF is allowed 3MB
>doesnt support raw MP4 hosting
>doesnt embed any video host except youtube
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not being able to use VP9 is bad, the rest is just alright
>wsg and gif got 4MB limit ...

the irony being that youtube (the only site they fucking accept) uses VP9 so you cant even just download teh webm version of a video, or make a quick webm from a youtube video, you still have to reencode


>boards nobody cares about

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Great job, Google, you fucking pile of shit.
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Do you understand how the quotes work?
Did you read the picture?

"About 698,00 results" "No results found..."

Explain this!?
What you left out of your picture is this:

>Results for oreo cant reach network (without quotes):

That's what the number is referring to.

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Can someone tell me if tor really makes browsing anonymous?
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Oh ok. Thanks!
It’s literally a CIA honeypot

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>"""""work""""" laptop
>"sick lights"

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