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Terry's on his pills again edition


Archive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JvKvUmoWdtE55ta15a3tg/videos
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Post Happy Terry
whys he taking the pills again?
crazy old man is naked in most of his videos

Time to delete my FB account.

Facebook + POTUS is too much power for one person.
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>he uses Facebook to begin with
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>clinton pollster
They are in for another rude awakening.

>he doesn't use FB to stalk his former middle school crushes

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>yes, this is reasonable
>im just going to tether using my phone to download 600mb of drivers so I can use my ethernet-port
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this is a win7-win10 machine, how does windows generic drivers not have support for it?
I believe the generic driver install triggers windows update doesn't it?
Anyways it unbe-fucking-lieveable that Intel can't write code for shit.
Linux doesn't have this problem.

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Why the fuck can't I turn this fucking button off? It shows up on every part of the UI including videos and I always accidentally press the fucking thing and it auto streams to my roommate's TV.

Or at the very least, why the fuck is there no dialog box asking if you're sure you want to cast?
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You can't turn it off because it appears automatically for convenience.

A really solid solution for this problem is to set up your own WiFi network separate from your roommate's. No TV on the new network, no cast button.

Also for what it's worth I just tapped the button on my phone and it still asked whether I meant to connect to my Chromecast. Not sure why yours is automatic.
quit clicking it retard
The TV has a YouTube app built into it and so it auto connects to any other YouTube app on the network. It's different from Chromecast so it doesn't ask at all, it just instantly streams and it's annoying as fuck.

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Howd I do, /g/?
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You did bad

Get the G500 series.
Do you have an updated mouse sensor tier list picture? I couldn't find a recent one so I just went out on a whim, can still return this one no problem if it's shit.

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Why is the trend towards smaller screens a thing now?
It's hard as fuck to find a decent spec laptop with a 15" screen nowadays that doesn't cost upwards of 1K or more.

>what in the actual fuck!
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Another fantastic thread by someone who knows nothing about technology. Gotta love the kids that post on /g/.
Literally ANY configuration costs less on a 15" screen than in a smaller form factor. I have no fucking clue what you're on about or on.
>another great response by someone who doesn't contribute anything whatsoever to the topic but criticizes the shit out off peple

Gotta love the faggots that post on /g/

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So, what's a good VPN with obfuscation feature that works on a mac?

VyprVPN doesn't seem to work on Sierra, VPNac doesn't work either, Nord VPN obfuscation sucks (every proxy detector ever detects it)

Where do I go from here anons?
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this test in particular, seems to be the harder to pass
Obfuscation where? From you to the VPN, or from VPN to the destination?

Why not use Tor?
TIL tor is undetectable

fucking pajeet

Is stallman still our /g/uy?
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yes now fuck off
Inane question.
Too prestigious to just say dumb, I see

why is bluetooth on linux always such an uphill battle

is it worth passing the time with suicide
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Because no-one uses it I guess.
for what purpose?
install Linux Mint

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I have a super nintendo and its got problems and on forums and the rest of the internet I've been told replacing capacitors can fix my problem. But these tiny silver ones have these letter and number combinations like 100-6a-16g when I look for those combinations on the internet I can't find anything. Do they represent the capacitance and voltage in some way?

The different capacitors are as follows

Anyone got any clues to how I can get my hands on some replacements? pic related they look busted so I'm hoping replacing them would fix my problems.
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just emulate that shit
I have other devices that need those kind of capacitors still.
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my Sega Genesis with Blast Processing doesn't have this problem

is there any software that can brute force an iphone 5s ios 7.x.x? i have an old phone thats jailbroken so it gives me unlimited tries.
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Give it back Deuvan.
i could easily reset it using itunes but i don't want to lose the photos.
That one israeli company that cracked the high-profile terrorist's phone that Apple refused to unlock leaked their software at some point, you could maybe find it somewhere.

post quality software
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Normally when you make a thread about something you start OP.
bad grammar
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>no thumbnail view

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MOTHERBOARD: Asus - Z97-PRO(Wi-Fi ac) ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K
RAM: Kingston - HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3-1866 Memory
PSU: EVGA - SuperNOVA G2 850W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
HDD:Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB,
SSD: Crucial - MX100 256GB, Kingston 120gb SSD
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100I V2 w/ upgraded Noctua Fans
Case fans: 4xNoctua NF-A14 & 2xNoctua NF-A12
Asus disk drive
Asus Wifi Antenna

1200$ Good deal? The 1080 alone is worth 580-700 bucks new.
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Get SMART data from the HDDs and SSDs before you buy.
Assuming we value the 1080 at $400 used, the rest would have to add up to $800. I don't really see $800 worth of stuff there desu. Talk him down to $1000.

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Is this an OK computer for non-gaming, everyday use?

Dell 780 Optiplex

>1 Terabyte Hard Drive
>Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
>2.9 Gigahertz
>8 Gigabytes RAM
>Windows 7
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build your own for half the price
I don't know how to do that, I'm trying to learn with my old HP. Slowly taking it apart and learning
I was using an E8400 with 8GB of RAM with a 9800 GTX+ up until about 4 months ago.

So yes, it's probably fine.

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People who use KDE, what system do you run it on?
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post the pepe one
also t420, it just werks
So do I. But what operating system?
I'm using KDE on Manjaro.

I tried KDE on different distros. This is my experience:

-Kubuntu: Decent, but doesn't have kio-gdrive (there's a plethora of problems associated with building it on Ubuntu)
-Fedora: Crashing every 30 goddamn seconds
-KDE Neon: Not as crashy as Fedora, still does break quite frequently
-openSUSE: Perhaps the second best but I had other problems (notifications not showing up at all with some programs, magnet links not working with Chromium...)

Manjaro gave me no headaches.

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