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Escargot is a FOSS replacement for the now-defunct MSN servers.

Right now it supports versions 1 through 7, with later versions planned, you can now chat securely in a botnet-free messaging system

Let's get the party started for all our /g/ friends

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tell me more
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>I will never have that feeling of starting out in Linux of 2006 and using aMSN to talk to my school friends ever again

They were not better times but they were comfier times.

the rise and fall of MSN messenger coincided exactly with that of my social life and standing, could literally engineer a position on any group. thanks obama and FB

I have my friends website running on a VPS via Linode.

other than running sudo apt-get upgrade every month or so what should i be doing on a regular basis?

I've checked the fail2ban logs and haven't seen any banned IPs which is weird, aren't I supposed to see a bunch of chinks and pajeets trying to hack into my server?

I'm really new to this so help me out here.
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it'd be best if you'd post the IP so we could check
other people can often spot things that you've missed.
How does me giving out the IP allow you to see anything? And if so thy sounds like a security risk.

>14" screen size ideally
>weights less then 2kg/4.5lbs
>Linux just werks
>7+ hours of browsing on wifi
>Core i5 CPU, no Celeron shit
>costs less than 500$
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Plenty of refurbs but nothing new at that price point. Sorry poorfag.
of course. I forgot to add that I'm looking into refurbs/used laptops not new ones
Refurb T460s/T470s/T460/T470 but when there's a sale on the lenovo outlet

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So /g/, what Cloud services do you use?

I am currently in the process of trying to avoid the amount of steps I need to take in order to secure my data/photos/videos/documents etc.

I have so far, put them on an isolated USB stick that I hid in my safe. Which is good because it isn't accessible by anyone. I then delete all data from my PC. However the risk I lose that USB stick is something I want to insure against.

So my question is, what are the best cloud services?
So far I have come across Mega.nz purely because the 50GB is free. Which I like free.

What are you're thoughts?
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Mega.nz is a botnet.

Just make your own cloud.

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The 7980XE has been benched, and can achieve 4.8Ghz on all 18 cores while staying under 90C, turns out Intel came to their senses and soldered this one. At these clock speeds it will piss and shit all over 1950X without even trying.

Threadrippers performance crown is about to be taken away and buried for good, it didn't take too long. Thanks based Brian, can't wait for you to release 8700K and wipe away any reason to buy any AMD processor.

>ryzen = btfo
>vega = btfo
>threadripper = soon to be btfo

What's next for AMD?
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>What's next for AMD?
Probably a 24 core threadripper CPU.
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>turns out Intel came to their senses and soldered this one
Nope, they just handed out golden silicon to OCers like they did with the i9-7900X which also showed impressive OC results before release. And then turned out to be a nuclear spaceheater with anything less than a custom waterloop.

The fact that retards like you keep falling for it just shows you've got the mental capacity of roadkill.
I too have my personal shabbos goy to pour LN2 into my kosher pot, Rabbi.

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>NxM RAM in his PC
>M is bigger than N
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Please go away
I'm fine.
No, you're not.

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Nigger slaves are not technology
Youtube is racist.
I can see no legitimate reason why such a short clip from network television would violate youtube standards, unless youtube standards involve pushing one particular viewpoint and suppressing its opposition.

Youtube censorship is out of control. Thanks for this.

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I'm a junior in highschool and know C++ pretty well, I want to learn another language and was told by a friend of mine i should try asm. how difficult is it/how useful is it today? and how long would it take me to learn it?

pic unrelated
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It's useful for reverse engineering and learning how everything works "under the hood" so to speak. You'll learn about the system stack, registers, among other things.

The "difficult" part is that you need to write everything that you want to happen in your code. You can't just add to values and assign to a variable in one line for example. In asm that could very well be 4 lines.

It's useful but if I were you I would ask myself what is my motivation for wanting to learn it?
I just want to learn another language that would be useful to me in the future for getting a job that is somewhat challenging to learn. I am quite interested in infosec so maybe a language that would be good around that area?
extremely useful when dealing with immbedded software, which is a good field to work in

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would /g/ download?
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>watching movies
kys yourself grandpa
No, it's a shit movie.
Worst starwars ever.
the one by .BONE.

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Is hires audio worth it?
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of course not
Are you a dog, a cat, or a bat?
No, most people can't even hear 20 KHz. 24 bit audio is also a meme unless you're into music production.

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Realistically, if the apocalypse hits, how long until the last computer in the world shits the bed? How much time would we have to print all the porn we could to sell fallout style?
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how long does your UPS last?
Or a computer launched into orbit around the sun thats solar powered
Their technology is different than our tech, though. Everything runs on a nuclear energy and shit, so maybe it stays that way because of some kind of technology sustainability.

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Does anyone have experience with swedx? I've searched far and wide and couldn't find reviews or opinions.

I'm looking for a TV in the 55" to 60" range for ideally less than 600 bucks. It will be used in conjunction with my computer exclusively, so I have absolutely no interest in quadruple quintuple tuners and support for a plethora of vod "apps". 3840x2160 would be very nice as I'll sit less than ten feet away from it a lot of the time. Upscaling will be handled by the PC.

I really can't find anything else that seems like good quality that isn't packed full of unnecessary features.
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Been thinking of buying their 58' with the better pixelpolicy.
But my first TV since 2003 has to be somewhat good.

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>AdNauseam is snake-oil, and you're an idiot for using it.
>You can restore the old youtube by clicking on "Restore old Youtube" on your account.
>No, you're not going to convince anyone to buy a Macbook in here. Go somewhere else.
>Reddit? Who gives a fuck? GO BACK!
>Nobody(even Terry) uses TempleOS. Enough with the shitty ad-infinitum jerking off to the same shitty jokes. Terry is a drunk now, because of you, faggots
>nVidia vs ATI, it's like you people are completely insane, talking about the same stuff without end. Buy nVidia if you want driver support in your shitty games, or if you want to do Deep Learning. Buy ATI if you're a miner - although you won't find any cards, they're already sold out to other miners.
>Font rendering on Windows vs on GNU/Linux. Who cares, Apple wins here, no competition, it's been one of their primary focuses since the 80s.
>If you don't actually create technology in any form(or you don't like programming) you don't belong on this board.
>The best password manager is your fucking brain, if you're not a brainlet.
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Is consistency better than best practices?

Scenario 1:
Codebase uses Util classes with static methods. In order to write unit tests for classes that call these static methods tools like PowerMock might be required. Is it worth writing the new "Utils" classes as spring beans with non static methods, which will make testing easier or keep it consistent?

Scenario 2:
"RESTful" API is not really RESTful. However, new calls are added frequently to the API. Do you make the new calls more RESTful or do you keep them consistent?
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>15L whisky
I wonder if its any good...
It would probably be just as bad as every other whiskey
is this real?

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