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I just recently fixed my laptop and managed to get the wifi working on it. woo hoo!

Thing is, it's old, shitty and i don't really know what to do with it (DON'T want to sell it)

>Pc is pic related.
HP Pavilion DV4000
128 MB Graphic

How can i put it to good use /g/ ?
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give it to a recycler
I wanna use it
install linux

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Why is Western Digital the best hard drive manufacturer?
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They use diamond the hardest metal known to man which makes their drives harder than others
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i thought hgst was /g/-chan's choice of hdd
It is. WD is only 2nd.

As a Biometric Systems major and after recently starting to store tons of different cryptocurrencies in all manner of different wallets and online exchanges recently, I realized I need to revamp my password security.

I guess we've all seen the XKCD meme about how having a long password is better than a short, complex password. How should I structure my password selections so that the following criteria are met:

1. Fairly long for >dat security, but consisting of actual dictionary words in order to keep it easy to remember/type in

2a. Have each password be different for each site for uniqueness,
2b. and have each respective site's password contain a mnemonic memory jogger corresponding to said site. For example, my gmail pw might be: "Longpasswordforjewmail" and Citi credit card pw be: "Walkingthroughthec1t1"

3. Standardized format to start (or end) each password with. So maybe I start gmail like "Longasspasswordforjewgle" and Citi with "Longasspasswordforc1t1"...obviously being a little moore individualized than something as vanilla as that.

I'm sure there's an easy and concise way to do this, I just want it to be simple and to not be way too autistic about it. Any suggestions?
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Literally just do as the comic says
Maybe even use a line from a poem or novel you have read
Use a password manager.
And use multi-factor auth everywhere you can

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Does anyone else here replace their standard Windows programs with old versions?
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no, but i make my xfce4 look like it.

show me the way of doing this on windows tho
I do for Paint and Minesweeper.
>i make my xfce4 look like it.
No you did not no loonix DE can be riced to properly represent the 9x/2000 Era Windows Desktop.

t. xfce4 user.

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Should I build new desktop computer or laptop/workstation with GPU passthrough and dock to save electricity?
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You should use Elixir
Here's what you need to know about GPU passthrough.

1. It's a bitch and a half to set up
2. Does not support SLI or CrossFire
3. Unless you have an iGPU or extra GPU you are going to lose any sort of GPU performance for your main OS
4. A lot of audio issues
5. Bloat of your main OS plus bloat of your sub OS means slightly less FPS
6. Unless you want super tight security, running Windows with wsl is probably going to better in every way

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is it a meme or should I get one?
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They're good to have if you frequently use applications that can take advantage of it.

However I've gotten used to using my phone for 2 step authorization, so a key dongle wouldn't really be any significant advantage.

Anyone remembered the U̶t̶u̶b̶e̶t̶r̶o̶l̶l̶p̶o̶l̶i̶c̶e̶ Youtube Heroes remember that was the time youtube tried to focus to kids.
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since when can we strikethrough on 4chan?

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Just ordered a raspberry pi. Am I in for a treat, /g/?
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Do you actually have a plan for it or are you going to put it on a shelf to collect dust or use it as a low-spec desktop machine that you'll quickly get tired of because you already have a decent machine?
Coming next:

Hey lads, so i got a rPi, what do i do with it?

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Hah, you fags still on Youtube? Enjoy sucking Google's dick. Bitchute master race here (pic related).
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I hate youtube it's broken shit software but I'm stuck with it. Google is evil, but offers the best search engine/streaming service. I hate this.
>Windows 10
Literally hitler
>He has to download his videos first before watching

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Anyone have and luck with changing dpi scaling only on certain monitors?
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pls helb me

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Fellow leafs using AEI internet, it's down for now, but only for certain domains. Thanks to the recent DNS hack on Wikileaks I learned a lot of how the whole DNS system works.
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I called them and there's a very, very fast message in QC French and I was able to decipher that they are working on the network and to please be patient.

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>tfw you are the only person in the world that hasn't had any issues with KDE


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Konqi and Katie CC BY-SA Tyson Tan
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Thanks lad.
You might be.

I mean don't get me wrong, I loved it when I used it 2 months ago, but yeah. Figuring out how to disable triple buffering, the thing crashing just as often as I decided to fiddle with some settings, nah. I just couldn't.

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Why are Snaps and Flatpacks still not bankrupt and finished when Appimage exists?
I mean, with this motherfucker you even can run applications on a live system.

Is there a downside to this format?
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>Is there a downside to this format?

It is designed to run on systems with a "normal" desktop metapackage installed. "No need to install anything, just download it and run" is a lie, it HAS external dependencies. If you use a minimal or source based system you will run into missing libraries. Problems will rise if you cannot install the missing deps for one reason or another (no rights to install, live system does not support installing software etc).
Because they are different. Appimage is much like portable apps while snaps/flatpaks are sandboxed
>it took linux 2 decades to copy apples executable format

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Is there a way to use certain apps like Blockfolio without Google Play Services? Some xposed module or something?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

why is 800mhz the lowest a CPU will go in power savings mode (or if you adjust high performance to allow 1% low
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Hardware limitation, likely the clock generation circuits cannot divide down lower than that:

The other explanation could be that at lower clock speeds maximum time between refreshes of dynamic memories could be violated (registers or perhaps DRAM).
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800mhz is all that is required to keep the hardware level botnet ticking over.

this is for kabylake

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