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Where did all the options go?
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whew summer never ends does it
Everything was fine yesterday and for months before that -- are you implying I'm new because I don't use 4chanx or some other add-on/plug-in?
...okay and now everything is working again. What happened?

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I'm shit at web development. I need a website for personal business.

Nothing too complex, just presentable, and has my information on it.

Any reason I shouldn't use pic related?
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html and css take literally one day to learn and your website would most likely be less bloated

if you're getting that software for free do what you want tho
>Legitimately purchasing adobe products.
Or do what I did and create a website with wix and then when you're done rip all the contents of the pages with a downloaded and remove the wix trademark shit in dreamweaver

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wtf I looked at the eclipse and now I'm blind?!
thank god I can touch type
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Then how did you post this thread
Touch Typing!
how did you read his post

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Do you have any habits/recipes to disconnect from time to time?
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That's not even a valid question
>Do you have any habits/recipes to disconnect from time to time?
Make sense to you?
What habits do you disconnect from? What recipes do you disconnect from? Can you give an example of one of either of those things if you do not have any?

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My job is entirely unrelated to computers and the owners of my company are late adaptors. Finally IT bought me a t420 that is almost identical to the one I bought for work except now I have access to the propietary software and don't have to lug a computer back and forth.

I now use my t420 for shitposting and games and really wanna steal the 9 cell battery on my work computer because it remains plugged in. I know this is a fireable offense and will never do it but it makes my dick hard
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>treating /g/ like a diary
Anything else you wanna tell us buddy?
I know nothing about computers and have no idea what hell you just said, I don't even know why I'm browsing this board.
Nice bait, faggot

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Can your phone notify you if there's water damage?

I spilled some soda on a coworkers phone but wiped it off immediately. My coworker got upset and said she got a notification that there's water damage. But she didn't show me when I asked. She walked away. She was texting on it so it's not like it didn't work afterwards. Then she put it in rice and left.

How do I know if it was water damage? Am I liable to replace her phone if she didn't show me it? She could easily go home and drop it in the toilet and then tell me I broke it and need to buy her a new one
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does rice work better than just dry air?
gooby pls go
yes they have indicators that will change and give a visual indication that there has been water there

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What GUI library do you recomend me use in collaboration with c++ to make a very simple registration system? wxWidgets seems a bit outdated but I assume I always use it wrong.
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make a web gui and start up a custom chromium instance for it

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How to retrieve password from Windows 10 "Mail" app?

It must be cached somewhere isn't it?
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Give it back Tyrone.
ok hackerman.
its probably cached somewhere on a microsoft server, hashed.
maybe its saved locally, also hashed.

really no idea i dont use MS junk
Give it back, jayquan

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So I have a 5" Sony PVM monitor on my desk that I don't have much use for. (I use a 14" Sony PVM for retro gaming)

It sits on my desk about 2ft from me, anything cool I could use it for?
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Toss it into a bin.
Use it for a mech rig as an old school headset
Sell it to some /v/ autist.

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I just enrolled in a graduate course on high-power computing while being an undergraduate student
What am I in for?
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Omae wa mou shindeiru
a fun and challenging learning experience

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Customizable icon shapes, is BTFO. How will iDrones ever recover.
By not caring?
>b-but we d-don't care!
literally holding back tears

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Do gaming laptops still take a giant shit when it comes to heat? I've heard anecdotally that they're much better at heat management now. Pic unrelated.
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They're definitely better, but they still get pretty hot.
Enough to throttle during gameplay, or...? I'm just wondering if I should hassle with taking my desktop to uni along with a basic laptop or just go for aone that does both and skip the risk of fucking up my rig.
Yeah, you'll get some throttling. If you want to do 4K or VR you should get an external video card. If you're doing 1080p for current gen games you should be fine. Next gen may start having issues.

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SpeedFan 4.52 is giving me an error saying that there is an error that it can't find a specified modules can anyone help me get around this ?
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install gentoo
Speedfan hasn't been updated in years. Find something else.
Not your personal tech support. Try the stupid questions thread

What internet provider do you think is pretty good and doesn't try to screw you up the ass a lot?
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Making your own isp
That's an oxymoron
>Making your own isp
How? do explain pls

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Hey /g/ can you help me? I'm getting blue swirl lines when I connect my Raspberry pi 3 to my tv using the composite out. I don't have this issue when I use the Raspberry pi 2.
Do you think its defective? or is this a issue no one cares about because most people use HDMI?
The Raspberry pi 2 is a little too slow to use for kodi/emulation but the composite picture is really clear.
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bump again
Could be a defective unit, I've only worked with arduino boards though, and never really used it as a kodi/emulation machine.

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