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>type in username/email
>hit tab
>type in password
>hit enter
>I'm not logged in
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a thread died for this...
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>type in password 1 character short accidentally and hit enter
>it's accepted and logs me in
>reproducible up to 2 characters short
>mfw they silently truncate passwords to 13 characters
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>type in password
>recover password
>type in password I attempted before as new password
>you can't change your password to your current password

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Why is sorting arrays such a problem?
They go from 9 to max integer, so they are always sorted?
Are computer scientists stupid?
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I meant from 0 to max int.
what are you even saying
what is the point you are trying to make

Why doesnt anyone here talk about how to really become a programmer? Why the threads here are simply to affirm how much of a special snowflake you are with your overpriced nerdy keyboard or with your autistic super "customized" DE, or other shit? It almost as if /g/ wants to say that being a programmer for /g/ is wasting all your money on useless shit to feel more l33t sup4 h4x0r
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Kys op
Oh, op.
Cause real programmers working on projects and not complaining about shit.
Specialist need just werks solution for getting his job/project done. And /g is opposite of it. Schoolboys and poor students complaining about things that doesn't matter for adults. Also, there is the reason why almost everybody here doesn't have a job.

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I need a mouse that won't give me carpal tunnel
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Try using the keyboard, you mongoloid.
keyboard only
they make up-right ergonomic mice

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>just typin
>prompt for KWallet password randomly pops up
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What anime is this?
dirty bomb i think
Hand over the porn citizen.

>Intel has the best FOSS graphic drivers
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It was always more like "they only make FOSS driver so the FOSS driver is the best for their chip".

AMD is probably on par or better these days.
Meanwhile AMD is cleaning house on day 1 open salsa Vega benchmarks


And their drivers are a few months lagging after their Windows one.
This would also imply AMD is moving to a more modular driver that's not difficult to use on BSD/*Nix/Windows at once without gutting it with abstraction layers and shims just like Nvidia does.

No wonder their driver situation is at is if this is true.

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It will also be the first ever event to take place at the new Steve Jobs Theater near the new Apple headquarters.
So what's so special? Maybe if there was any useful info on that link...
New iPhone and other cool Apple stuff. Apple is the leading innovators of technology.

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Give Away bois

Verdun - 8RPPD-JEL7C-60(one more than 4)FM

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide - ( 2 less than 10)XIVN-RNPCQ-9RF5C
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op here heres another give away

I call war hammer pleae don't take it

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Let's make this short and clear
I want a bootable usb flash drive
I don't know which OS I should use on it
My options right now: Lucid Puppy, REMIX OS
inb4 REMIX OS = Chinese botnet (((true)))
Reply with other options, Gentoo isn't one tho
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what the fuck do you need it for ?

I have one with Kali.
I guess it will be usefull when im outside on some retarded computer with XP (if ever)
When I go to one of my friends (((yes I have those))) or my siblings and if I wanna use their computers I don't need to go through their shitty malware infested OS
use debian, everything should work fine on it

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/g/ How do i have an Android Smartphone with Linux privacy tier? Is it blocking google apps and using a vpn enough?
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You can install Lineage OS which is currently the most popular ROM without Gapps and you should be sufficiently de-Googled.

You can also do your research and find a ROM that's made solely for privacy reasons but nobody can guarantee you that it will be stable and up to date.
I recommend installing a new ROM because you never really know what kind of hidden services are running in the background.
Just blocking apps and using a VPN won't really do any much in terms of getting tracked.
But is there anything like distrowatch for roms?

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Hey /g/, quick question: I am about to install Ubuntu 17.04 as only OS on my old laptop which currently has Ubuntu 16.04 and W10 on dual boot. Is there any way/reason to "deactivate" W10 before formatting my HD? Say, in some time I'll want to install it back on the same laptop, can I do so using the same license key?
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Your licence and PC hardware is connected. It will automatically activate next time you install Windows 10. If I'd say keep the win 10 partition though.

kys you're selfe my man

thanks anon, good to know, cheers

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Which aspect ratio is best? And I'm not talking about gayming. I'm talking about productive shit like video/image edition, comfy coding, etc.
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In the order it is on the image.
The wider the worse.
21:9, everything below is old obsolete unusable shit.
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>image edition
I got this 16:10 motherfucker at the office. Find it to be a lot more comfortable for any fullscreen work (making layouts in Indesign, retouching photos, etc.) than my 16:9 monitor at home. But when you need to work with 2 applications at the same time (text editor on the left, browser on the right) - wider screen is better.

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I'm building a new framework and I need the most idiotic name for it possible.
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Did they take away the ability to alter certain file details in an update or something?
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Like what
Give us examples
>winblows 10
fucking retard

This is the ideal keyboard layout for productivity.
You might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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>No numpad
Into the trash
>no macro keys
into the trash
Except that's not Filcos Ninja majestouch-2.

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