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Who else is watching this years contest?

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proper link.
>Fiji winning 2-0
>15 seconds left
>Shrilanka gets 5 in a row
>match ends 2-5
Poor Fiji.
>China plays dirty
>loses twice

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In the face of so much opposition to freedom (e.g., the recent alignment of Pale Moon with BigAds), do you know of anyone who has finally given up, and just accepted Win10/Edge or macOS/Safari, because they have been so beaten down and discouraged?
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Your mistakes:

>Falling for palememe
>Falling for adnausememe (its actually malware)

How to recover:
>Stop having a google account
>Use a fucking script blocker, it denies google Ad money and doesn't give Google your browsing data like adnausememe
>Mitigate your fingerprints: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Anonymizing_yourself#Fingerprinting
>Use various search engines, not the same one
>You can write your own clickbots, greasemonkey has existed forever. Faggot.
I gave up and went back to windows
but i use firefox because edge is trash
Palemoon was actually decent before this, I could have 7 tabs and palemoon would just take 300MB of RAM.
But the best alternative I've found is ungoogled-chromium. A RAM heavy one, but very smooth

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Hey guys i have a dual xeon E5-2670 server that i want to run 4 Vega 56's or some other card on with PCIE passthrough to make 4 seperate gaming environments. I heard in KVM you have to pass all GPUs of the same type together. Is that true?

Im trying to decide between hyper-v and KVM as the hypervisor. Any suggestions?
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First of all a gaming server sounds retarded, as you will probably have tons of heat problems and not have enough RAM or CPU to keep up. Second of all stop watching Linus Tech Tips, he's doesn't know shit about technology and is just a box-reading marketer.
AFAIK you should be able to pass through multiple of the same GPU by using the slot they are in as an identifier but it sounds sketchy especially since typically the best way to identify a device is it product id (which will be the same for the same model card). I doubt hyper-v can do PCI-passthrough and it's windows shit anyway. You should use KVM via QEMU.
Just use ESXi

>I wish I could have nice things
unraid works great. the PCI passthrough is simple.

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that have comprehensive breadth topically and have an active and helpful user base?

t. compunewb
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forums for whatever you're into. General "technology" forums won't be any better than the shit here. Literally just pick something you're interested in and search it with "forum" appended.
do you frequent any other sites? any suggestions for network/info sec?
Tom's Hardware Forum

if you use one

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>be me
>order 10 cent seeds to mate
>free shipping
>person who made them came in crying
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>don't charge for shipping
It's his own fault, don't fall for it.
nice fake story

it's a meme. i know this. if they really cared they'd just charge it lmao

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They did it /g/.

They fucking did it.

They have successfully shut down P2P streaming.

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By blatantly violating net neutrality.
They had one job. Move fucking packets, FIFO.
Here's a tip. Don't live in a shit country.
What's the deal with this? I see it used more often now. How's it shut down p2p streaming, especially given the boxing match used acestream for some streams...

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>2017 and you still can host your website
>2017 and you still need to host your website in Orwellian domains
is the internet, dare I say it, dead?
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I believe in freedom of speech. They shouldn't be thrown around like that.

>Write all the same exact shit
>find & replace black with white
>site is now 100% fine and featured as a legitimate news site on every platform there is.
is it so hard to spread/bookmark an IP address? like i'm not sure i totally understand the issue here. if people want to find it they will

that being said leftist orwellian censor happy dystopia is real i'm not trying to argue that

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Is it too good to be true?
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good shitpost. couldn't have chosen a more obscure name for whatever the fuck 'crystal' is
A new programming language with Ruby like syntax and the speed of C.
You know it will end up having C like syntax and the speed of Ruby.

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Why cant I get on ebay?
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They scanned your hard drive and found your anime collection. You're banned for violating their TOS
This is probably the reason. I got banned from ebay after I accidentally left VLC open with My Hero Academia on.
DNS error

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Is it safe to torrent on xfinity without a VPN?
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Yes, I've been doing it for 2 years now with no grief
Use the catalog you fucking idiot.
I do, but I'm on a private tracker ;^)

javascript is the best programming language
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luckily they cant transfer their mental illness into the library itself.. at least not yet
why are node developers so retarded? why not any lower level languages?
>why not any lower level languages

doesn't the question answers itself

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hello friends.... please help me decide...?

ultrawide vs 5k monitor?
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The colors on the 5k are much better than the UW meme.
this is absolutely true... the 5k resolution is incredible (not shilling - just never had experienced 4-5k resolution before)

but ultra wide ratio is amazing also... it just looks like shit comparatively (but its the same resolution most people are still using these days)
I'm all about deep blacks and good contrast ratio for muh movies and anime and such.

I personally would go with whichever looks best, but i'm personally waiting for 4k HDR computer monitors to become cheaper.
I want 5000:1 contrast with 1200nit screen. And I want an OS that can actually deal with the HDR content unlike current windows.

Why do literally ALL Mac app devs charge for their software?
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It becomes normalized, and you might as well make money if you think you can. The real question is, who committed the crime in the first place?
Because in the Mac ecosystem, functionality is unrelated to price. The value of a program is generally determined by how many pretty effects it has.
Not true, and when they do they usually charge a fair price

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Have you ever thought that the reason why shilling is so strong here is because Hiro gets paid for letting companies "advertise" on /g/ and 4chan in general?
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I thought it was because everyone is anonymous and the mods are either asleep or jerking off instead of removing spam or rule breaking content.
People always say social media is free because they're the product, well 4chan is free.
Delete this anti Semitic nonsense immediately

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Do you suffer from imposter syndrome, /g/?
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>a black guy plays jar jar
>everyone hates jar jar
>mfw /pol/ was right
hes likable once you believe hes a sith lord
i guess so. Ive always felt a cheat

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