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I need to get in my old Astro Pop phone......can't remember the swipe.....any suggestions?

LH in return.
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Nothing but inane comments...
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Why does Stallman's laptop have a "GNU/Linux inside" sticker when his OS is GNU/Linux-libre?
Finally, Stallman is right about something for once.

Thinking about buying this speaker. Can anyone recommend it? Perhaps there is something better with a similar price (140-160$)?
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I have one. It's ridiculously base heavy but it produces good sound and the battery lasts for days.
Have one too. Got mine on eBay for 79$ because it was a unwanted Christmas gift. Its nice and can double as a power bank.

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Dies anybody knows a good warez-allowed freehoster?

Does this even exist?
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Dear god, please let summer end soon.
fucking lol
angelfire they let you host warez, and progz

What do you think about the new educative technologies?

Do you have any idea?
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The fuck is this?

Name the top 10 applications you use
Name the top 10 terminal commands you use
Name the top 10 keyboard shortcuts you use
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Safari, Textedit, iTunes, dashboard, transmission, MPlayerX, TeXLive, Terminal, Unarchiver, iBooks.

cd ls latex dvipdf cat man diff less sage shasum

shortcuts? Do you mean the media player keys and the dashboard key?

alt-cmd-esc fn-backspace cmd-s cmd-a cmd-w cmd-f cmd-q (in selected apps)
bump I need more apps just got this badboy a couple weeks ago

I use Keka as unarchiver, Transmission for torrents. Bartender 2 keeps my notification bar neat and tidy and I have Sophos just incase

Great blog by Kaspersky Lab about the steganography techniques used by malware for data exfiltration, covert communication.

Software researcher from Trail of Bits put Windows Defender to the sandbox.

Proofpoint researchers found a spear phishing campaign delivering Carbanak malware to the U.S. restaurant chains.

How to completely take over the ones online identity? This guy demonstrated that practically.

Airbnb released the open-source serverless framework for detecting malicious files called BinaryAlert. It uses YARA rules, and takes advantage of AWS Lambda functions for analysis instead of a traditional server architecture. Also uses Terraform to manage underlying infrastructure. Interesting project.

Analysis of the Juniper ScreenOS randomness subsystem backdoor Dual EC backdoor. Complex, Fascinating stuff.

Gophish is an open-source phishing toolkit designed for businesses and penetration testers. It provides the ability to quickly and easily setup and execute phishing engagements and security awareness training.

Cisco CSIRT has released GOSINT, open source threat intelligence gathering and processing framework.

A generic unpacker for packed Android applications released by the Check Point researchers.

Source: https://www.malgregator.com/week-31-2017.html
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Why don't we ban the black people from the internet?
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As soon as we hunt down all the frogs first.

Why don't we ban dumb frogposters from the internet
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How do I write a Swift application without using all that storyboard shit?
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Hah you can't!
If you are trying to make an iOS app, you will NEED Storyboards, at least during your first apps.

Unless your UI is very complex there is no reason not to use them.

But yeah, you can absolutely create your UI, interaction, animations, segues, pretty much every detail, using code. It's a fun learning experiment.

If you are just learning and this isn't Cocoa/Touch app, just write the code, then compile and run it like in every other language.

This help at all? It was like... the first result on google for "swift without storyboard"

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ivan i dont care about how many desktops youve had i swear to god if i see your desktop one more time edition
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Fuck off Winfag

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>In 2013 AMD released CPU's on the FM2 platform that while technically were dual core, could in practice be considered single core by the majority of applications
Wew lad, I'd hate to be someone who got stuck with a CPU with single core-tier performance in 2013.
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Didn't most if not all FM1 or FM2 CPUs get considered as being hypethreaded CPUs?

I vivdly remember my A10-5800K (thank god I got rid of this underperforming lackluster, unstable as fuck even on a top motherboard craptastic CPU), as being detected like a dual core with 4 threads. I think that even FM2+ and rarely AM4 gets detected the same.
Yes, quad cores were detected as dual cores with hyperthreading, 6 cores were detected as 3 cores with HT, and so on. That's why I found thses CPU's so funny, it has one module and two cores, which means programs would read it as one core. basically a Pentium 4 HT.
I have one of those CPUs. They're pretty shit but whatever. I got it in a used laptop for $150. Came with 8 GB RAM and SSD.

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>C Drive user name is cut short
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lol sucks to suck, anon
fast forward to this century pls
dumb fucking frogposter

Razer finally stopped pretending they are the Apple of the PC world.
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apple products are usually reliable until razer crud though

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I want a 1080p laptop with 24 hours of battery life, a recent i5 cpu, and no backdoors or non-free software.

I also want to pay $10. Any recommendations?
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Get a T42

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