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What third-party package(s) for LineageOS should I get in place of Google Apps?
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microG is a great replacement for Google play services, if you need it.
Store : f-droid + Aptoide
Maps : maps.me
Everything else : stock, or search in the stores
Install microG

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I suffer from eye tireness and being on my pc is giving me eye pain and somehow headaches.

Are there filters to make my PC monitor light safe for my eyes?
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Some people like f.lux. You can also get special glasses that do pretty much the same thing.
Buy yourself some computer glasses

Going to japan this summer.
I'm planning to buy a new laptop.
Is it worth buying a laptop there or I should wait until I get back to Europe?
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For warranty reasons alone, never buy expensive hardware while abroad.
keyboard layout? power plug? difference in money value?

If you said china, one could think about it because they're just that cheap but buying shit japan?
There's some super aesthetic tiny laptop you can only get in Japan
Think it's a Sony?
Get that one

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>come to programming late
>read about OOP and Functional Programming for years
YFW your Javascript game is both OOP and Functional
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that's a guy
I still would if they asked me, luckily they won't ask me.

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Is there any decent free antivirus?
>inb4 common sense 2017
Yeah but I share the desktop with a roommate and he is a computer illiterate.
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M$ Security Essentials bruh, don't be /g/ay with your updates and its more than fine.
Why the fuck do you share a computer with your roommate?

/g/, is it REALLY worth it to jump from 1080p to 1440p when gaming at 144hz?

I'm struggling to get over 100fps on most modern games on high/ultra @ 1080p 60hz. I'll be upgrading my monitor to 144hz, is it truly worth the extra cost to jump the resolution too? I have a 1060 6gb, and would most likely need to get a 1080ti if I intend to jump all the way to 1440p @ 144hz. I haven't experienced 1440p or 144hz yet
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No. 1440p 144hz is a meme until at least Volta.
A 1060 cannot handle 1440p 144hz very well
I mentioned I'd get a 1080ti, but I want my upgrades to last. I'm worried the money won't be worth it if I can't reliably game @ 1440p 144hz

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Hey guys, I am an owner of a bar in Germany. The last months I was thinking of developing an app for my business. The app should contain the following functions in any case:

• Payment by QR code (presentation of an QR code by customers smartphone to scan at the bar). • Top up customers credit by Paypal (link to the Paypal page)
• Displaying offers, discounts and event tips by push notification on customer’s smartphone.
• Login: users should be able to log in and create a unique user account.
• 5-6 (customized design) screens, presenting our price-list, events or calendar.
• display a score board, depending on customers expenses in the bar

Presently, we installed a payment-system (operating well) based on a Linux-Server and a MySQL-database. Im no expert in the field, anyway the latest feedback I got was quite positive, the integration and connection to my local system would be no problem. It would be nice, if anybody would tell me: How much do I roughly have to budget for developing this app by an agency based in Germany.

Thanks for your help!
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>• Displaying offers, discounts and event tips by push notification on customer’s smartphone.
Would not install
But a protip, do like 'pay with our app and you get 10% off', if it's not shit it will probably spread fast
>users should be able to login and create an account
Surely people will make an account for some shitty individual coffee shop.

>push notification
It'll be considered spam by people.

Why? People would just pay with their credit card. Support bitcoin instead.

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>study medical engineering at college
>almost done, only my bachelor thesis left
>I have to write an application in C++

Does God hate me?
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If he was real he would

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Can LineageOS even compete?
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You mean "can Android even compete?" OP?
By being an open, free and functional OS that doesn't look like a 12 year old gay kid made.
iOS 10
>Works perfectly
>Tons of apps
>5 year support cycle with warranty
>Good battery life
"LineageOS" 14.1
>Tons of bugs
>Works only on some phones
>5 year support cycle without warranty
>Shit battery life, even with custom kernels
>Say goodbye to Netflix, Snapchat, and Pokemon Go

Is there a way to fix the safetynet of a phone without having to root it/using magisk or such?
I got a used phone which was rooted and I unrooted it as soon as I got it, since I didn't have any need for that, but now it started giving me troubles with some apps and I noticed that it fails the CTS match. What's the best solution?
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Selfbump out of desperation
Whoever rooted it probably altered the system in some way not detected when (I assume supersu) unrooted itself on your command. The only way to fix this would be restoring system to stock state which requires root or reflashing stock rom.
Unlocked bootloader = safetynet fail

This is what beauty looks like
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I had a Windows phone bud. It's balls, would never get again.

Just garbage.

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the apple user thinks this is totally rational
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Is that an actual rig used?
No, that rig is from a samsung commercial.
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Oy vey!
Stop spilling the beans goy!

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>He has a Hackintosh

Enjoy updating
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Sauce me nibba
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pure sex.png
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This part right here.

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does vim still have advantages over GUI text editors in 2017?
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No emacs is better.

Vim is better than emacs.
Emacs + vim bindings master race.

Can't do shit with this PC
>Can't swap cases due to PCI slots at top
>case is too slim for good graphics cards
>CPU is soldered to the motherboard
For those of you wondering, its a Gateway SX2110G
>4GB RAM (I added another 4gb, so its 8gb now, the only damn thing I could do)
>500GB HDD
I have a case replacement but the PCI slots are on the bottom, any ideas on how I could make it work?
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Don't buy rebranded Acer SFF prebuilts if you want to do anything more with them than shitpost.
Low profile GPU?

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