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>people born in 2000 and up have probably never used a desktop computer
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A person born in 2000 would be 17, pretty sure many 17yos have used desktops.
>anime picture
Aren't kids into build gaming rigs and shit like that?

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In rural Canada some places only have one option for an internet service and this is it. 100 fucking dollars for 50gb per month, shit speeds and absolutely impossible for online gaming. What a scam.
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>no guns
>no internet
>jailed for misgendering your prime minist-xer
>indian gang violence in the west
>black gang violence in the east
>nothing but drunk oil workers in the middle
>smaller airforce than Texas
>smaller navy than the US Coast Guard
>less AA weapons than the Kurdish Army
>12% sales tax
>50% income tax
>all to finance 3 month waits for hip surgery
did I miss anything?
>50% income tax

but take it to pol

Hi /g/. I've posted about this before, but things aren't getting any better.

My mom is scared that her house is filled with dangerous electromagnetic frequencies. It isn't, unless you consider a wireless router dangerous. We live on the same electrical grid. She recently had an "expert" come by and evaluate her house. He told her that she can just turn off the electricity with the circuit breaker to solve her problems.

Last night she turned off the power in her house by hitting a switch on the circuit breaker. I'm in another house besides her, but my electricity went out for half a second, my computer turned off and I lost 30 minutes of work. So, if she keeps doing this, I'm always going to be at risk of losing whatever work I'm doing on my computer since I go to bed later than she does. If this was anyone else and they refused to stop I'd get them evicted, but I can't do that to my mom.

I'm 100% convinced that her not being able to sleep is in her head but knowing that information doesn't make fixing this problem any easier. I'm not going to be able to convince her that electrosensitivity isn't a real condition even though I could bring up hundreds of double-blind studies that disprove it except in crazy situations where a person is living next to a power plant or something. The woman is 67 years old, I'm not going to be able to change her mind about these things.

I could tell her to just disconnect the router instead of the whole grid, but I'm also getting internet through a wire on her router, so whenever that goes off I lose my internet too. If the router just stays in non-wireless mode that's fine, but I think she's still going to demand that it's turned off because it's disrupting her sleep somehow.

So, does anyone here have an elegant solution for my weird problem? The advice "Hide the router" doesn't work because if she's not turning it on and off herself, she's just going to think it's always on and the nocebo effect will get the best of her.
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Move out.
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>neighbor flips circuit breaker
>browns out the complex
holy FUCK what sort of Russia tier shithole do you live in? jesus christ that's probably a fire hazard
Not an option unfortunately. Housing here is too expensive and I need to be in this area, I'd end up paying MUCH more for a much shittier apartment with much less space. There are other reasons besides this that I don't need to get into, it just isn't an option right now.

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Are Elitedesks worth it?

You can buy them now for around 200$, fully loaded with Haswell i7s, 8GB RAM, etc. Might be cool to run Linux on desu.
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it's garbage
Not the business stuff

ITT: Comfy interfaces
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Not gonna lie it is comfy but could you please have more pins
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Most satisfying click

Why aren't you enjoying the stability of Fedora on your PC? There are many flavors to choose from.

>inb4 systemd
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>Red Hat
>beta testing for free
Install Gentoo
But I am. It's a really nice distro. I also can't judge that... uh... woman? in the picture because I'm fat and ugly myself.

Kill yourself you fucking 12 year old. Go back to /b/.

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>break half a dozen pins on the CPU
>break pci slot while trying to install GPU
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>first computer build
>go to store and get all the parts
>go home put everything together
>video card is not compatible
>too embarrassed to go back to the store
>ask my father to return the video card and get me a different one
>this happened when i was 29 years old
Can you not control your retard strength?
why would you be embarrassed about something like that?

>Cops can now whip out your iPhone x from your pocket and unlock it by waving it at your face
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You can't.

iToddlers BTFO
Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is The Cop Gonna Face ID Your iPhone Hahahaha Nigga Just Look Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha
that's not going to work though

Anyone know what connects to this?
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Jumper cables
looks like cheap speaker clip hookup for left/right surround/back channels in a 4/5.1 surround amp

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been applying to SE jobs since before may and havent been able to land a single interview.ive dont maybe more than 20 apps a month and more in some months, still nothing

I have a few projects on my git and point them out on my resume.

any advice?
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Where are you located?

Did you do any internships?

What kind of projects are on your GitHub?
Post your resume.
major city in the US,
a school project and a small website

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If we are living in a computer simulation how could we crash it?
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with no survivors
Worldwide Communism
Ideally you'd wanna raise the voltage to fry the system assuming it has a load limit. So I would hazard a guess and say if everyone on earth was fucking at the same time it'd be a lot to processq

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Sup /g/
I wanna get access to a video file on tumblr, but their files are served by scripts and can't be accessed easily. After looking around a bit in the sourcecode I found a link that should do the trick. However, it didn't end in .mp4 as the file should. Instead it led to this:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Tried downloading with a file grabber before but said the server denied access to the file. I'm not gonna lie, is a nekkid babe.

Is there any way to bypass the restriction?
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Open the network tab and look at the requests sent.

nothing but PNGs, GIFs, and XHRs (not sure what those are - am layman)

What could perhaps be related is this output under the console tab:
VIDEOJS: WARN: The Hls component was added to the videojs object when it should be registered using videojs.registerComponent(name, component)
u @ index.build.js?_v=ce12cfc681eefe0cb3d7e11e611bbced:65

Could it be that the video is lost (it's an old video)? I do get the preview but that's about it. However, other videos by the same account (which is now defunct) are circulating around tumblr and still work. It's weird that it'd selectively take videos down, no?
Don't you move that fucking rook now boy

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In 5 seconds they'll be in your room.
how fucked are you?
how do you protect your computer?
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I don't have any illegal content on my computer, nor have I participated in any illegal computer activity that would warrant a forced entry from the police so they probably have the wrong address.
I dont like CP
Man that sheriff guy looks fucking shredded. Bet that battery RAM weighs like 100KG.

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Why is AWS seemingly so complicated?

Why is the documentation so bad and the API so bloated and ugly?

Recommend me alternatives to this behemoth.
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>renting someone else's hardware
Stop being a cuck.
just learn it you dumb normie.

if someone could create the infrastructure, then you should be smart enough to learn it.
It's actually pretty simplistic for what it is. You're just too immensely retarded to understand it.

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K&R c.png
1MB, 1000x1400px
old thread: >>62465093

What are you working on, /g/?
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> tfw virgin JS is gonna die in your lifetime crushed by chad wasm
why the fuck is visual studio so fucking fat

it wanted me to install 40 fucking gigs of bullshit before i said fuck this and just downloaded VS code instead
VS code is just an editor, it has no development toolchain out of the box.

Even on linux, installing only the GNU coreutils and the GCC toolchain is close to 600MB for lots of stuff you'll never use.

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