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Should I be worried if people use my email address for things like
>buying a cruise
>setting up motorcycle insurance
>a pinterest account

I get weird shit in my email all the time that isn't meant for me
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Steal the cruise tickets
Forgot password and take the account
Nah, I used someone else's email to successfully buy my yacht and Beverly Hills mansion.
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I sent the travel agent a nasty email hehehe

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deleting tweets, and now halfassed lies?
wtf are they thinking...

RIP Vim 1991-2017

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we emacs now
Vim/systemd/Linux when ?
haha you'll catch up one day buddy, I'm sure vimscript will be halfway decent

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How can we get less blacks and indians to use technology? Bonus question: how can we get less women to use technology
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why shouldnt we?
By kys
white "men" are inherently cucks, so it should come as no surprise that they want to bring minorities into the mix

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Daily reminder that all ships of the Federation run on a 100% proprietary operating system, meaning Linux and open source won't exist in the future.
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Neither will white people, but somehow they're still in Star Trek.
Post proof that it's proprietary or get the fuck out.
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Are they even worth bothering with?
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Nothing is free on the internet, you either pay with money or with your personal data.
Was that really worth bumping the thread for?

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Hardware, software and purpose talk.
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WD red disks on sale atm will they do?
Hey protip the 6tb WD My Book comes with a WD Red in it and it's cheaper than the retail WD reds. Google around for confirmation if you don't believe me.
Is that really yours? It's so fucking cool man. What are you doing with it? I've day dreamed about putting together a home server for myself and my friends(over the internet) to use but I've never got around to it.
its not mine i have a similar setup from an old gaming PC with around 1x8TB into a RAID 10 config. About to change the entire setup for including of CD ripping and possible VM's for fucking about. Thinking about sticking with Ubuntu Server desu senpai

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Facebook has updated itself to be incompatible with ad blockers. Are there any current work-arounds, or do I just need to finally make the switch to Mind or a similar social network?
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>using fb
If you still haven't dropped Facebook now is your chance to try.
>Are there any current work-arounds
it's still experimental, but quitting the browser should work

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Is Chocolatey for Windows a good package manager? It sure is better than downloading exes manually but it seems slower than apt-get.
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its shit
Can you elaborate on that?
It's definitely worse than homebrew or anything on Linux, but it might be suitable for Windows. I don't see the point, if you want a developer environment on Windows use WSL, and if you want a package manager for userland Windows use the Powershell package manager.

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Anyone have experience with viper4windows? Is it legit or just snake oil?
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I removed it and just use peace + equalizerAPO
And you'd say equalizerAPO is better than stock?
what is this meme shit

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Once upon a time there was a young man. He traveled all throughout the land spreading cancer and disease and laughing about it. One day, he stumbled upon the world of computers. This man was so adept at learning, that he decided to learn how to code and spread cancer and disease among computers as well. Because he wanted to start small, the man decided to choose an OS that had a decent number of users, but did not saturate the market. He chose Linux. The man sat down and worked day and night to develop the most cancerous software that he could. At first glance, the software was glorious and helpful and people thought it would spread love and happiness throughout the land. However, by the time they realized how dangerous it was, it was too late. Too many distributions found workarounds to make it work, and supplied it by default in their install media. Only the few, the small, the KISS-oriented distros stayed away. However, due to supporting the freedom of their users, they reluctantly supplied this software in the repositories. Time went on, and people forgot about how cancerous this software was. When the man came out with another, even more sinister piece of software, everyone embraced it. Even the KISS-oriented distros welcomed it with open arms. They incorporated it by default and deprecated the older, more trusted software. The man sat at home, smirking, knowing full well that his creations of PulseAudio and SystemD would never go away. Lennart Poeterring is a menace and a beast, and we will never be able to escape. The End.
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I love Lennart.
All of my servers run RHEL.
All of my desktops and laptops run Fedora.
I have at least one framed portrait of Lennart in every room of my house.
I went to DevConf just to sniff his seat...
wait, lennard created pulseaudio too? holy shit, everything he touches is cancer!
Is there a systemd-less fedora

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Previous thread: >>61252761

What are you working on, /g/?
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unit tests are retarded
IRC for Kotlin.
Golang reporting in

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Post your last commit message
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Add npm stuff

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>tfw ordered a T440s $300 12 Gib RAM and 1600x900 screen
>received one with 1366x768 screen and 8 Gib RAM

Never gonna buy used again
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What is this slang
Return it, ya dingus. Off-lease notebooks come in all sorts of configurations and was most likely mixed up with your order.
GiB is Gibibytes, 12 GiB would be 12.88GBs

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/g/ humor / ylyl
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t. intel shill
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