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>tfw failed the comptia 901 after months and months of practicing
>tfw gave up on technology
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>tfw mom found the bathmate
i want to impregnate aoba-chan
Same ngl tbqh

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Can we discuss 3D Printers?

Personally I don't own one yet, but would be interested to hear what people have to say about them, in particular:

1. What are some useful/interesting things people have printed. If you got photos/links or anything would be great to see.

2. Best 3D Printers for 2017? Seems like it is the CR10 ($400-$500 price range)? What about something in lower price range?

3. Any good YouTube channels or interesting articles/resources you have come across lately? I've been watching Make Anything lately, some interesting stuff.

4. Even if you are yet to own one, what would you print if you could or what do you plan to print? Check thingiverse.com, tons of stuff already available.

5. Worth to get one now, or wait for the tech to mature even more?
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>Can we
Alright I guess not then
I bought a cheap ass 3D printer 2 years ago and built it, the experience was great but the slowness required to get high quality big prints killed it for me. I tried out the wood and metal filaments and it was fun. I should start printing again

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> Polygraph operators being hypnotists

pic 1/2 from the cia library

> banned / not banned / try again
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This is nothing new, what is the point of posting this? Is this technology related somehow?

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Is it a lot of work to go from x86 asm to ARM asm ?

t. absolutly clueless man
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Ask /dpt/ or /sqt/

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How many of you /g/uys use glasses while at a computer screen, If so then do you only wear them whilst on a computer?

I personally wear them at a computer myself , But I won't be seen dead in them outside of the basement.
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I use my glasses at all times when I’m awake, however I take them off when I want to read something close up on my phone.

Windows explorer is so shit it bogs down deletion speeds of large files
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> He uses a GUI
doesn't windows have rm -R?

in the old days deltree was a thing.

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Can a CCENT get me a job or do I need a CCNA?
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Frogposters are not allowed to get jobs
Fuck off, pajeet. This board respects white privileges, if you want a social protection for shitskins go to Fagbook.
t. frogposter

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>design something the old fashioned way a.k.a. using algorithms
>add a RNG to make it work/not work randomly
>call it ai
>sell it for higher than normal price

protip: dont open source the code
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wtf I'm a billionaire now

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using linux, ive had enough of not being able to play my games, i want to make a boot drive out of my usb. i need a link to a windows 7 iso and instructions a baby could understand. please send help /g/
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>more using pcie pass through

Just stop.

Mfw I'm a retard phoneposter
idk about the iso but when you find it you need to use the windows image burning thing available on their site

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Please guys. Why can't you leave your autism in /g/
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Make an app on android that works like iphone so you can have an iphone on android.
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Just change your homescreen.

I need your help /g/!

I am looking for a contacts database that would be accessible both from computer and mobile phone. It should allow me to have a variables (location, company) that would be searchable and sortable. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance.
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So i've been seeing a lot of videos saying that the Blue Yeti is a piece of shit. Is it? Is it ok for talking with your friends/gaming, or-for the same price, should you get something like the 2020?

If you don't know what the blue yeti sounds like, is it "safe to say" that all USB mics suck, or is that too far of a reach?
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Yes, all USB mics suck because the a/d in ur mobo isn't v gud.

Go to /csg/ n buy an equivalent shit for half the price or go full retard and drop a few grand on shure + amp
Different microphone technology has different uses. Blue Yeti uses tech that's intended to be in a studio environment that's been carefully designed for great acoustics for recording. So if you buy it and just use it in your room with blank walls of course it's not going to sound that good. If you have that environment already, you might as well buy a higher end condenser.

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Given the options the cooperate powers that be will eventually have to choose open source because it is cheaper and they know that projects based on proprietary software no matter how profitable are doomed to fail because the source will be lost. More importantly the sources of open source projects build off of each other and become more powerful whereas the lack of sharing of code with proprietary software means that the code will be weaker over time.

This is the reason that irc, emacs, and vim will last for freaking ever and that sublime text and discord will soon fail us given enough time
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>place IEMs under laptop for 30 minutes
>insert into ears
It's like a Japanese toilet in my ears
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