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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

EMUI 6.0 will be based on Android Oreo 8.0, a leak suggests

HTC U11 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage reaches Europe

Huawei P9 updated with Live Photo feature; Verizon Moto G5 Plus getting new update as well

Xiaomi's Android One smartphone rumored to be called Mi A1, to sport full screen display

Honor V9 Mini allegedly leaks in live images

Samsung Galaxy J7+ leaks in live images

V30 to offer audio features 'unseen in a smartphone before,' LG says [Updated]

old >>62128246
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First for Note8 preorder :^)
Galaxy S6 still a good phone to use in 2017? I can get one for $180
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Need a recommendation
I just got done paying off my galaxy s6 active and it aged like actual dogshit (despite the name, if you are actually active the built in case will eventually peel off and you will break the screen a few times).
I'm on AT&T in the US and just want something that is reasonably priced has a good camera and decent processing power that AT&T offers.
I've heard that LGs have pretty good cameras, are HTCs any good?

Is there any terminal program that can show live cryptocurrency charts?
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probably not but this is good enough: https://www.gdax.com/trade/BTC-USD
Create your own in python
But why? You can't even display box plots accurately enough in a cli environment.
A cli script for tracking the worth of your portfolio is the only thing I can imagine the cli being usefull for with trading.

x264 lead developer and turboweeb Jason shows how millions of dollars won't help you pass.
He singlehandedly created and advanced the field of video compression by lightyears. Then he became a she and abandoned the entire field of video compression and open source. She now works for Apple, the most restrictive company in terms of developer freedom, known to treat their workers like slaves. She's getting millions out of x264 royalties and doesn't even have to work yet does. She now does educational cosplay (see @FioraAeterna), showing further that different clothes won't help you pass.

Here's she giving a speech last year:

This convinces me that hormones make you a worse developer and a worse human being. I think no one should undergo HRT since soon in the future our brains can be converted to computer chips so we can change bodies and abolish the meaning of gender.
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She abandoned all links with his former self quite badly. The first thing she did after she transitioned and got a new name was a couple of patches for Dolphin. In an interview for this work she said that this was her first time contributing to an open source project[1]. Which is retarded considering that she was still contributing to x264 under her new name and also she rewrote the entire git history for the x264 project (which is a taboo that no serious project will EVER do, since it makes everyone have to redownload and rebase all their work). Putting the needs of someone who can't live with their past in front of the project's future and development is a very bad sign and an abuse of power.

1. http://www.pcgamer.com/how-gamecubewii-emulator-dolphin-got-a-turbocharge/
next time when you make a thread, decide on what you wanna say or achieve with it
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Is this simple or I am wrong to think different?
>I own a harman/kardon HK 3490
>pic related ( its aplifier/tuner )
I want to connect a tablet (that I haven't bought yet) to it
> will different tablet play different sound quality????
Or is that totally tablet unrelated?
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any sound experts on
Providing that you're using the 3.5mm output from the tablet with the amplifier/tuner functioning as a hub for your speakers, the tablet's dac (digital to audio) converter will be responsible for the overall audio quality.
If your tablet has a really shitty amp and really shitty Dac, the you'll probably notice. iPad is probably the only tablet that with an adapter you can have true unamplified line out.

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Old news, but have a bump.
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>be U.S. Gov.
>use internet company as a front for alphabet agencies
>name it Alphabet Inc.

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About to install Ubuntu on a chromebook of mine, is there anything to consider before moving on?
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Consider not doing if you still have a life
Nsa helped develop it

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Should I buy a Galaxy Tab A (LTE model) or an S2?
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No, Android tablets are only slightly better than Apple ones. Get a surface 3 tablet pc instead. You can run android apps through bluestacks on it for free.
i have the galaxy tab a
Pretty good stuff. I watch anime on it in bed every night.
S2 is much better.

Surface 3 is twice as expensive. Are there any affordable windows tablets out there? I'd really love to avoid Android.

Lol won this laptop off my brother but its slow so whats cheap alternatives and whats the max i can put into here
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> Toshiba Satelite

First thing you can do is throw it in the fucking garbage.
install gentoo on it

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I want to go from 8gb ram to 16 gb ram. I now have 2 Corsair Vengeance BLUE 1866Mhz total of 8GB. Which one should I buy to go nicely with these?
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Install gentoo
Exactly the same stick again.

>2T CR
Anon learn how do RAM OC properly or dont do it.
That's how it runs under XMP.

I have the exact same RAM. What's wrong with it?

Are other case makers even trying?
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There's not much point.
I still use Windows 7 it is literally perfect.
I use a Mophie case for the extra battery life. I can use my phone all day and never dip below 50% charge

thoughts on vivaldi browser?
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Downloaded last night after deleting Pale Meme. The themes are all atrocious but it seems fast enough.
why can't browsers handle bookmarks the way sites like del.icio.us do
proprietary garbage

Could you just procedurally generate a massive reference file of every possible combination of 1s and 0s, then use that to "compress" data by referencing the reference file? Then all you could have to store is the algorithm to generate the reference file and the "compressed data" that references it.
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such a reference file would be infinite in size since there is no end to the possible combinations of 1's and 0's.
The data referencing the file would be about as big as the data you are referencing. So you don't gain anything. It is basically another form of PiFS.
What if you limit it to n byte blocks? There aren't an infinite amount of those, even if you make n exceedingly large

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how can i build a cheap windows 98 machine pls halp
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Buy a $20 laptop from craigslist.
Buy any old business HP or Dell and load up 98 on it.
>sort by Price

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Bought Dell Xps 15 from a seller on Amazon, it was in 'Used - like new' condition, and had its hdd replaced with 500 ssd, all for a pretty good price.

However, when it arrived yesterday, I noticed there's a pretty clear difference between left and right sides of screen when white or something bright is being displayed.

Left side has reddish hue and right side has a greenish hue. It's not really noticeable when watching something non-bright. I asked other people and they could all clearly see it.

I decided I want to return it. What are my options? This was my first major Amazon purchase, I don't know how returns work. Should I contact the seller first? Or the Amazon customer service?
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Probably contact the seller first.

Did the seller talk about the screen issue in the description, or did he only talk about the SSD?
I've had horrible luck with uneven tints on all kinds of laptop displays and desktop displays. It's my belief that it's quite a common issue but one of those things that most people don't notice or aren't bothered by. Clearly, you're one of those people like me who sees it and is driven insane by it.

It's not really something you'd notice when watching media or gaming, but with internet browsing or documents which usually have white or other light solid-color backgrounds, it's extremely obvious and bothersome.

As for the return, look at your order history in your account and see if it has a return option somewhere. I know it's easy when an item is actually sold by Amazon, but it might be more of a hassle with a third-party seller. I honestly think there's a good chance that the seller didn't even see the problem with the display, but to anyone who's not blind, it IS defective and you have every right to claim it as such.
He only talked about the SSD (which should've been 512, not 500, but not really an issue), didn't mention screen.

I read some info on Amazon and they say that if item is eligible for Amazon Prime (mine was), even if its sold by third party I should talk with Amazon customer service and not with the seller.

Still I feel like it would be fair to contact seller first. What do you think?

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>tfw my rm1000x psu fan will never turn on in my lifetime
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>muh wattage
>6 years ago
>Buy 2 gtx 480s
>House doesn't burn down
>1k PSU blows up during over clock testing
>Go buy 1200 watt PSU
>Buy R7 and 1080ti
>Haven't heard my fans since
Put it in a PC with an i9 and an RX wega 64.

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