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Why isn't there a 2K resolution scene for movies on the torrent sites?

1440p movies look amazing on 1080p screens.
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Pobably no 2K-sources?

Isn't it either
>1080p from a normal BluRay
>4K from a UHD-BluRay

Release groups don't usually get their hands on the 2K-master-files, I think.
4k uhd aint cracked yet
2K is 1080p

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> supporting T-Mobile
> third rate carrier
good. they don't deserve the iPhone.
V30 and Pixel 2 appear to be the first two phones that will operate on the 600mhz band.

Kinda weird how the LG V30 with the Qualcomm X16 and the Note8 with the same Qualcomm X16 modem can't connect to the same network.

omg what should I do???
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Install gentoo
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>relying on MICROSOFTWARE to fix your problems
>updating your system, ever
>using your mouse
>having a graphical UI
>using Windows
>using a computer at all
>not compiling your own OS and running it from a smart watch
It's like you're the /g/ equivalwnt of encino man.
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>no beautiful aero

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Just sugared java

It's already enough.
Other JVM languages are forced memes.

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>tfw you fell for 8GB RAM meme
>tfw you fell for 120GB SSD meme
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more room for upgrades my dude
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the legend

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>Allocator keeps track of how much memory you have allocated on the heap, but you have to pass around a length variable
>The standard is not so standard
>The standard adds `features` randomly like garbage.
>Everyone is so obsessed with RAII they don't mind making their program slower just to hide their shit.
>Have to dive in AT&T asm to debug your code
>All IDEs are shit and almost equal to a plain text editor with minimal synax highlighting
>The best IDE has the WORST compiler
>It is far far from dynamic, but even so, the code completion takes cock like a faggot in a dildo festival.
>No implementation/IDE provides a human readable function signature
>Often labeled as a mature language even though you can't iterate through a directory without using preprocessor directives with your own implementation or using an external header file/library
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Jetbrains has a C++ IDE. So as long as you got €, you have good IDE support.
>but you have to pass around a length variable
for what exactly?
>>Everyone is so obsessed with RAII they don't mind making their program slower just to hide their shit.
but unique_ptr is zero overhead
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This confuses and infuriates the C++ hater.

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I'm bored, /g/. Any ideas about hardware based projects?
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Make a custom controller with an Arduino Leonardo.
FPGA video processing.
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I plan on buying a broken SGI Indigo 2 and using the case with modern hardware. I was thinking about buying a small computer like a Mac Mini or a broken laptop of some sort and sticking the board inside the Indigo housing. I mean it can't be that hard to do and I can install Fedora and use the MaXX Interactive Desktop on it which I made a thread about that's still up.

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i just want you to start seeing a therapist. is that too much to ask?
Arch, literally
I just want a gf.

tell me again why electric cars are not a democrat voting vegan meme?
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Not to mention electric cars are coal powered anyway.
That's not a lithium mine
here's a better oilsands picture for ya

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Share what programs you use on Linux (Arch Linux)
1. gparted
2. imgbrd-grabber
3. mps-youtube
4. youtube-dl
5. mpv
6. sublime-text
7. hexchat
8. chromium
9. transmission
10. docky
11. playonlinux
12. many other shits i have preinstalled on my antergos pc
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1. IntelliJ
2. Steam
3. Memefox
4. Docker
antergos aint arch boi
it is
it's just a graphical installer for arch

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Which music streaming service is objectively the best, quality wise?
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i have my own media server and connect to my home network using a vpn.
dont let jews make you pay for music
>hurr durr I'm retarded
Whatever you saying, retard.

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>tfw you could post stupid questions in stackoverflow once upon a time without getting downvoted
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Possible duplicate of "insert unrelated thread here"
> tfw all these stupid questions that have been asked so long ago make StackOverflow so great and the number one hit in Google

Sad to see how the site went down.

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why don't freetards make an alternative to this?
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We don't need an alternative for a shit.
would be useful if there were non russian channels
No one would use it anyways

Today is the Software Freedom Day! A day to celebrate and spread Free Software.
Let's celebrate by removing all the nonfree software and binary blobs from our Personal Computers and sharing our favorite GNU distribution with our friends and family!
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>posted on a non free board
is /tech/ free?
have you sung the free software anthem today /g/?


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