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I'm a giant scrub who needs guidance, tell me /g/, what headsets do you recommend? Preferably one with a built in mic.
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Focal Utopia + modmic, or a LYSB01K7R8TLM-CMPTRACCS.

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All websites have gotten smart and try to get me to disable adblock (which I never will), is there an update to Adblock so to stop these shitty websites so I can view them.
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Do what I do and use a VPN that blocks ads without removing the ad from the site. My VPN pia blocks access to the server running the ads, blocking them.
Use uBlock origin & custom scripts.
1. Disable scripts.

2. Use element zapper mode or element picker mode.

3. Install the userscript from here and add the filter list to uBlock Origin. https://xuhaiyang1234.gitlab.io/AAK-Cont/

fuck off shill

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Would it be possible to upscale a 480p old anime to 1080p using waifu2x and FFMPEG? And if you can how would it compare to something like using some encoder like blender?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I like and hate Opera at the same time
It has some nice eye candy and IT'S SO DAMN SMOOTH
But damn it sure does lag a lot
I use Firefox and It's very smooth and doesn't crash
But DAMN Opera looks fine as fuck
It's like that girl at the bar with a huge ass and grade A++ tits but she's an alcoholic and a coke addict
>pic unrelated
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Firefox is like a purple haired SJW, so the choice is still easy.
Yes, but Opera is a Chinese botnet
I only use it for it's VPN
shouldn't you be using vivaldi instead of opera in that case?

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Hey /g/uys,

So few weeks ago i posted here about configuring a private network in already existing private network, mostly because my flatmate being lousy admin that constantly is messing with the router, and doesn’t take a blame if something’s not working. Probably sniffing as well.

So i set up dd-wrt on an old Netgear router and the number of network issues is significantly reduced. Now i want to create a VPN, so my flatmate won’t see where i watch my porn. I know i could subscribe to a VPN service, [b]but this way i won’t be able to learn much[/b].

I have a VPS, that i use for idling on mostly empty IRC channels, i guess because of nostalgia. So why don’t i put more of a use for that? I did some googling/reading, subscribed to pluralsight, and I think i now know what i want.

So firstly i want one VPN subnet for the network behind my router (currently ddwrt, but i'm going to buy mikrotik in few days), and one for my parents later in time.

After i get the VPN up and running i would like to set up Samba AD on the VPS, with some more services.

But first things first - is there any good guide for setting up a vpn? Or pluralsight videos that can help me with the task?
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self bump, i want to buy pic rel, specs: https://mikrotik.com/product/RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN

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Your mom is a slut.jpg
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What's your external mass storage of choice?
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Still using the same 320GB Seagate external I bought in 2006

That looks like a toaster. A conically formed device is never a good solution.

What's the best dumbphone to buy?

I need something with a long ass battery charge, that wouldn't break or crack from a heavy fall. I don't need SMS feature either so a screen isn't mandatory.
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probably one of those nokias, better stick to ones you can get replacement batteries for easily.

Or you can make you own ghetto opensores one for complete knowledge that you're not part of the botnet. I wouldn't unleash it in public though, either one tbqh famalam

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All I want is the functions of a mid range PC condensed into a smartphone-sized device without any of the smartphone specific bullshit. Is that too much to ask?
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>Is that too much to ask?
the technology just simply isn't here yet. wait until 2030 or so.
gpd win

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Is this safe, /g/? I've never really used Virustotal, so I don't know where to draw the line.
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>White armor says its a virus
Dont be a nigger, do it like the white man

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I'm getting a laptop for networking.
HOW much should I spend, percent wise, on each component?
Eg. Cpu, gpu, ram, SSDs & HDDs
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I'm assuming you mean like on LinkedIn? In that case I would spend 100% on puter.
Is this a good idea?

Which Web browser should I use Anno Domini 2017? Preferably one that uses WebKit.
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Based jewgle
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>show stock price
>turns out it is only half the stock
>cuz alphabet has two classes of stock
>both added together make whole
its still declining

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What cool programs and sites does /g/ know?
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Who is this Chinese cartoon I keep seeing him everywhere
Boku no Pico Academia.


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What's up with the anti net neutrality shill raids? Are they replacing the macfags because I would've thought summer would be over in America
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>What's up with the anti net neutrality shill raids?
Underaged trumpsters who think end of net neutrality is going to mean that they can post racist memes on internet in peace.
How fact-phobic of you
What season is it? I don't wanna go through Mac-Shillapocalpyse: Cuck The Internet Edition

What type is this cable and what is it for?
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used on old cameras and things

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