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But you all trolls, shills, memers and shitposters.
Where lies the truth?
All the senseless contradictory replies... Is it funny? It might be but its not constructive or helpful for an uneducated newfriend
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4Chan works in such a way that your post needs to get replies in order to stay visible. This naturally leads to inflamitory threads staying at the top. If you actually want to learn something, check out the /g/ wiki or one of the general threads (Friendly Linux, Stupid Questions, Daily Programming, etc)
this, op. there isn't a single catchall answer to any question in tech. all the windows and linuxes and bsds and intels and amds and nvidias and thinkpads and macbooks and buttplugs and open sources and javascripts and cee plus plusses are the perfect solution to your problem and useless trash for idiots

the real question is why did you think 4chan would be the place that would turn you into the master hackerman out of the presumed clueless underage phoneposter you are today? it's a shame you never grew up learning this computer stuff from your dad or older brother or friend down the road like most of the dorks on here did. instead they gave you a phone and a facebook page and a google app store account and said "welcome to the future bitch"

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That's it, I just deleted firefox and I'm not going to embrace the botnet. I'm sick and tired of firefox constantly crashing and not even allowing me to post pictures on 4chan. What do lads?
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Chromium innit
use gnome web or qt browser

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How can a knowledgeable college student get some money online programming?

All the freelance stuff i looked were websites where only the well established get jobs and they have very shit pay. I also took a look at search engine evaluator, 14$/hour, but I would like something related to software development.

Any suggestions for a broke CE college student /g/?
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Here's what you do. You cook ramen, you eat it, and then you go masturbate loli anime porn. Go it. Good.
I already do all but last anon, what more?
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Why does /g/ hate gaming and technology related to gaming?

You can't discuss anything gaming related without shitposters telling you to go back to /v/
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go back to /v/
>Why does /g/ hate gaming and technology related to gaming?
Because /v/tards are idiots

>You can't discuss anything gaming related without shitposters telling you to go back to /v/
Because this is not a gaming board and thus, comparing technology with the arguement "it gets more fps in muh gaymen" doesnt belong here
Its a waste of time

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Anyone tried this?
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> Arch
> constantly breaks
> switch core component
Yeah, I don't see why it should not work, go for it.
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arch doesnt constantly break unless your absolutely a retard
> absolutely a retard
read as using AUR

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Let's not forget for some (((obscure))) reason Debian started to follow systemd(used by Red Hat) and to follow Red Hat practices.

Unsafe distros:
Red Hat
all other Distros based off Debian/Ubuntu
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Patch in 3...2...1...
Anything using systemd is unsafe regardless of what it's based on.
how the fuck are they supposed to install the module without physical access to the machine

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/g/, is it possible to avoid DMCA copyright takedowns on your website if your servers/host are in a third world country that gives 0 fucks about cyberlaws or piracy?
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Yeah. I can host your shit in Nepal in my own RAID. Zero problems with laws and shit. Feel free to dump you're pepperoni pizza. I will be needing some shekels tho. The only drawback is you might have downtimes due to power cuts.
yea but it'd be pretty likely it would get taken down if it was big enough. otherwise if its just your small JAV and haitai server it should be pretty much alright.
Yes. Shithole countries that don't care often times won't even forward you the DMCA information.

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Can anyone link or point me in the direction of any type of malware to destroy a computer? Any type of help will be appreciated.
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I can give you a link but it will destroy your computer if you open it.
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Lets see it

Could someone help me out with using github?

>downloaded the project
>installed git
>trying to do npm start via git bash here
>command not found

What am I doing wrong?
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If windows, have you added it to your %PATH% variable?
How do I do that?

/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
For tech support/issues with computers, use /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or one of the following:
https://startpage.com/ or https://duckduckgo.com (i.e., fucking google it)
You can also search the catalog for a specific term by using:
https://boards.4chan.org/g/searchword or by clicking on [Search]
Always check the catalog before creating a thread:
Please check the rules before you post:

Don't feed this guy

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Is Chanu the only way to get slideshow functionality on mobile? It's a freaking image board. You'd think more mobile apps would have this feature.
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even chanu's slideshow has no options to it. just the "windows 2000" fade and scroll transitions with no configuration
Install Clover

Here's your problem, stupid phoneposter.

I hope all app stores ban 4chan related applications. You faggots are the cancer.

Swapped my 2006 Mac pro for this. Did I fuck up?
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That doesn't look like a 1070, 1080, or 1080 Ti. I think you did.
Here is specs
what a maroon, what an ignaranimus

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Why is fucking windows 10 always grinding my drive/fucking up my processor in backgroud?
Why can't this piece of shit just let me use the O.S?
what the fuck is it installing and why is always doing it?
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It's updating anon.
>windows 10
You think constant spying and forced updates wouldn't use resources?

Just upgrade to Linux already

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how much does using a vps effect your ping?
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about |-----------------------------| much

Next question?
ping pong?

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>playing gayme
>suddenly screen goes black
>know it's a problem with AMD vidcard
>too poor to buy an nvidia
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>not running Linux + GNU and recompiling your kernel 4 times a day while jacking off to chinese cartoons
It's called coil whine and happens when your GPU is trying to display like 3000+FPS

Happens on any card you buy, turn on vsnc or limit your FPS to like 300+
Vsync is on, fps is limited to 50 IIRC, and I've been underclocking it because I originally believed the problem was that it was factory overclocked

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Why has Twitter failed to find an effective monetization strategy?

How long do you give Twitter till it closes shop permanently?

Is Trump Twitter's last glimmer of hope for surviving the next few years?
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honestly social media should just be nationalized
like it or not, it performs a valid public service for the majority of the population, yet cannot be monetized or has to rely on extremely dodgy means of profiteering
the US government should just seize facebook and twitter, make them .gov sites, cease all advertising and traffic, and establish stringent free speech protocols
not traffic
what will non-burgers do

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