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How about I die instead.
where'd you'd find this shit?
this IOT done right though. It replaces all those shitty gadgets if it works well.

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>fell for 16 gig RAM and Ryzen meme at the same time
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ebic :^)
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I bought RAM when it was cheap.

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Sup /g/

Got a weird question for you. I work in the farming industry and am fairly new to this. We currently have a program which printed a bunch of barcodes onto labels .

We've decided to go towards the RFID side of things and I am curious what my options are to have those barcodes scanned and then printed through a fancy RFID printer?

Can I just grab an RFID/Barcode scanner combo, scan the barcode, have the software convert it to an RFID and then print it out? Is this over simplifying it?

Thanks for your time, the printer is 6k$ so im just making sure my bases are covered
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I don't know anything about the software side but I work in an industry place which does exactly this. We have printed barcodes, scan them, put the info on rfid cards, print other barcodes.

So would any nicer RFID scanner be able to read barcodes then? What kind of hardware do I need to have a decent sized set up? We typically run through 10,000 labels every two weeks or so
Not sure if I get your setup right, but here it's rfid scanners, barcode scanners and printers connected to computers. There's an interface for it that doesn't seem very complicated programming vise. I'm sorry but I don't know if you can do it with only a scanner that can read both.

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Is it possible to get OS statistics of this board from a gook admin?
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cyka blyat
Isn't necessary. I'll post my OS here

iOS 10.3.3 - Because bedposting is comfy

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Need some help boys. Setting up a new Virgin media hub and unable to find a wall socket however found a strange Telewest box (shown below) any ideas of what it is and if it's what I'm looking for?
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That is a rather shitty phone socket, so you might be connecting to that if it's ADSL.

If it's a cable socket you need then keep searching, you might even need them to come out and reinstall if someone has ripped it out.
Thanks for the help! I believe that I'm looking for a coaxial port according to the set up guide.

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What's up /g/. So I have a plan to write a program which automatically rips music from YouTube, generates vaporwave/noise music from said samples, and posts the music to soundcloud/youtube/bandcamp. My question is what is the best way to do this? The process of creating music is done through scripts I have written in matlab, but what programming language should I look into if I want to interact with websites in the way I described?

q[y_, x1_, x2_] :=
2*x1*x2*y^2 + (x1^2*x2 + x1*x2^2 + x1 + x2)*y + 2*x1*x2;
p1 := D[q[y, x1, x2], x1];
p2 := D[q[y, x1, x2], x2];
pL := D[q[y, x1, x2], y];
p11 := D[D[q[y, x1, x2], x1], x1];
p22 := D[D[q[y, x1, x2], x2], x2];
p12 := D[D[q[y, x1, x2], x1], x2];
pL1 := D[D[q[y, x1, x2], x1], y];
pL2 := D[D[q[y, x1, x2], x2], y];
pLL := D[D[q[y, x1, x2], y], y];
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To download youtube videos use youtube-dl. Upload to youtube should be handled using youtube data api. Not sure about the other two though. At worst you can always script the browser to make all the clicky actions, http actions can be replicated too, just observe the traffic using something like fiddler.

Just looked up, soundcloud too has an api
Bandcamp api doesn't seem to include any upload behaviour, so you'll have to use either scripted browser behaviour or http requests as I said previously.
thanks for youtube-dl. but what program do i use to execute that? python?

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Are there any PCI wifi boards that also have USB output? I have only 1 slot left.
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Get a pci usb board and a usb wifi. Problem solved.

USB wifi is pretty decent, no need for a pci card for it. Try to get it on a usb 3.0 port so there's no bottlenecking
USB can be daisy chained in theory 127 different ways before degregation occurs.

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How can you g-tards defend Android when Apples iPhone 7 plus, a phone that's a year old, absolutely DESTROYS the latest and greatest Android flagship Galaxy Note 8?

Apples iPhone 7 (3GB of RAM) has half the hardware compared to the Note 8 (6GB RAM) , yet Apples iOS is so well optimized, the Note 8 can't keep up when compared to opening apps, compiling video, multitasking apps. The Note 8 lags so much behind the iPhone 7 it's fucking embarrassing.

You wonder why people flock to Apple? Thats because Apple phones outperform ALL lagroid shitware. You have to pay $1K for a flasgship Android phone, just to own a phone that can be outperfromed by a 4 year old iPhone.

Have fun with your laggy navigation, FC's, degraded performance, and buggy-ass ROM scene, peasants. Apple users are simply enjoying what works and moving on with life.

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Android is a botnet and iOS is freedom-reducing overpriced hardware.

You can't win with smartphones.
>can't expand memory
>stuck using itunes
>stuck using itunes/app store
>stuck with only using your iphone within the parameters that the iphone developers set
>stuck with iOS


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>XFCE can show remaining wattage life in its battery manager
>XFCE can show charge remaining in a wireless mouse's battery
>Presentation mode for movies

This is some hot shit. What glues you to your DE?
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I'm not a useless faggot that can't figure out how to get exactly the features I need working, so I don't use a DE.
Most DE can do that stuff
But I use KDE because it has many features and just works
>XFCE can't vsync
really makes me think

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What's the best rule 34 downloader for (arch) linux that just werks
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>just werks
pick one

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So is GPGPU still a thing? Or was it, might I say, a meme?
You simply don't hear much about it anymore and a few years ago it was all the rage.
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Yeah, amd mining capabilities with parallel computing increased their price and scarcity so much
GPGPU will forever be a meme.
Only certain few tasks are really good for GPUs.
CUDA, OpenCL are all still actively used.

Depends what you do, for video-, photo-editing, rendering and gaymes, also mining, cracking and hash encoding/decoding it exceeds, I wouldn't want to go back to a world without it. The places it helps, it does it several times better/faster than possible before.

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The app would solely begin by allowing like-minded users connecting with each other in real time, based on various categories of interest, by sending invite-notifications to each other. Examples to connect could range from local sports, finding a church buddy, college kids seeking a study buddy, musicians connecting, singles looking to date, to general hangouts. Facebook is brilliant at staying in touch with established contacts, this will be brilliant in ESTABLISHING those contacts.

With the success based off connecting locals together, we'd then branch out to a fully realized community assistant app. Similar to Google starting with Search before they branched out to their more ultimate end goal.

A community assistance tool app that helps you engage and stay connected with local communities, and connects you with the locals in them based off mutual interests, aided by easy accessibility, search tools, and Google Maps, which is a concept that has yet to be explored, & could be wildly successful if designed well and remains innovative with the best features and tools available.

For a more detailed ultimate-vision of this, click here:


Facebook, and other apps and sites have similar features, though Instagram's success proves if a company focuses and excels at existing ideas in at way that hasn't been tried before, it can produce a success story, and work alongside with Facebook rather than compete.
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Thanks, stealing your idea.
How many times are you going to repost this shit?
*idea stolen*
nothin personnel, kid

Why can't this piece of shit into highest resolution download that includes audio?
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Because it's a separate stream probably
I know. So what. Merge them. Youtube-dl does the same.

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What's the best way/site/program to get reaction pics
And no, stealing memes from knowyourmeme is not an option
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/co/ has threads every once in a while

also I make sure to grab things when I'm watching tv shows or whatever
I screenshot whichever anime I'm watching and crop and share it on here

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Help /g/, my graphic card, a MSI GTX670 Power Edition OC, shat itself out of the blue and stopped outputting video. When I rebooted it only worked at 800x600 resolution. I removed the drivers through DDU and reinstalled them, but it didn't solve the problem. The device manager shows the error 43 for the GPU.

Is there something else, software side, that I can do to fix this problem?
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Try it on some other pc before doing anything.
Error 43 is usually a hardware error.
It's fucked.
Try cleaning it out with a isopropyl alcohol bath and replacing the thermal paste.
If that doesn't works you can try baking it.
The only friend I know with a PC that allows such operation is out of town.

Well, shit. I was actually thinking about changing thermal paste before this happened, but I don't think it makes any difference if the hardware is fucked. There's also the PSU that every now and then makes a strange ticking noise: could it be that it's not supplying enough power through the two six pins cables?

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