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How would the world be if Netscape had embedded OCaml into their browser instead of inventing JavaScript?
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VBScript would have won out since ML languages are too autismal for webdevs and we'd all be using IE still.
javascript serves as a dynamic API to browser functionality, this requires a scripting language to be able to work with unforeseen data at runtime

Thanks for the link.

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Are quantum computers affected by moore's law?
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>moore's law

It is a meme.

Sure they will improve over time, but they are not supposed to work like regular CPU so forget about using it for gayms or anything normie related.
Implying someone somehere will not code a game for it
Real quantum computers don't exist. This includes D-Wave.

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On Arch KDE Plasma.....

Why do I get SIGNIFICANTLY better desktop performance with Nouveau vs Nvidia propritary?

>Nouveau --> all animations are 60fps, tooltip effects 60fps, resizing windows 60fps, everything is flawless

>Install NVIDIA
>Resizing windows is choppy as fuck and is like 5fps
>Tooltip delay is stuttery
>everything feels like shit

What's this about? How do I fix this shit?
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you have to switch from xrandr to opengl or backwards idr
its somewhere in the animations settings
Get an AMD card and enjoy good, free as in freedom drivers

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Can it be Coreboot/Libreboot'd?
What's the quality of the parts and materials for this laptop?
Will it be worth buying?
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It's already free from NSA/CIA spyware. It has Chinese spyware but you only have to worry about that if you're a chink.
>wanting mentally ill tranny bioses

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End Warrantless Deep State Spying: Don't Renew 702

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To: The People of the United States
Subject: re: Ending Warrantless Deep State Spying

lol no

Sincerely yours,
The United States Government
samefag worst fag

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>'yes, I use [operating system that isn't windows 7]'

Why are Linux, macOS and Wangblows 10 users so dumb and elitist?
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I only use Windows 7 because Windows 10 doesn't allow dual-boot.
dumb frogposter
what? I'm dual booted with windows 10 right now
How do you avoid Win10 ass raping grub every update? I tried to set up a UEFI dual boot in a VM before risking that on my system and have failed so far
>inb4 disable updates
I might as well just download totally_not_ransomware.mp3.exe.bin.exe and run it as admin

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Are smart meters botnet?
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Does it connect to the internet?
life is god's botnet.

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Why isn't there a good alternative to windows?
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There is, it's just not for stupid people like you
>there is

Mac, Linux and bsd are shit compared to windows

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Is there any service like cloudflare that can hide my original server IP?
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why does this look so much more photobashed than ilyas other works? almost thought it was that irakli nig
ilyas other work exaggerates features to near caricature usually.

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I have a problem. I have been hired to provide a database to help a small club manage membership, and I thought I'd check and see if there were any good commercially-available solutions before I built one myself. Well apparently there's hundreds of them, and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I was wondering if /g/ had any recommendations? The club is about 350 people. I need it to be able to send mass emails and I need it to be fairly idiot-proof. The club is mostly old, computer-illiterate people, and I won't be the person using the DB.

I can always just build one myself, but I don't want to if they'd be better served by an off-the-shelf product.
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Just choose anything that's regularly updated.
I'm pretty sure you can hack a quick web app with Rails or Django. 350 people isn't that much, I think even SQLite could be enough. If not, MySQL and PostgreSQL are fine.

For emails there's services like Mailchimp and it's competitors.
laravel(php) +mariadb youll be done in minutes

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That feelio when WINE is too shitty for Powerpoint games.
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I managed to run DooM 4 with wine. Shush up.
>Powerpoint games
Somebody should make one.

Will bristol ridge for laptops flop?

Current flagship: A12-9830B PRO
TDP: 35 Watts
CPU: 4 x86 excavator cores @ 3.0 - 3.7 GHz
GPU: integrated 3rd gen 512 shaders @ 900 MHz (934 FP32 GFLOPS)
RAM: 2 DDR4 channels up to 2400MHz (38.4GB/s)
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Yes, but now with improved graphics, DDR4 memory and 14nm process!

I doubt Excavator/Bristol Ridge are 14nm.

About to go in and start looking to sign up for college courses. Interest for my career is in networking security and development. Whats the best path to take?

Been thinking about computer science, but lots of talk makes it seem like the wrong choice. Help.
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im gonna be a careful little fag here, but ask your career resources type thing in your college. They should be able to help you
Yeah that's sorta what I'm doing, but I want some solid feedback on things from you guys before I go in and make my case, you know?

I figure many lads here have a reasonably well informed opinion about which paths are right for what.

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>he uses KDE Plasma

1 compositing / panel doesnt update when disable/enable

2 compositing flashing black screen graphical glitch during compositing enable disable after program launch(default settings uncheck allow applications to block compositing fixes it)

3 mouse scroll causes garbled text in the main menu and other system settings place

4 really inconsistant mouse scroll rates, painfully slow in menus, very fast in dolphin, etc

5 when hovering over many icons (pinned panel programs, files on desktop) tooltip causes very bad lag / choppy fps (depends on theme, some better than others, breeze is one of the worst for it)

6 glitched text in Ark until you resize, also happens in Open File dialog prompts, only happens when Preview is selected, fixes when mouse hovers over any item. Happens every time.

7 wallpaper settings sometimes doesnt display correct preview, displays wrong wallpaper than what is chosen

8 if you install too many themes/window decorations the default Breeze theme gets overwritten by a randomly installed one? (Removing all themes sort of manages to pull Breeze default back though)

9 firefox turns white screen with loading bar if compositing enables or disables at any time (game launch, opengl program) have to restart firefox to fix (fixed in Nightly)

10 Themes dont uninstall properly. After you click remove, it still shows 'Uninstall' in 'Get new themes'

11 sometimes audio will completely bug out and be totally distorted/garbled until you move the slider up & down a bunch of times.

12 switching default audio to HDMI from the panel menu causes audio to glitch out until you switch back & forth and move the volume up and down, gradually fixing it

13 Poor OpenGL Compositor settings. XRender resizes windows, moves windows, much smoother than the OpenGl renderers

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windows doesnt have any of these problems
That's because it's actually properly developed by professionals on a salery
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>using nvidia on linux

Srsly, those graphical glitches sounds like known nvidia driver bugs.

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is embedded systems a dead end job nowadays since everything is moving towards higher levels?
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Everything is moving towards JS and Pissthon. Low-level guys are super hard to find.
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but that implies also a fewer jobs while I have to compete with many experienced embedded programmers
You'll be good if you focus on IoT.

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