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Why are there so many memes about hating Hotmail? I have one because I made it over decade ago and cbf changing all my sign-ins, but what's so bad about it?

Like it receives emails, it sends emails, why would I want to change?
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It's just inferior to gmail. But if you like it then I wouldn't worry about it.
Flawed 2FA, once you have it enabled on a device it can never be removed. If an attacker manages to get your password and personal information, contacts support and gets access to it bypassing 2FA then adding it to their device they will always have access to it.
It's fucking retarded. Nags about security and locks you out of their service sometimes. I wasted hours of my life getting into my mail. Plus, it's Microsoft's and fuck Microsoft.

sup /g/

I need a way to handle flash storage or USB drives being plugged and unplugged, while tracking the drive letter based on the PHYSICAL PORT, not the actual flash media being inserted and removed.

How do I do this?
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For example I have media players playing music from five different sources to five different sinks in pulseaudio. Let's imagine it's five different areas of an art installation.

I want to be able to treat each port as a drive. Let's say port 1 is the source of music for the main hall and I have a thumb drive in that port being used as a music source. It's drive X. The media player sending music to the main hall sink in pulseaudio draws from drive X, automatically. I replace the thumb drive with a different one with a fresh set of music, and the media player continues to draw from it as it still sees drive X, just with a new set of files this time.

Or some kind of script that automatically assigns the same drive letter to any thumb drive plugged into that port. Is that doable?

>Assign drive letter based on user, drive type, connection type, USB port, volume label, size, and more

But I need this for ubuntu

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Hello, fellow /g/entlemen. I was wondering what other sites/chans you use when you want to have a rational discussion?

I currently visit lainchan[.jp], but it's kind of disheartening it is so slow.
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It's not like there are good threads on /g/ that aren't slow

Just use /g/ for shitposting and other sites for serious discussion like everyone else.
I sometimes use OverChan
It allows you to see posts from most of the chans
I really wish the majority wouldn't think this way.

Theres so many firecucks here

thoughts on this:


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>thoughts on this:
straight out of 1984.

fuck Mozilla. uninstall that fascist commie shit.
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Is there a way to create categories or a sort of playlist of youtube subscriptions either within the site or with 3rd party tools?

I'm subscribed to some 300 channels, all of which occasionally put out something I watch (I unsub if I notice I've lost interest) but only about 15 of them are channels where I watch every video and want to know right away when they upload a new video.

I use the push notifications for these channels but many of them put out hour long videos I can't realistically watch right then and there. Once I discard the notification the only way to find the video is to scroll through those 300 subscriptions.

I'd like to create a page like the regular subscription feed, but one that only features certain channels. Is this possible? Even a bookmark I had to manually edit would do.
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please respond
So you want a subscription page without actually logging into youtube?

You have to go to your subscriptions, go down and press the export subscriptions to RSS.

Then just use any RSS reader feed.
No. I'm logged in but want I to have a secondary prioritization within subscriptions. I want to separate my subscriptions into A list and B list (or at least A list and everything).

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terry davis
temple os thread
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How come Terry uses Firefox when it's clearly made by CIA Negros?
>try to load temple os on an older core2
>gives me some error about hardware irqs or some shit because it cant identify them
> never again

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Thank god I can just remove them
>showing off how you 'fixed' it
They should isolate the url box even more and then place tabs on the bottom.

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Ooook, guys, this may sound like a silly question. I mean windows is pretty fast, how fast would be chrome os? I'll just install the things i need from source(it has just 2gb of ram). Suggestions?
I want it, cause it's portable tablet with x86...
I will mostly code on it!
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hiro bring back sage
Hey, i'm "sagier"! I'm old.
I just woke up from a coma!

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What are some of the worst uncleaned pcs you've seen? Pic related, as it was from a desktop I cleaned the other day.
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That is
My old pc that was in a filterless case.
I live in an old house on a for some reason busy dirt road.
No pics, but I tried cleaning the cpu cooler with a toothbrush and the shit would not come off.
How old is that?

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r8 my purchase
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pretty good or nah lads
plz help

Is blocking ads an efficient use of electricity, given that most blocked ads will be replaced by empty white rectangles, which are more expensive to display because they require the display to emit more photons?
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Does this count videos or animated ads?
If so, yes.
clearly you don't understand how LCDs work
What about static images?

Should I cover my phone cameras like laptop cameras? My phone camera sees me jerk off and shit alot more than my laptop does, but it can't be as easy to fuck with. thoughts, /g/?
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>can't be as easy to fuck with
oh sweet summer child
What makes you think your mobile device's camera isn't as easy to fuck with than a laptop's webcam?

What are the best Codecs/Bitrates/Containers.

>>Yes I know each codec serves a purpose.
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There is no "best". Each codec servers a purpose
So uh, how but that AV1
What are the best bitrates for certain codecs.

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What in tarnation...
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Just imagine how much juice the 14+ cores are going to guzzle down.
This is the only way Intel can compete, now. Raise clockspeeds, temperatures and power draw to ridiculous levels, and fudge the TDP numbers.
At least TR is coolable when sucking down 300w+. Fucking x299 is nearly impossible to cool properly with anything off the shelf

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>calls himself old school
>don't have tabs on top
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>1700 slower than 1600x
Fuck outta here
>AMD drivers are good!
>>calls himself old school
>>don't have tabs on top

>Old school
>Has tabs

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