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>install DH-15 or whatever noctuas heatsink is called
>vibrates my entire case at low fan speed
>putting a finger on my case stops the annoying sound

I fell for another shit meme by /g/
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You mean you bought a garbage case made of plastic and tin.
Problem is your shit case, not the fans. Adjust the fan speed in the BIOS so it never goes under a certian amount. Wow, that was hard.
It's at low speed you illiterate nigger. The case isn't shit because it's a fractal xl r2 and it never had the issue before i installed noctuas heatsink last week

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>waaaaah it's too expensive I won't buy it
Looks like the lagdroid kiddos have finally shown their true colors. The only reason they put up with lagdroids is because they are too poor.
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apple shills are litterally this retarded
Apple fags unironically pay for:
>Overpriced hardware
>Freedom limiting software
>a device that lacks basic ports
If you're too stupid to jailbreak iOS you wouldn't know what to do with your freedom anyway poorfag brainlet cuckold

So my pi is running 24/7 for pihole.
Any suggestions what i could use it for? as its always online and in my network anyway.

Also VPS available..
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What does this thing do?
Tor exit node
Have you looked at this list?

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how do I change the top three icons on win 7
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Install Gentoo
apart from that
Install Windows 10

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>S8 has 570 vs 458 for X
Cause having lower PPI will totally ruin your life...
why pay twice as much for less
Why pay at all?

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Hello friends /g/
How muchs will Aple iPhone X/8 b here in India ?
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Bait. Indians hate Apple and keep talking about how the specs are shit.
Rs 1 lakh
t. Rajesh

So I have reason to believe someone has hacked my phone, they were able to get my name and leave a voicemail and are using obscure numbers from the US and Spain for example. Due to me posting on Kijiji (like craigslist). I get a call every once in a while like that, should I be concerned that my privacy is violated I don't think the police are going to do anything
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You mean you posted your number on the internet and people are using it to call you? May as well kill yourself anon, there's no recovering from being ub3r h4xx0r3d to that degree
There are people that do that but I'm not one of them. Though technically it's what happened, I gave my number to arrange a place to meet, so I don't blame myself for that
help anyone?

I'm using Nexus 5 with Lineage OS 7.1.2 at the moment, I need a 5 inch phone with stock android and good performance. I prefer Snapdragon Professors so I could eventually flash a rom.
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Not very many 5 inch phones out there nowadays. Could try the keyone but idk man
Moto G5 is 5" and meets the criteria
Also use /spg/, sage.
Moto something something

Lots of options. Look at this year's range first, then 2016's range if you must. There'll be something for you.

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>He's still a wagecuck in 2k17 instead of winning money online with bots by doing practically nothing
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HFT is where big money is
in other news, should have shorted my apple stock today, would have made mad bucks
>I'm 15 and I make 50 dollars a month off google ads

just wait for real life, pal
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>he doesn't make millions of dollars a year scamming gullible normies and ruining their lives by putting them in debt for life

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You must use your face to unlock iPhone X
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fuck off bigot
>Implying she wouldn't get stoned to death if caught using technology
Is it /ourphone/ ?

Currently have pic related but storage is full and I don't need a touch screen because I'm not 10 anymore but I guess it's alright. What should I get? I'm thinking iPod Classic. Any suggestions?
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>storage is full
The appleWatch series 3 with cloud music doesn't have this problem :ᓓ)
Phones that let you actually fucking expand the storage don't have this problem
I don't pay for Apple Music. I just download the most recent itunes rip.

I don't like to use my phone for music. It's just to text and make calls.

The absolute fucking STATE of /g/
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Because there was a conference 2h ago and people are atill discussing.
>Apple releases a memephone
>people discuss Apple and phones
filters on /g/ are crazy
i have at least two dozen terms filtered, while it's made using /g/ an absolute dream, it's also become pretty slow - guess most /g/ posters these days love talking about brands and nothing else

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>still no way to not be part of the botnet
>literally need to spend years studying programming, how everything on the internet works, how your operating system works just to even know how to try avoiding it
Why is there still no just-werkz privacy OS for people who don't want to have to learn every single thing about technology before using a computer?
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Because that doesn't make daddy Bill gates any money
Temple OS.
You called?

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iOS and Android both suck.
Smartphones suck.
Either way you're being tracked and having your data mined.
Fucking idiots will spend $1000 on the iPhone X while other fucking idiots tell them to wait for the Huawei Mate 10 which will cost $200 with backdoors burned onto the fucking ROM, forming a surveillance network for the Chinese government.

Go kill yourself.
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Nice blog
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>xe doesn't know the baseband processors run proprietary firmware anyway
Cellphones are a botnet.
This is why I got rid of my smartphone and went back to basic phone. It's probably still a botnet, but I keep it off with battery out when I'm not making a call. At least that offers some privacy.

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Who thought this was a good idea?
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Did you mean .ipa?
fug that chunk of screen missing at the top
that would literally drive me insane

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