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>using a 13" laptop in 2017
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well obviously, what would be the point of anything bigger?
>t. Mr. Manlet
Jokes on you, I'm using a 12.5' ThinkPad X220.


what do you do on your workstations
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One for music, one for web browsing, one for porn, one for a Windows virtual machine.
use all 4 for shitposting
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isac's fourth pc.png
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I just had a power outage and now my computer is fried.

Press F to pay respects.
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Should have bought a $10 surge protector.
Should have bought a better PSU.
How did you posting this thread?

I recently had my Xbox one stolen while I was at work, any way I can track down a phone number, physical address, or persons name with a IP address that I have for it? They logged into my netflix and I copied the IP address. Any help is greatly appreciated people who steal need vigilanty justice.
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Call the police and press charges?
>Living in a nigger infested area
>Not securing your dweling enough so you don't have to worry about break ins

Serves you right.

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Are there any decently priced printers out there that don't gouge you on new cartridges?
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It's all a sham.

Get a Brother laser printer and high-yield toner and you're set for a while.

Stop giving monies to the InkJew.

The other option is to buy a good photo printer like a Canon Photo 100 and after market ink with tubes. But that's an ugly setup in general and the ink quality varies (it might smudge off the paper).
I think a law passed to allow 3rd parties to produce printer carts.

we should see /CSG/ alternatives soon enough because they work fast.

id expect ones for every common brand name like brother and hp.
Just buy off brand cartridges. Even if half of them are faulty, you'll still come out ahead.

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I need a new computer chair
My budget is $150, preferably cheaper though
Pic related is what I found today in walmart, is it worth it? Anything better?
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The one in OP pic is $139+tax in walmart
>Anything better?
you really don't think there is anything better than a walmart chair?
I'm sure there is, that's why I'm asking for advice.
What do you sit on?

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looks like HBCC improves stability

AMDrones btfo ONCE.A.GAIN
AMD SSG is on the left, NVIDIA Quadro P6000 on the right, it couldn't load the 250 million polygon dataset the AMD one could

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This glyph is included inside the HomePod's firmware that Apple accidentally uploaded a few days ago.

also confirms infrared Face Unlock: https://twitter.com/stroughtonsmith/status/891841607728844801
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that's nice. why exactly should I care? face recognition is another feature no one wanted or asked for.
that looks pretty amazing. good for them.
it's likely they're adding Face ID because they're unable to put Touch ID under the display

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Under what circumstance do you need an nvme drive in RAID?

At least you dont need to buy keys from AMD for RAID 5 and 1. Fucking kill yourself.
Fail. Nvme drives have dropped substantially in price as of late too.

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How can you trust an OS that show ads in its website?
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How can I trust an OS that shows ads in their file browser?

> absolute state of winkek

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are you fucking serious?
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ikr, they have got to be le kidding me
>choosing a distro called "fedora"
The only retard here is you.
Using anything other than noobuntu is madness.

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>tfw you spend half your time thinking of good variable and function names

Is there a good rule of thumb I could use?
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yeah stop being autistic
> get-verb
select the verb that matches the functions use
> describe the function in as little words as possible

example: for a function that returns an ip address "get-ipaddress", for a function that returns a bool if an ip address exists "test-ifup"
>name test variables nigger
>sometimes forget to delete them after commenting them out

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What programming language should I start off with? I want to program applications for mobile devices and websites. Just asking for your opinion.
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Game Maker
Clickteam Fusion 2.5

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You can only post in this thread if your OS is free of NSA kernel and NSA code

4MLinux (BusyBox) supported architecture: i386
Absolute Linux (based on Slackware) IceWM+ROX; supported architectures: i686, x86_64
aldOS (2) upstart init, eudev, ConsoleKit2; MATE desktop
Amazon Linux AMI Linux image provided by Amazon Web Services for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
antiX Linux (based on Debian)
ArchBang (2) OpenRC
AUSTRUMI (based on Slackware)
Bedrock Linux (BusyBox/any)
Calculate Linux (based on Gentoo) using OpenRC
ConnochaetOS (based on Slackware+Salix)
Cromnix GNU/Linux (2) (based on Arch)
Cucumber Linux sysv init; xfce desktop
Devuan i686,
Dragora GNU/Linux Libre (runit init)
Dynebolic (based on Devuan) an FSF-approved distribution geared toward users engaged in multimedia production
Elive Linux Enlightenment
Endian Firewall (based on RHEL6)
EterTICs i386,
Exe GNU/Linux (based on Devuan)
Fatdog64 Linux
Funtoo Linux (based on Gentoo)
GNUinos (based on Devuan) a Libre distribution
GoboLinux sysv init + BootScripts
GuixSD i686,
heads (based on Devuan) a Libre distribution, intended as a systemd-free alternative to Tails Linux
Kwort Linux (based on CRUX)
Legacy OS (renamed for 2016 release; previous name(2009): TEENpup)
Linux Console
Linux from Scratch
Liveslak aka Slackware Live Edition
Manjaro OpenRC
Milis Linux
Moebius Linux
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MX Linux ships XFCE desktop; includes antiX remastering n persistence tools
NuTyX (based on Linux From Scratch)
Obarun (based on Arch Linux)
Openwall GNU/*/Linux (Owl)
OviOS Linux (Independent)
PCLinuxOS x86_64**
Pentoo (based on Gentoo)
Pisi Linux (sysvinit + python init scripts) x86_64
Plamo Linux (based on Slackware) japanese-language distro
Plop Linux PXE/liveboot, includes systemd rescue/repair tools
Porteus (Slackware based lightweight modular live CD/USB)
Porteus Kiosk (based on Gentoo) lightweight kiosk using BusyBox
PostX (based on Debian Jessie) OpenRC init, openbox wm
Puppy Linux
Quirky supports armhf
Redcore Linux (based on Gentoo) OpenRC or SysV init
Refracta (based on Devuan) i386, x86_64
SalentOS (based on Debian)
Salix (based on Slackware)
Simplicity Linux (based on Puppy Linux)
Slackel (based on Slackware+salix)
Slackware i586, s390, x86_64, arm
SliTaz (Lightweight live CD/USB using BusyBox/SysVinit) supported architectures:
Source Mage GNU/Linux (source-based distribution)
Spark Linux (based on Arch Linux) Arch Linux without systemd
Star Linux (based on Devuan)
Superb Mini Server (based on Slackware)
SystemRescueCd i586 (Gentoo/OpenRC based system rescue disk)
Tiny Core Linux,
TLD Linux
TRIOS Mia OpenRC/ZFS forum (rolling release, based on Debian Jessie) XFCE, rEFInd, OpenRC init iso images)
Uplos32 (based on PCLinuxOS)
Vector Linux (based on Slackware)
Void Linux (runit, xbps)
wifislax (based on Slackware)
Zenwalk (based on Slackware)

**PCLinuxOS has a lot of non-free software. Probably has some high degree of NSA code
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
Fuguita (architecture: i386) Japanese, based on OpenBSD
MirBSD aka "MirOS BSD"
RaspBSD special build of FreeBSD (2016) for armhf
TrueOS* (formerly PC-BSD) supported architectures: Currently: x86_64 Forthcoming: arm, arm64.

Some BSD distros may be compromised by NSA. Free-BSD and TrueOS appears to be safe but we don't know

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This is what a linustechtips video looks like after hundred of thousands on camera/video/lighting/editing equipment + several editors and a"professional" cameraman, at least he isn't yellow like in all of his previous videos right?

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I hive you a hint, all those people weren't wearing purple.
>after hundred of thousands on camera/video/lighting/editing equipment
Pretty sure that's pretty much all for the studio recording.
No, he spent like 50k+ on just a camera.

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