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>apple products suck

I get 14+ hours of battery on my macbook pro. How many do you get on your 100 dollar thinkpad? 30 minutes?
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~6 hours
and it was $65, fyi
i might consider getting a better capacity battery at some point, after all, mine is replacable
>14+ hours
in your dreams

Firefox WebExtension Thread.

Post what you have, and what you need.

Superior alternative to HTTPSEverywhere. Get it even if you're not moving to WebExtensions.

uBlock Origin
I'm finding this is missing a fair amount of ads now. Thoughts and suggestions?

What I need:
Greasemonkey alternative.
Violentmonkey doesn't seem to work particularly well. Open to suggestions. This is particularly irksome because 4chanx is totally fucked without greasemonkey.

Not sure if it's even worth it..

Whoelse needs what else?
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I'm worried about openwith
They currently have a WIP version:

Hopefully this helps.
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Hey, anybody know anything about this monitor?

It has a DB-15 connector on the back, instead of VGA...

I got it with my old computer that I heard was used in the Air Force
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I meant to say DA-15...

It uses the same connector as Game Port
Pics of the computer?
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No Idea, but apple used to use DA-15 connectors on their kit, perhaps it's an aftermarket Apple compatible display. Fuck all info on that display on the internet as I'm sure you're aware.

Try making a converter and seeing if it comes up.

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>botnet vs datamine
Neither, die.
>proprietary vs proprietary
botnet datamine vs botnet datamine

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>that one guy who needs an IDE for programming
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>that one guy who needs an IDE for programming
how else would you do it?
>that one guy who writes all his code in notepad
>>that one guy who needs an IDE for programming
So what? Get over yourself you arrogant little snot

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Great software OP!
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Thanks bro.
It sure is!

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How do I get a job at IBM?
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Show them your loli collection
IBM a shit now

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>He doesn't have a Gorilla Glass TV
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I swear it looked like a photo of a side of a skyscraper on an angle for a moment until I saw the sony logo.
GG is a gimmick
>he lets gorillas into his house
>to fuck his wife

Is this a subtle BBC shill thread?

What do you faggots think of new Ubuntu?
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Just as disgusting as ever.
Unity looked amazing, GNOME as it is right now is a turd.

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Hey /g/, I want to backup files to Google Drive, and I'm looking for a recommended encrypt-before-upload solution.
Open source is a must, preferably something that handles random generation of filenames (i.e. doesn't keep original names), and of course - strong cryptography.
There are a few options available, but I'm not sure of each one's pros/cons, and also I might have missed other options.
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Why would you want to use botnet drive anyways?
Because free. If you can offer better alternatives, speak up. Has to be off-site, i.e. not self-hosted.
just use openssl

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holy shit, how will /g/ ever recover?
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one of the worst bait posts i've ever seen
you're confusing free software with freeware
Non free programs are doing it too now. So fuck it. Make a fake identity and use free shit

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Should I learn python or ruby?
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Learn Nim
What are you trying to make?
Generally I'd say Python. Easier to start with.
You really like BBC, don't you?

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Will C++ ever be able to implement modules?
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Yes, it's currently in progress.
Will OP ever be able to define his buzzwords and answer why the current solutions is not modules?
Learn English first

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I have a relative going to Japan soon.
What tech should I get from Japan?
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The only correct answer is a sexbot.
Lots of onaholes
I forgot, no lewds.

My company says to use Outlook for Android + Microsoft Intune for mobile email access... they make no mention of using third party applications, but they pretty straight forwardly say to use Outlook + Intune.

But Outlook sucks big time. I prefer to use 9folders, which works even without Intune.

I realize they 'could' check to see whether I was actually using Outlook... but...

Do they care? Should they care? Should I care?

Should I use 9folders, or fall in line and use Outlook?
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Use what your company wants you to use, they set the shit up and know what works. Why are you even asking this here. Copypaste your op in an email to your IT department faget.
Because asking IT is like roulette... I might get a cool guy and he will say yeah sure no problem, or I might get an up tight guy and he will say no way use Outlook.
I like her breasts.

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