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And now, a poem.

"such powerful hardware,
wasted on limited software.

they spy, oh my,
and they deny
3mm bezels to be.
And yet, we see.

Apple, oh Apple,
once before you led,
but now gimmicks and lies
are all you can make."
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install gentoo
your thread is bad and you should feel bad

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I have a nearly mint one of these bad boys I downgraded to 6.1.3.

Problem is, it's 3G only. Anyone else use 3G primarily? Is it crippling or manageable?
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I used an iphone 4 until one year ago, found it acceptable for normal browsing. On the other hand I hadn't used LTE ever then, so I maybe that's why it didn't bother me.
Biggest problem you might face is that depending where you live 3G networks can have terrible coverage.
It's 6.1Mbit/s,enough for all normie behavior

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New fag here.

How secure is this from local or federal eyes? If delete the conversation right away, am I safe? Is there a better alternative? Asking for a friend...
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>local eyes
You're safe. Local cops are dumb as fuck.

>federal eyes
As long as you're connected to the internet you're being monitored.
Protip: No one cares that you're selling pot or a few grams of coke

unless you're black. In that case, give it back, Tyrone.
I agree there fucking dumb. But does there "new" technology make it easier to be smart?

Why the fuck would I buy half eaten food?
I'm not a peasant.
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That's not even half of the apple retard kill yourself.
This, it's just a fruit opening wide to suck a BBC
Either its bait or youre the peasant whose second language is English and buys half eaten food

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>buy S7 Edge to replace dead LG G3 (battery issue)
>S7 Edge new off Amazon for $395 AT&T
>No warranty in it apparently
>thinking about checking the AT&T store to buy another (trade in) and replace the one right now (1-year warranty phones)

Is a 1-year warranty for a smartphone really that big of a deal?

Had it for a week and some water got in the camera lens (fogged up). I put it in rice for a day and believe it or not, good as new.

In b4:
>touchwizz (I know I know, have to get used to it)
>Samshit ( better than $1000 Applel's Xpels (Hairline edition)

Any ideas?
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You can mod it and put in an alternative Android ROM, just Google how
I'd say you dont need a warranty and you can fix it yourself but I know from experience that Samsung's are a pain to repair, you can get warranty services as far as I know where you pay like 2 quid a month or something
One in england called protectyourbubble
I dont know of any in America
Those are memes here in America, costs you more than the phone is worth.

I'll just suck it up and return the Amazon one and buy another from the same seller.

Thanks for the ROM thing.
Have fun don't

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Lets talk loic
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Captchas don't block new fags only tri-forces do
anyone else like big bang theory?

The day before the actual storm hit I got a series of blackouts that completely fucked my computer over. The symptoms for it are a blank screen, keyboard/mouse do not light up so I'm pretty sure USB peripherals are out (Except strangely my PC speakers that have the LED light on), and the fact that when I turn on the computer only the GPU and CPU fans spin, and the mobo and ramstick LEDs light up so I'm relatively sure the mobo isn't fried.

Could it be my PSU that got fucked?

Pic related, feels like someone fucking shocked my computer to hell
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/g/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.
/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
PSU is first guess
Otherwise, mb voltage regulator

brownouts are more damaging than blackouts

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Wrkbook is a promising startup founded by immigrant entrepreneurs. We have received $25,000 in funding and are currently looking for software engineers to make our idea into an app. (Please note that all positions are unpaid until we deem otherwise.)
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> Come work for us
> Of course we won't pay you anything

If I wanted to do volonteer work I'd work at a soup kitchen or something, not write code for a bunch of pajeets.
At least then I know I'd be helping people worthy of helping, not the kind who still shits where they stand like a bunch of monkeys.
>yet another job search platform
>also possibly another "facebook but for X" startup that will go under in 6 months

Oh wow how original.
get out

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say one day Microsoft goes "enough of this" and decides they don't want to support Windows anymore. most likely because it doesn't generate any revenues (pennies compared to office or server or cloud, and people keep pirating it)
1. what would their exit strategy be? surely they can't just go cold turkey. they'd be sued out of existence.
2. what would happen to the OS ecosystem? would linux or OS X take over? which one would hardware manufacturer produce drivers for? can another OS emerge?
3. or would desktops and laptops just die and be replaced by tablets, smartphones, and consoles?
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won't happen because windows is part of the core (not the only) strategy to get people to use other microsoft services

they're perfectly OK with windows actually losing money as long as the others continue churning
I could see windows becoming a desktop environment on linux, similar to osx/unix. Alternatively, they announce end of life support for windows 10 years out, and everybody buys a mac, where they continue to "enjoy" office and other microsoft softwares.
>I could see windows becoming a desktop environment on linux,
The Linux dream. It'll never happen. Stop fapping.

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"I want to create a giant database of faces and expressions which file and index the populations' very thoughts and deepest , most private emotions."

"They'll never submit to that willingly, sir."


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The NSA told them to stop with the fucking fingerprints and get to sending them full on face scans. There's already face scanners at entry points to airports, so the security will know who you are as soon as you cross the doorway :^)
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I still do not understand what browser to use instead of botnet? I tried waterfox - it literally began to slowdown/freez after 5 days of work (win10). plug-ins installed - ublock, imtranslator
want to try webraptor....
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>Google has quietly stopped challenging most search warrants from US judges in which the data requested is stored on oversees servers, according to the Justice Department.

>The revelation, contained in a new court filing to the Supreme Court, comes as the administration of President Donald Trump is pressing the justices to declare that US search warrants served on the US tech sector extend to data stored on foreign servers.

>Does US have right to data on overseas servers? We’re about to find out Google and other services began challenging US warrants for overseas data after a federal appeals court sided with Microsoft last year in a first-of-its-kind challenge. Microsoft convinced the New York-based 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals—which has jurisdiction over Connecticut, New York, and Vermont—that US search-and-seizure law does not require compliance with a warrant to turn over e-mail stored on its servers in Ireland. Federal prosecutors were demanding the data as part of a US drug investigation.

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>muh constitution
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before shills say anything, I want to remember y'all that in today's age, that the amount of information the government asks for to convict criminals is totally absurd as evidenced by government agencies knowledge of terrorists attacks days/weeks before anything even happened.
We as society are reaching levels of independence never imagined, but such independence requires government transparency, in which all their shady business will be exposed; that's why this is important to they. They want to seize any data, anywhere, anytime to hide their business and to get it they use shills to promote more unrestricted data collection to prevent crimes that they already know.

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>spending $1000.00 on a phone that cuts off the video image
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>he's so poor he worries about 5% of his screen beign cut off.

Apple should get a mobile phone that cuts off 50% of the screen which only the absolute richest will get while the poor worry that they cannot see shit

/g/, just a question. Some friend asked me about an online workspace service. I guess he's thinking about something like Slack but not that chat-oriented, more like a collective dumping space with a strong, clear homepage for non savvy users. He's not concerned about security at all. Is there such thing? Thx my bois

Pic not related
Is there such thing?
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I don't get it... What is he trying to do? Do you mean like Trello?
>a collective dumping space with a strong, clear homepage
the ladies' room

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Or should I get into AR?
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rope would be better imho you stupid frogposter
Is that Pepe the frog? Epic meme dude.

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