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Recently imported pic related as it was billed as being region free. However, my BD player can't read the actual movie disk. XOne read the movie perfectly fine, BD player read the two bonus disks perfectly fine. Updated BD firmware, still no luck. Player is an OLD Sony BDP S350 I think. Is it possible its just straight up age that's not letting it read?
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meanwhile pirates downloaded it from nyaa and started watching in 20 minutes
The girl dies
I'm aware, I wanted a hard copy.

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I'm looking to finally leave windows(cause muh privacy) but there just isn't as good performance with linux and gaming. also less games are supported on linux.
are there any good options?
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>worried about privacy

>broadcasting the entire planet that he's going to stop using Windows
You can play games of linux if you want to, the "no games" meme means that not all games run on linux.
But if you are capable of using another OS, you are capable of playing different games.
Buy a PS4

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How do I get new IP from my ISP? I almost got banned again from server after making new account, turns out they looked up and saw new account shares same IP with old account so I need a new IP so I can continue to break server rules. I have Comcast and live in America. Is VPN my only option?
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Change your router MAC address this will force most ISPs to hand out a new IP
Is it a reset MAC address feature on Lynskeys router settings or how exactly would I assign new MAC?
Clone your mac address in your router settings. Do a powercycle and don't forget to clear your cookies.

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Why someone should learn ocaml?
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No one should. Let it die.
Many reasons, like maybe you want a job at Jane St Capital in NY.

If you don't know anything about functional programming then you should start with 'Programming in Standard ML' by Harper, with the free new draft off his personal site. It's a much cleaner language and usually used for teaching (much like Scheme is used for teaching). It's a fantastic book that will also teach you how to program if you don't know already.

From there you can learn any other func language including OCaml
Least obtrusive FP language out there, those don't really get faster than OCaml either. Sane and conservative design makes sure you don't get broken shit in every release. Very powerful module system that removes the need for any sort of OOP even though it supports it. Overall people who know OCaml (or its variant F# on MS platform) rarely use another language when it's not blatantly unsuitable.

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Post your simple/small/stupid questions
Take at least 10 seconds to google first

Old Thread: >>61923559
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I have a python program with associated modules or library files or whatever. If I want to stick the program in my path where do I put the library files?
My dad stole my storage HDD when I was away from home and installed Windows on it.
Now everything that was in my "Program Files" folder on that drive is gone.

how do I get my vidya back or is it lost forever?
Is dsd better than flac?

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>61924109
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>Quadraphonic headphones

Jesus Christ how horrifying.
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Idol trash here.
What's your setup like, Anon?

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Where is Raven Ridge /g/?

How man of you are like me, waiting on the new APUs to roll out and snatch a new laptop?

general /W4RR/ thread
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No. Fuck off AMD shills.
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Raven Ridge laptops will be out for holiday season, confirmed by Q2 2017 earning conference

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Why does the tech community seem to have inexplicable infatuation with shitty products from underdog companies that are not worth your money at all?
>f-fu- fuck company x th-this is actually rlly good if you're on a budget

Yeah, a 100 $ budget maybe.
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Give one example?
>image of a 970.
>obvious jab at amd.
I am confused.
AMD FX 8350

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Oh jesus christ. Its never going to end is it.
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Thank God I was able to snag a Vega 64 early in the game.
Well, they know buttcoin memers are the only ones who buy their house heaters unironically
unless your a gaymer why do you care?

Name one (1) free video editor that isn't shit.
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K, then live
Pirated final cut pro

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who wins?
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Obviously FF
firefox cant melt operas

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Should we as a society take precautions for technological unemployment or is it all fake news?

Any of you /g/entooman automating away dem jobs?
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Automation is very good at repetitive tasks with clear success/fail states, and which can be "taught" via large amounts of existing data on the subject.

Even if your field can't be 100% automated away, there's a good chance 90% of the jobs can be automated away and have a handful of humans left to supervise/double check the results.

Professional driving/trucking will not exist in the future. That will be entirely automated and anyone working in that industry will be out of a job. Additionally, businesses which rely on that industry will suffer because all of their human patrons will now be robots that don't need to eat at a road-side restaurant or buy snacks with their gas.

Other specialized fields which require years of training for humans may not be automated entirely, but the amount of workers required to perform them will be significantly reduced. Law firms can eliminate 80% of their staff and use OCR and an analytical NN in their place.
All the tasks your personal desktop does today used to be done by human workers in an office. Even decades ago, the digitial revolution displaced jobs and the trend is merely continuing today. Unfortunately, automation tends to replace low skill / low intelligence jobs. These redundancies affect the most vulnerable people in society, and create a destablizing effect overall. Unemployed people are far more likely to radicalize and become self-destructive political agents. The next secot on the automation chopping block is interstate trucking, which is a huge source of human employment across the USA. When this industry gets disrupted, get ready for the issue to come to the forefront for many.

If you're looking for advice, only jobs which require real human intelligence and intuition will be buffered from autmoation disruption.
I believe our current governments are not agile enough to mitigate the worst effects of automation across the market. I imagine income inequality and social unrest will continue to degenerate at an accelerating rate. It's possible that city-states will reemerge in the west as all areas outside major cities are left behind to rot.

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what browser do you use on your phone?
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Firefox Nightly
Brave Browser. Buy BAT.
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I'm very hungry

Nokia, give me the
>Snapdragon 835
Give me the
>High quality dac
Give me the
Give me the
>SD card slot
Give me the
>Better than Nexus camera
Give me the
Give me the
Give me the
>Bluetooth 5.0
Give me the
>No burn in LCD screen
Give me the
>smartphone that won't bootloop, have massive battery drain, jelly screen effect, etc
Give me the
>timely security updates
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Great but too late for me.
All those
Idgaf about NFC or Bluetooth
Amoled instead of LCD
Plus build quality for which Nokia is known
Give me the BUTTER.

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>Nightly now has the Firefox logo

Well ok then.
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/g/ - Firefox
Better than the cock and balls logo. Because that's what I see when I'm looking at it. Pic related
I'd much rather have this one or the A E S T H E T I C one.

Fuck Calvin&Hobbes and fuck this >>61933934

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