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How did /g/ start learn programming?
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I sgined up for CS at university after I found out how much money you could make by doing it.
I installed Swift Playgrounds on my iPad Pro
why is her chin so weird?

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My microsoft optical desktop 700 just passed away in his sleep, peacefully, after close to 10 years of service.
I have tears in my eyes thinking back on all the moments shared together over the years.. the millions of words typed on this thing, the shitposting, the late work hours, the gaming.

What now /g/?
I’m typing this from my ipad
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>What now /g/?
Fina a fucking blog.
You should kill yourself to join him
>I’m typing this from my ipad
My sincerest condolences.

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I know that this board is mostly for shitposting between AMD and Intel shills but still want some opinions and help.

Currently I have an i3-6100 3.7ghz, Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb, 8 GB DDR4 and HDD 1 TB Sata. Suddenly I started to have problems with FPS and I don't know what the fuck happened.

As example DOOM 2016 Ultra settings used to run at 180 fps with no issue, now is jumping between 80-160, same for Overwatch jumping between 90-270 and sometimes even reaching 50-70 fps randomly, other games same issue.

What settings on the GPU I need to use to make it go back to the good shit that I used to have, also what's the main difference between High Performance and High Quality settings?
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Use DDU to wipe your gpu drivers and then reinstall them.
novideo planned obsolescence kicking in early
I have an i7 and don't get 30FPS on Cities Skylines

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I don't see him making any arguments
>An autistic virgin and a conspiracy theorist schizo
What an wonderful depiction of 4chen

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What are some interesting linux distros to try out that no ones ever heard of?
I'm not talking about shit like hananah montana linux or satanic linux,
pic related, organizes files differently than literally every other distro
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>satanic linux

not especially rare, but alpine and qubes are flavors i've tried recently
>no ones ever heard of
only normies have never heard of gobolinux.

other unique distros. maybe there's one that you don't know already:

guixsd and nixos. they have a declarative package management system.
sourcemage. source based. definitely the best themed distro. uses bash for pretty much everything. package management is done by a collection of certain bash scripts for example. works pretty well.
void linux. has a version without systemd and without glibc. it uses runit and musl instead. uses its own package manager. other than that it works similar to arch.
stali. statically linked linux by the suckless people. not sure how usable it is.
bedrock linux. can combine features from other linux distros (never tried it myself, sounds cool though).
tails (alternatively heads). privacy focused distros intended to be run from usb without installation.
easy linux. trying to keep it really simple. everything you need to know to use it fits on one webpage.

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So it turns out Raspberry Pis are actually gay and not "just European".

Pic related.
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orange pi master race

homos btfo
cool bot faruq

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From my experiences with you fine /g/entlemen, you all seem to be early-adopters of different types of technology.

While it seems like some of you get a good idea of something's popularity early on, the rest of us aren't so lucky. That's what this thread is for.

What are some pieces of technology/gadgetry that you thought was cool as shit and ended up crashing and burning?

For me, it was pic related.

It's the Narrative Clip "LifeLogging Camera."

I ended up buying one early-on since I was traveling a lot, and won the second-gen in their drawing.

I wore it for quite awhile and, while it got me some strange looks, most people thought it was just weird or a heart-monitor.

My IRL friends already know I'm a weird dude, so they accepted it and actually liked some of the photos is took.

What about you, /g/entlemen?

>Both older and newer technology are welcome, including shit like Betamax or Google Glass.
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you must be gay.
he's using the reddit spacing
Stop forcing this shit.

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post stuff related to computer internetworks and internetworking
etc etc
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Wrong board OP, /g/ is for browser wars and linux distro shitposting.
oh trust me I already know, I'm the first person to tell the people with promise to go to >>>/diy/ but this thread doesn't belong anywhere else

we'll just have to hope the brainlets pass this thread by
so I'm studying for my CCNA
I already bought a cisco catalyst 2950 off ebay for like $20 (pics incoming I did a few mods) but now I want a router to go with it but I can't break the bank because I'm a starving college student

what secondhand routers do you guys recommend for a beginner/CCNA cisco lab? What else should I get for my lab?

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sticker thread
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>Average /g/ user
literally kill yourself immediately
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TPB (1).png
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The plumb bob is ancient and precise .
Its accuracy is unquestionable. Its line is the law.
Dancing so gracefully, yet caught so delicately.
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TPB (2).png
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TPB (5).png
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>He's sleeping more than 7 hours
Good goy, thanks for wasting time and spending your life lying on bed.
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I pay someone to sleep for me.
I get less sleep than I want but thats mostly because I have a fucked circadian rhythm. I tend to be awake for 18 hours and sleep for 10, but this doesn't match with the rest of the world so I often either just try to stay up for 30 some odd hours to catch up to the 24 hr clock or I just call out of ehatever I had (work/school/friends/etc.)

I've tried all kinds of sleeping pills but life is better off than on
I sleep until I wake up
I don't see how this is relevant to the board though

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>google style guide bans map, reduce, and filter functions
You told me functional programming was the next big thing /g/.
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guido van rossum.jpg
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I see no such prohibition in their C++ style guide.
Their Python style guide was written by this colossal stroopwafel-munching faggot and they haven't bothered changing it since he left.
everyone at google is a brainlet
You're fucking retarded there is no reason to use those functions in Python when list comprehensions are much more readable.

>search catalog
>no gut bread
Guts bread fresh out of the oven edition
My rig, yes I know the GPU isnt plugged in, I have better pictures I need to get off the camera, but they'll still be out of date, since I'm upgrading tonight
>tfw mad crazy craigslist deals let you make money off of upgrading
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what heatsink and case is that?
>tfw in early
>second 980 Ti not plugged in


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How does /g/ solve the primes under 2 million test.
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Without using a sieve
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no sieve

How many bits of information can you store on your hands?
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Depends on your marker's thinness
Also depends on the surface area of your hands.
An infinite amount. The measure of how much you're bending a finger is a continuous space, so you could store an infinite amount of information in the bending of one single finger, provided that you can control it/measure it with great precision and perform the analogical-digital conversion. Then you have that you actually own 10 fingers and 2 wrists, which can be bent in 4 directions; therefore you can store 18 infinites of information just in your hands.

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