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Is Stackoverflow dead compared to how it used to be?
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r u retarded? do u need help? r u lost?? does ur mom know ur using a computer after bedtime?
Probably. There can only be so many questions basic questions that people can answer, and with strict moderation over questions being low quality or repeats of others, you are going to have much less activity going on.

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You all should get dells. My uncle said dells are good (he works with computers)

and u?
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So, I was looking at some Intel slides the about their new Xeon chips.

Can someone tell me about this new AMD CPU Glue™®© technology Intel keeps mentioning? I mean, they talked about it at least three times in there 70+ slide reel release.

When can we expect Intel to come out with their own CPU Glue technology?

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Delid this
It's a gross oversimplification of Infinity Fabric.
The closest equivalent Intel has is called Mess Interconnect because it doesn't work quite as well
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Why not just male the whole CPU out of it? It's clearly what makes it go fast.

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How do I learn the Android UI/layout API?
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Become a trans-pajeet.
Git gud bruv
Actually this.
Idk why but a lot of pajeets become Memedroid™ devs

Why hasn't this phone design been topped yet?
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Is it normal for my android phone to discharge this slowly?

I currently have an lg k20 and am a little worried the battery stats is bot displaying correctly.

From 21:00 to 02:00 I have been playing games, browsing websites, and viewing youtube videos with the screen at 100% brightness using 4G LTE. However even with all that I only went from 92% to 56%.

My old more expebsive iPhone 6 would go from ~90% to ~15% for the same amount of work.

Where is my Android phone getting all this extra battery life from? The battery is only 49% bigger than on the iPhone 6 I had.

Should I be worried?
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Install Gentoo.
21:00 to 02:00 is 5 hours, You lost 36%. On a full battery you should get 13,8h SOT. Unless you can do magic, or you where looking at a black themed websites with an OLED screen from about 21 to 1 and games for one hour(over 20%/h power use), some reading is wrong or you have an external battery casing on.
If you don't expect any important calls, just discharge it down to 10 %. If it shuts himself off because there is no battery, a calibration is needed. Btw, the iPhone battery is tiny compared to most Android phones. I get 10h Sot from a 150USD Xiaomi phone while my last IPhone never lasted that long.

Cannot get my computer to turn on,it was working fine about 8 hours ago. The power button was flashing blue (still wasn't on) before I tried pulling the power cord. Now I can't even get it to do that,it doesn't even make the effort to turn on. Any ideas/help users of 4chan? :) any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Also ibuypower PC. (Pic not related. They're my doggos)
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>The Seagate Nytro 141 solid state drive (SSD) is designed for maximum versatility while working with read-intensive workloads. This 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s SSD is available in two configurations. Both are highly optimized for cost-sensitive, read-intensive workloads, but each configuration offers different benefits for different kinds of end-users. One is optimized for sustained performance with higher endurance, while the other is optimized for maximized capacity.
>That's about to change with the new Nytro 141 series, starting with the Nytro 141 256GB, which online seller Superbiiz lists as available for $85.
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Its shit.
>SATA SSDs for anything but storage
>not using PCie/M2 SSDs for everything else

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Have any good finds? Share em.

Here's a good site:

Let's find some treasure.
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here's some weird ass movies. Good collection

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How good is forth?
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It's not even in the top three languages
Useful for amusement or recreational programming only. Almost all modern languages surpass it for real productivity.
Its fun no real practical value exept possibly nano computers

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what do people mean when they say a language is slow?

is a one second difference really that big of a deal?
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It can prevent it from being usable in large scale and performance-critical programs.
look at lagdroid and see
it depends on the use case. performance matters so much for hft algos that they implement them in network card firmware machine code. system scripts run in powershell and python.

So my laptop just took a shit and I'm flying to Japan on Tuesday. Is there any reason to buy a laptop over there instead of here?
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Only if you want a laptop made from a Japanese manufacturer like Panasonic or NEC. Also most of their laptops only come with Japanese keyboards which have some extra keys so they're a bit more cramped. You probably won't save any money buying a laptop here unless it's used. If you get a new one though you can at least get it duty free so you'll save there.
Hmm I didn't even think of the duty free thing, that might make a difference. I work for a Japanese company (I'm going over there for work stuff) and having a Japanese keyboard might not be the worst thing either.

On the other hand I was browsing around Yodobashi's site and laptops seem to be more expensive to begin with over there, maybe I'm just not seeing the budget ones though.
If you use romaji input like most people then a Japanese keyboard won't really do you much good aside from a handy dedicated key to switch between input methods. But it's not like you can just setup custom shortcuts to do that anyway.

If you're checking Yodobashi also check Bic Camera and Sofmap. If you're going to Akihabara then it's worth checking out some of the smaller chains like Tsukumo which also sell laptops I believe.

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how come cute girls all use iphones?
do they know something we don't?
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iPhones are trendy and girls hate being untrendy.
Their father's credit card number?

Seriously though these days I see tons of girls rocking that Edge shit too. The meme is dead.

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guys i have a vmware server and trying to use PHP to write to a textfile. i'm trying to write to a textfilebut "file_put_contents(matteo.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied"
then i checked the permissions with echo exec('whoami');
and i got
any ideas?
i assume it's something i have to change in the HTaccessfile
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> Permission denied
su <webserver user>
ls /path/to/txt/file

Probably dir permissons.
>su <webserver user>
>ls /path/to/txt/file
>Probably dir permissons
in english please

this is my product btw if it helps

Your Active Products/Services
Las Vegas - OpenVZ - LV BuyVM-512MB

it's a virtual server i think
Can you get a shell open on your sever?

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Fucking chink seller advertised this as a english Mi box with android TV, but its all in chink writing and is custom android 5.0 Rom.
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there is a thread for this you know
Just change the language to English. Sheesh...

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