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Why you're not using an APU /g/?

Lets have an APU appreciation thread
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I will use one when Dell launches XPS13 with motherfucking Raven Ridge.
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I am
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>Lets have an APU appreciation thread

Thank you sir!

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>he fell for the samsung meme

Why haven't you joined the Apple masterrace yet?
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I had an iphone from a 3g to a 6s, I swapped to android and to be honest I've not noticed anything I'm missing.
>lifts up iphone to view the time
>lights up, no buttons touched


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Dear Support,

Learn English, please! (So, Let's call my old friend, Google OR Community on the Internet)
I am NOT Gergley, I'm Gergely!
DE: Ich bin NICHT Gergley, ich bin Gergely!
FR: Je ne suis pas Gergley, je suis Gergely!
HU: Nem Gergley, hanem Gergely vagyok!
This is the issue:
DE: Das ist das Problem:
FR: C'est le problème:
HU: Ez a probléma:

[--Picture here--]

This bullsh*t is automatically enabled every installation. This function replaces original certification with its certification in browser.
DE: Diese Funktion wird automatisch aktiviert. Diese Funktion ersetzt die Originalzertifizierungen im Browser.
FR: Cette fonction est automatiquement activée. Cette fonction remplace les certifications d'origine dans le navigateur.
HU: Ez a funkció automatikusan be van kapcsolva. Ez kicseréli az eredeti tanúsítványokat a sajátjára.
I do not trust that, so, Bitdefender has already been deleted!
DE: Das vertraue ich nicht, Ich habe den Bitdefender entfernt!
FR: Je ne crois pas cela, J'ai supprimé Bitdefender!
HU: Nem bízom meg ebben, ezért töröltem a Bitdefendert!
This is a bad policy, DO NOT do that automatically.
DE: Das ist eine schlechte Politik, Mach das nicht automatisch.
FR: C'est une mauvaise politique, Ne faites pas automatiquement cela.
HU: Ez egy rossz irányelv, ne csinálják ezt automatikusan.

Best wishes,
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Hello Gergley,

Thank you for your patience. I apologize for the delay.

I have sent you an e-mail on Thursday the 13th of July however it seems that you did not receive it or it was sent to your Spam/Junk folder.

Please find the content of the e-mail below:

" In order to further address this situation please follow the steps from the article below:

Once done please generate and send us a bdsys log for further analysis.

http://www.bitdefender.com/support/total-security/-490.html "

We will get back to you as soon as the analysis is complete.

Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,
Bitdefender Technical Support Engineer
Stop using those kind of softwares.
Dear Bitdefender Customer Care Team,

The issue is not resolved. The problem is, the Scan SSL function is automatically enabled every installation. This is a bad policy.
"That function replaces original ssl certification with your verification, this is the problem. This isn't the "security solution" this is a ssl layer hacking! Who and why trust your certification, where one has already been. By the way, this is a man in the middle attack, because the connection is encrypted with false certification before it is crypted well and sent."
the best way if you let the users to decide about it, don't do that automatically.

Best wishes,

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What's some God-tier background music for long programming sessions /g/?
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Early music is also good.

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Is the net neutrality thing blown out of proportion? I don't remember having problems pre-net neutrality (early 2015 if i'm not wrong)
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>i don't remember something happening, therefore it didn't.
>I couldn't even tell if it was happening or not, so I need to care whether it was happening
>Is the net neutrality thing blown out of proportion?
More then that.

With net "neutrality" people are trying to get the government to control the internet and stop the free market.

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how do I into webm magic?
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webm for retards
webm for retards
thanks for killing a thread for this

Serious question. What legitimate reason is there to use windows, excluding gaymes, and given that the user is relatively well-knowledged in how to navigate either OS?

Seriously. What does w1nd0ze do that *nix physically cannot?
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It's just ... easier.
I mean, I love linux, I've used it for a few years, but every once in a while I end up having to spend hours just to make something work properly, that's what kills it for me. I don't have time for this anymore

Windows has (or more likely HAD) programs that Linux didn't. Example good 3D modelling and rendering software. But now Linux has Blender and just yesterday I watched a 3D software comparison video and how Blender has some features that commercial programs don't and how commercial programs struggle to keep up with FOSS development.

Linux market share has increased over 12 months now and is expected to cross 3% mark in desktops this year. Over 70% of world's servers run Linux and it's increasing also. 99.6% of world's supercomputers run Linux. 80% of worlds mobile phones run Linux.

World is becoming increasingly FOSS as more and more people can access internet but can't afford buying new software every year.

And this is only a good thing.
All Autodesk's stuff is linux friendly, Maya, 3dsmax & etc

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mpc-hc is officially dead

what the h*ck am i going to use now
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>You can't run Windows software on Linux
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>You can't run Windows software on Linux
who said that?
Uè Francè
enjoy glitches and subpar performance

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how do I config pscx2 to run ps2 games smoothly (the framerate and audio are terribly slow) on my acer aspire laptop
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install gentoo
Found your problem.

[spoiler]post specs[/spoiler]

Google created a "cultural institute", but don't expect to see traditional Chinese paintings or statues from the Renaissance on it.

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I expect to see blank walls and garbage on the floor.
Also this isn't technology.
1. "it's not culture if I don't like it" - You
2. not technology fuck off
Google needs to fucking die already, their agenda is so blatantly obvious at this point

>he doesn't use all three main operating systems
Umm sweaty do you even like technology?
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How dare you assume my gender.
it's a tie between Windows and Linux for me
I'm not sweating.

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>Please note that WinRAR is not free software. After a 40 day trial period you must either buy a license or remove it from your computer
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There is actually an explanation for why they don't force you to do either. Just google it.
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>not using unrar
File: 1468062955068.jpg (82KB, 700x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not using 7zig

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What's the best DE for a non autistic person? I actually have a life and got shit to do, so messing with scripts is out of the question.
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Does he have a benis?
>a non autistic person
What makes you think you aren't?

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So what does /g/ think about yondr? Is this DRM for live events or the way of the future?
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Great idea because it will help idiots who can't keep their phones in their pockets. I've seen a lot of people pull out a phone in the mosh pit (for some dumb fucking reason) and then lose it.
Seems pretty cool for people who don't like phones at concerts. Not sure how many people you're going to get on board with this, though.
I've seen places like weddings go smoothly by taking around 20-50 people's phones, but concerts of hundreds of people?
There's also the concern of not being able to call 911 if Muhammed pulls a Manchester. Sure, you can cut it open, but not having to go through that bullshit is ideal.
Only churches would buy it. You have a big market down here in Mexico.

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