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>take the time to create a tool for people to use
>force users to download source and compile it themselves
>hell dev -- don't tell users what dependencies or issues they'll run into while compiling

what reasons would a dev have for doing this? it'd take less than a minute to compile it for all major platforms.
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nice image
its not that hard to find what it needs tho. compile errors will usually tell you enough.

Why is whatsapp used when this exists? It is owned by the same amount of people but for some reason normies don't use it as much. I wish telegram or messenger would totally replace the green cancer.
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because you need a facebook account to use that

>calling whatsapp normies when messenger is worse

Whats wrong with you

Is this really all you have to sit in your room stewing about? I feel bad for you, get a hobby or something.
why not just text?
wtf is wrong with you that you need a dedicated mesaaging app
or just fucking call somekne ffs
use a phone the way it was meant to be used

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Hi /g/,

Im failing through college. I got a "D" for my Data Structures C++ course, and I am losing hope because I am going to have to retake the course... again.

I am losing hope. How likely would a guy like me, with low language skills, find a job in Computer Science, IT, or related fields? Am I being too self critical?

I'm good at regular programming but Data Structures programming kicks my ass.
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Computer science degree scales with University popularity, what's your university anon ?
Shouldn't really be a problem. Most of the shit programmers need to do is just glue pieces together. Rarely do most programmers actually have to even implement a tree on their own.

It does help if you're capable of it though.

Just remember, if you can write even some software you're already better than half your peers at college.
Portland State University

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>people on this board unironically spend time promoting or degrading products for free
have some dignity
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what do you mean by this?
So promoting products for money is dignified?
You do know koreans eat dogs, right?

Battery life thread
How can I improve this shit? Screen brightness on minimum and no other apps are running. OPX btw.
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Flash new ROM without Gapps.
I did this and my battery lasts 500% longer when idle.
in your case you should consider buying a new battery or a new phone.
Get an iPhone

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>Samsung tablet
>still selling 16GB tablets
>you buy one
>you install necessary apps
>one day a few apps need updates installed on them
>literally have to uninstall a few apps just for a small ass update file

Stupidest crap ever. Why hasn't Google got rid of this cancerous issue yet?
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Welcome to proprietary software. They don't care about it being shoddily built unless its so shoddy that it costs them sales.

What do you recommend? Is Apple this same way?
What the fuck? 16 GB devices still exist?

I enjoy writing JavaScript
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Me too OP
>I have autism

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So it's basically an S8+ with a pen right?

The S Pen looks great for notetaking on the fly and sketching, but it feels like it would be easy to forget it's there unless you're constantly using it

Anyone here owned a Note? What are they like?
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They aren't bad. You know, except for the whole "explosion" thing. But maybe you like a frag grenade in your pocket.
I owned note tablets, and they were comfy. Note taking wasn't half bad, and the spen was actully useful, and not just in drawing apps. Today would I buy another note. No they are priced really fucked up, and as neat as it was still pretty buggy/laggy, and the ui is ugly. samsung also took a huge turn into being a shit meme in every aspect.
this one has a smaller battery and a higher price tag than an S8

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What's the worst style you've ever seen?
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Something that doesn't work.
You guys might think that coding styles are black and white lined but in the end people pay you to code and to get shit working.
No one fucking cares if your code follows the constraints of the clients and works almost bug free.
the people who have to maintain it do
I am going to have to say that you would still get paid if that code did what was required. Good thing that only other programmers give a shit but the business does not.

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what iq do you think you need to comfortably write code? I'm only around 115 semi brainlet is there any easy languages i could make money learning? used to do systems admin work
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Answer his question faglords
I'm sorry, but you must be at least 116 to post in these boards.
Google "edx CS50"
Create an account the edx website, sign up for the "class". Its a free education website, and its the actual full blown Harvard intro to programming class.
Its the filmed lectures, it has the notes, it has extended learning on concepts from the lecture, it has the same homework, you program in the cloud so you can actually turn the work in and get a grade.

Its a go at your own rate class, you can watch all 12 weeks in one sitting if youd like.

It teaches you the core principles and concepts of programming using multiple languages.
Its also hard, but learning to program shouldnt be easy.

This is quite literally the best way to start programming as it gives you a solid foundation.
You can learn to script in python in a half hour using youtube tutorials, but that foundation is shit and youll spend ten times longer wallowing around not knowing what and where to look before you become somewhat competent.
Structure is key, and thats exactly what they give you

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>mfw this captcha never works
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>mfw you don't use the text captcha
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>there are people on this board claiming to be """""""""""""tech savvy""""""""""""" when they can't even switch to V1 captcha

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install brave
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fuck you do it

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What the fuck were those retards at Amazon thinking? This is why we use Netflix
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At least they don't also use Cinavia.
It's funny because on pirate streaming sites I can watch shows in full HD using superior VGA cables. HDMI was a mistake
HDMI is great. HDCP is the mistake

Why does no one make a native copy of Photoshop on Leenucks? Does the open sores community not see how that would help to broaden the user base?
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We already have the biblical GIMP
GIMP for life
The open source community doesn't govern a closed source proprietary software.

If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits


EMUI 6.0 will be based on Android Oreo 8.0, a leak suggests

HTC U11 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage reaches Europe

Huawei P9 updated with Live Photo feature; Verizon Moto G5 Plus getting new update as well

Xiaomi's Android One smartphone rumored to be called Mi A1, to sport full screen display

Honor V9 Mini allegedly leaks in live images

Samsung Galaxy J7+ leaks in live images

V30 to offer audio features 'unseen in a smartphone before,' LG says [Updated]

old >>62148328
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Excluding the s8 and note 8 and iphone, what phones have the best camera out there?
Pixel. The G6 is arguably good too, if wide angle and somewhat saturated colors are your thing.
About how much is a used Oneplus X worth?
I'm thinking about switching phones, and my current OPX is in quite good condition, with some light scratches on the screen (that aren't visible when it's on) and some slight burn in where the notification bar is.
They're currently listed as $269 Canadian for new on Oneplus's website

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