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so! I bought this motherboard with all its accessories for a couple of bucks. No beeps, no video signal but led's indicators are on. Probably the Bios is wrong ... to be all lost will be a beautiful coasters.
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Reflash BIOS with a SBC
For starters; take it off your fucking bed.
Rub it on the carpet for 1 min. Sounds weird but it really works. Sometimes the components lose their natural charge and that makes them act dead but if you top it up with static electricity they should start working again. Hope this helps.

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what is the best js compiler?
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please answer
what is your compilation target exactly?

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>Cheap ass plastic frame
>Screen has way too much flex
>Huge bezels
>Clunky keyboard
>Worst touchpad I have ever used
>Average battery life at best at equal specs
>Even the "IPS" displays are average at best

What is so good about Thinkpads that I don't get /g?

Have been working full time using a T430/T460 for a little over 2 years now, it baffles me to see this piece of shit being sold at this price.
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Come back after you've used a <T61
Fine. It's not for (You).
Go buy a HP craptop instead, faggot.
It's pretty good if you're poor. Buy a MacBook Pro if you have a job.

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If only 18% of computer science degrees are awarded to women, then why is it a problem that this number is reflected in the workforce?
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>Because social studies and social advocates that push for equality say so.

Long story short it doesn't but lobbyist need a joke once and a while.
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I would still eat her non-existent ass.
>Be me, poorfag
>In the running for a $5k scholarship towards computer science major
>Legitimately qualified, as are most of the other kids
>Down to one kid from each high school in the district
>Every other award for different majors goes as planned
>Surprise, they fuck computer science up
>They come right out of the gate saying "this is the first time we've awarded all three tiers to young women!!"
>Top prize winner is the least qualified bimbo in her whole school, and I know this because I worked with her acquaintances in an internship the next 2 months who let me know how useless she was
>Her qualification was just passing the fucking Java certification exam
>Later found out the one female judge had left the technology sector to work in the food business years who
>Eventually get over it in a couple months because there's no reason to dwell, right?
>Start first semester at uni
>Dumb as rocks Asian girl that lives down the hall who is an outright cunt to everyone gets a $1k just for showing up

Why even bother?

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Should I be worried about Intel ME?
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>should I be worried about a hardware backdoor that anyone can use
you tell me
yes, but you shoul also worry bout being a dumb racist frogposter

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hey /g/. I'm making my own distro based on linuxfromscratch, anyone willing to help me do a logo? current distro name is eCORP Linux
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Wrong board but I could do it for $50, if you post an email I can reach you on or something.
This man is a con artist.
This, $50 is highway robbery, I'll do it for $40. Just send the money to my bitcoin address and I'll post logo :^)

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why arent you using the greatest browser anon?
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>UI made in JavaScript
>literally a chrome skin with equal amount of botnet
>Chrome with js skin
>great browser
Thanks for the laugh m8.
slower than chrome, also doesn't let me search by just like typing keywords in the address bar for some reason

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Is using an audio interface useless for GNU/linux? I'm not noticing a difference in sound quality
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Linux won't change the sound quality. The codec , DAC, and amp will do that. You sure it's set up right?
Maxed sample filter quality thing and 48000 - 98000hertz sample rate in pulseaudio's daemon.config. And in the mixer sound is set to 100% and not above.

I'm using a 2i2 scarlett
no amp
>Is using an audio interface useless

Hey /g/, I picked up a nice 26 inches LCD TV from my workplace, since they were going to throw it in the garbage (fuse blew up, so they thought it was broken).
Now the problem is, it has no brand (and I looked online for the serial number and it shows up nothing), I have no remote and it only has the power, channel up and down buttons. I've tried several brands on the SURE remote app and some buttons from a Sony Bravia and an UMC work, but they're all scrambled, and not all of them work. Actually, I got audio and source buttons, so now I only need the OK button to apply the source, since I'll be using this TV for consoles only.
Do you know of a way to get the brand of the TV, or an app that automatically cycles through remote codes? I don't feel like buying a universal remote just to find that it doesn't work.
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>and I looked online for the serial number and it shows up nothing

Since the serial is one of a kind, I'd expect that. Search for the part number instead. If still nothing, try searching the part number of the circuit board, to see if you can find what TVs it was used on.
Yeah, I thought I'd do that, but wanted to confirm before opening it.
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Don't you need to replace the fuse anyway?

>Mac Install Base is 66 Million.
>Jealous and poor people on /g/ can't afford a real computer.
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>not using both
both have their advantages
1% of 7 billion is 70 million
what makes it a real computer?
a $250 Chromebook "computes" like a $2500 Macbook Pro "computes"
Admitidally the Macbook Pro might "compute" a bit quicker than the $300 Chromebook but it still computes

I've tried /sqt/ but nobody gave an answer. I really need these two fixed and I've done a lot of research already.

I installed Xfce4 and it works for the most part but these two things still bother me:
1. popups and dialogs appear on the left screen even though the right one is the primary one
2. Xfce doesn't start automatically after I've logged in using the console, even though I have 'exec startxfce4' at the end of my .xinitrc

I'm using arch and systemd
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Hi fytch, you're a newfag and you should learn hiding your shit on an anonymous imageboard.
I see you also quite accustomed to big black penises - and here I was hoping for the OP not to be a faggot; oh well...

BTW, popups/notifications and shit appear where your window manager tells them to, so look in XFWM settings. My i3wm spawns them on the screen where my pointer is, which is something I find quite comfy.
For the second part - you may want to try and install a display manager. SLiM, LightDM and LXDM are all good options for XFCE.
Thanks for the reply.
I see the issue with systemd but it's too comfortable and easy so I stick with it for the moment. However, what's wrong with Arch?
I've already looked through all the Xfwm settings in the xfconf settings editor but haven't found anything. From my internet research I've also learned that this is a common problem with Xfce so I thought I'd ask on /g/ because someone may have a solution.
I'll have a look into display managers, thanks.
>what's wrong with Arch
memes mostly. Also, overly authoritarian devs - the "Users must only do shit the way we say" kind

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How do you create a personal homepage, like one of those used by all the weebs in screenfetch threads?
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google it
I'm a critically retarded pseudointellectual double nigger faggot on a Romanian hunting forum since I've searched for everything and even /g/ wiki and still haven't found it
google it

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Copper lines to splitter to (telephone+Modem).

Huge lightning. Modem-router not switching on at all. Full dead.
Telephone dead as well.

Safe to assume surge was through the telephone cable? In that case, why would the modem not power on at all? Will surge in dsl port destroy everything?

Is it repairable?

I know this is old fashioned.
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>Safe to assume surge was through the telephone cable?
Yes through phone line.
>In that case, why would the modem not power on at all?
Because inside the box the power cable and the phone line are both connected to the same board / SoC.
>Will surge in dsl port destroy everything?
>Is it repairable?

Recommendation: Get a new one.
Why didn't it kill just the splitter?

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>Install Tor
>Go to DeepWeb
>Actually it's not that different from 4chan except drugs and pedos
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>not that different from 4chan except ... pedos
I thought we still had our fair share of them.
you are trying to leave ``evidence'' that you weren't interested in that material for when the fbi comes knocking. it won't work.

i hear you guys don't do so well in jail
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I'm thinking of building a raspberry pi into a multi-console emulator, the usual, as a birthday gift, probably using retro pi and some sort of samba functionality to organize games from the pc. I remember that the performance, even for snes games on rpi 1 type B was abysmal. Should I go for the 3 or will the 2 do fine? Can they reliable emulate psx and n64 games?
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pi 2 can emulate snes if you overclock a bit
same with the 3 but it requires less, might pull off some n64 or ps1 games idk havent tried
Curious if I would be able to get custom modelines like 3840x480 or 3840x240 out of a Raspberry Pi.
you can get much more powerful SBCs for the same price

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