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Since I've been hearing so many good things about this I was looking to make the switch. I was wondering if there is a webextensions replacement for Stylish/Stylrrr? Also are there any about:config settings I should change?
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Can't help you but while you already mentioned the alternative, stylerrr, Stylish itself actually provides pricacy concerns after selling out or something so you shouldn't use Stylish apparently:


It's just a thread I once saw telling about this and the article.
no extensions working on it

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>tfw only ever used systemd distros starting with Fedora 17.

Should I start looking into non-systemd distros?
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Have you been dissatisfied with systemd? Then yes. Otherwise no.
Install Void
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you know what to do

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Why the hell are black motherboards more expensive? Are black PCBs more expensive for some goddamn reason? If not, why aren't they all black since people seem to like them this way?
Basically all cheap-ass motherboards are vomit green. Mine is dark blue-ish since it's mid-range. Apple also uses black PCBs. Is this some kind of bizzare color-coded pecking order?
Note that I haven't bought a mobo for some time. If this changed: how come it changed?
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Many board houses charge more for non-green soldermask colors, yes.
But mainly it's because the sort of people who are into looks inside their rig are also wililng to pay for them.
t.ASUS with yellow soldermask
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>Basically all cheap-ass motherboards are vomit green.
lol no. pic related was over $500. stop paying for meme colors and worry about functionality. I laugh at you plebs paying shit tons of money for motherboards with LEDs and which are in black, rather than getting something actually worth th emoney.
I mean consumer grade, not servers/workstation. I personally don't care about the color, I have no panel on my case and don't give a fuck. I was just curious.

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Give me a clue as to why so many people invest in virtual reality
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It will explode when the porn industry catches up.
It is a cool new gimmic.
What is not to love?

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I finally made my own torrent website
Wat d u think? Wat features should I add?
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Looks clean so far but one thing can be done better:
Look at how the style-changer on this site works.
On your site the css gets switched with another. This means the moment someone clicks on the toggle-link there is NO CSS and then the new css loads. In the time the browser makes a new request and loads the css, the user does not have any css and your site looks shit.
You can change this by adding the second css already but as "alternate" and the only thing the toggle-link then does is switching these two css.
Everything else looks good, keep it up.
u should add torrents
nice si/pantsu ripoff nigger

Long story short, I'm deep into ecommerce.
Most of the shops that I created were based on WordPress + WooCommerce because it's overly popular and it was easier to find e-commerce specific extensions appropriate in my country (payment gateways, parcel services).
I've also tried lots of alternatives in the last few months - Drupal + Commerce/Uberkart, Magento, Odoo ERP etc. I've built them, tried all available extensions, themes, frameworks, then rebuilt and tried with other random shit, many several times.

I decided I want to write an e-commerce platform by myself.

Now the funny thing is, I've never learned programming seriously, and the longest program I've written was about 250 lines of code in Python. I learned what a class is just recently.

I wish, however, to put some effort into learning how to do things right, and my language of choice seems to be Ruby.
Assuming the following:
1. I want to use Ruby on Rails + https://spreecommerce.com/
2. The shop is going to contain about 50.000 products
3. I need powerful XML processing tools that would update my prices and stock qty everyday, every few hours
4. I need to integrate it with something like eBay
5. I need to integrate it with accounting service, lots of shipping companies, and lots of minor stuff - each of which provides good documentations, APIs and other things I don't understand (yet)
6. There's no need to worry too much about customer security, because Credit Cards and other sensitive stuff will be processed in external gateways

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO DO THAT if I am a complete programming novice and if I drink 5 cups of coffee a day and snack on modafinil?

tl;dr I don't know programming but I have a very clear idea about how the program needs to work like (ecommerce store). How long will it take me to learn Ruby + RoR so I can get the job done.
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You will fail. There is no way you will succeed with something as large as this, with this many security aspects to it. You need to have a lot of experience, and you probably also don't want to do this all by yourself.
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Get some books off the cyberpunk FTP surrounding the language of choice.
And read some of the techniques and tricks applied.
For the rest, it's a bit like drawing, once you know how to use the tool you need to use it creatively and in your own way.
Just start easy and don't go crazy and start to leap before you can crawl.

user/pw: guest

Alt. link: ftp://guest:[email protected]:21212/books
Well, being broke and life kinda force me to do this all by myself

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ok, so I understand what a botnet is (many pc's strung together unwilingly to serve the agenda of the bot master) but what does it mean that "firefox is botnet"? or "Android is botnet" these seem to be common memes here, does this just entail that they are easily hacked or that google is doing this to us without our knowledge to increase their power? and if that's what you believe, /g/, to what end? to send me an add that i can just close? Unless i'm being bot-hoarded for a greasy black hat neck-beard somewhere, i don't quite think it's something to care about if google is just using it to advertise.
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It's just a rural illiteracy and sullenness of a typical /g/ kid. They call everything a botnet what collects any data: anonymous or not about usage for statistical researches because they don't know the actual computer terminology.
botnet shills are working hard today

botnet = set of networked computers/devices all at least partially under the remote control of an entity that is not the "owner" of the device.

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>One of our readers (FHWu) has alerted us to a thread on the Chinese forum, Tieba. In this thread, the originator of the leak admits to faking the information using a current commercial Intel processor and reportedly using registry edits to trick programs into presenting the wrong CPU name. These results then spread around Chinese technology media and the rest of the world.

being this desperate
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You'd have to be fucking retarded to trust the chinese.
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Is TOR on Android; anonymous enough?
Asking for a friend, nothing nefarious.
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Fuck no
Is your botnet keyboard anon enough for /g/
>anonymous enough?
meaningless question without details of your threat model.

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I've used phones from Sansung to LG to HTC and sitting on my Nexus 6P since launch has been nothing but absolute headaches and searching forums for how to fix bug X,Y or Z.

I'm sick of these battery draining bugs, lagginess and this phone is running latest and greatest pure stock android (So over-rated). I'm sick of not being part of iMessage group chats, failing MMS messages, having to rely on 3rd party apps because the stock clock app or reminder (Keep) are just hideous. No continuity with my Macbook Pro, No first party accessories, no customer service, no store I can just walk in with a problem (Have you tried dealing with Huawei or Google? What a joke).

I can't wait till the iPhone 8 launches, I left them the same reason you did - I just simply got bored and outgrew it a while ago, I liked tweaking Android devices but now I'm a grown up with a full time job I don't care nor have the time to spend staring at my phone home screen and making it as "miniamlist" as possible. I just had to factory reset my 6P and left everything stock because I'm not bothered anymore. I just want a phone that is reliable, does the job and won't eat away at my battery making the phone obsolete after just one year of ownership.

I can't wait for the iPhone 8 Launch. Good bye Android was nice browsing forums trying to fix solutions for you.
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>inb4 poojeet chimp out
>No continuity with my MacBook Pro
See, there's your problem...you're a Macfag trying to use Android. Your too stupid. You should have just stuck with your toddler toys to begin with and you wouldn't have had so many problems.
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Oh look, new pasta

I'll summarize the rest of the thread

>Here's why you're wrong OP
>No you're a faggot
[skub intensifies]

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Can we make a news-pirating website?

Users can read news without paying, so they'll use it regardless of their political view.

It is the perfect way to kill those M$Ms.
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Already exists on darknet
What's wrong with AP and reuters?
What news sites make you pay wtf?

Is he dare I say """"""our"""""" /g/uy?
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Fuck off, Ahmet
fuck ashens, bigclive is where its at
>that video where he draws a cock and balls on his hand because it seemed appropriate
Yes, he's truly like us.

How would I go about buying an install disc for this in 2017? How do I know if an Ebay copy of it is legit?

>why the fuck do you want windows XP anon
Because I'm autistic and I miss being 15
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Just get an official microsoft iso and then crack it so it's genuine
You don't need to pay
If you just want to play around some you can follow this and run it in virtualbox

>OP was supposedly 15 when xp was out
>OP doesn't know about programs that crack the registration
OP confirmed underage

>There are actually people who like the two worst DEs in existence
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To vex you. Are you vexed?
I like Unity, it's a nice DE and that you can't deny. The white 1px line across the dock fucking >>62109677 "vexed" me though. Gnome + extensions has absorbed Unity as of late.
Unity is dead so that makes the two worst DEs GNOME and KDE.

Thoughts on the Kodi Stick meme?
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kodi is garbage
It's not a permanent solution to getting rid of your cable box by any means and it's UI is garbage.
Just get a compute stick and have a full desktop environment instead.
I use a fire stick with kodi+no limits, it's easy and quick. Occasionally i run into problems but that's because i like keeping things up to date. For $50 i recommend.

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