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Let's all just appreciate the superior way of coding ultra-fast software.
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Assembly is too abstract for me.
More like not abstract enough. ASM is how the cpu works.
Computers generate better code than people since about 80s.

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What went wrong?
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It's not free as in freedom.
Neither is Windows, but you and a billion other normalfags are playing games on it right now. Doesn't really address the faggot OP's question.
Too many standards, too much reliance on "good enough" ideas. The shortcomings became a part of the standard.

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Fug. I'm building a raspberry pi battery powered laptop.
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Congrats. Be ready for minimal, 90's era performance on sub-optimal hardware.
Be ready to overclock, and read all of the documentation on over-clocking.
It won't really run 44 hours if you're serious.

You're going to spend as much building this as you are for a shitty throw away laptop.
Good luck running an LCD display of any resolution and brightness on AA batteries.
I really hope you are not using the Model A+.
Model B at least.

One idea I've had is building one with 2 screens together.
One screen will be an e-ink screen, underneath the LCD touchscreen.
I can use e-ink for basic status stuff, or keeping some simple data on-screen for long periods of time.
Then only use the LCD for high-fidelity requirements.
Have a button that can grey-scale mirror the current LCD buffer to e-ink. I'd probably write that mirroring function myself so I can have control over the greyscaling of the screen more. (especially the dithering)

Delivery date: never.

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Is it a good idea to create relatively simple passwords for websites and use SHA-256 to hash them?
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No, use bcrypt you fucking mong.
Why don't you use a hashing algorithm actually made for password hashing like bcrypt?
To clarify, this is what they are talking about: https://security.stackexchange.com/a/6415

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>Linus Torvalds: 'I no longer feel like I can
trust "init" to do the sane thing. You all presumably know why.'



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german autismo engineering strikes again
who cares
Linit released when?

It's fucking shit!

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this cant be... are you telling me SJW sofware devs ar incompoetent fucks?
I am telling you that the animation is shit and absolutely unnecessarily
only annoying thing about photon so far, at least what has made it to nightly, is that they separated the bookmarks button again so bookmarking a page is now in the address bar rather than the bookmark button, but also they've moved history to the library tab in the menu so getting to history requires another click

Why MacOS is so comfy?
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because it just werks with the software it comes with and you don't have to fiddle.

you're just doing what you want when you're on it, thereby creating a chemical association in the brain that macOS is comfy because you there are no stressful memories associated with it
It's typed macOS. To answer your question Ubuntu and macOS are 10/10.
Apple shill plz go

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Is ML *the* field of CS to get into right now and for the next few years?
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Big data & ML/neural networks, yep.
It's a stupid cuck meme. Practically no one needs to learn ML because no one has an actual application for it. You can just use APIs.

Learn Java enterprise dev if you actually want a paycheck.
Real question is should i use tensorflow or something on top of hadoop? i think big data is the most important trend to optimize for

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What is your opinion on Perl?
Is there any reason to learn it over Python nowadays?
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>Is there any reason to learn it over Python nowadays?
You want to embed an interpreter in your program but want more than one instance and these instances should be properly separated, not some shitty hack.
>Is there any reason to learn it over Python nowadays?
Some shitty, exotic typesetting softwares uses lots of it.
So there's pretty much no reason?
I thought Perl was faster to write and better for Unix scripting.

Ask questions, get advise, discuss Uni related topics.

I'll start:

First year CS student here. I've got 2 weeks left for my semester break.

This semester I'll be taking:
>Data Management
>Network Routing Principals
>Technical Software Development

Any prep ideas?
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Currently majoring in be cyber security, got a CCNA for free as it was integrated in my networks and switching unit. Hoping to get into network architecture, so I'll likely attempt the higher end Cisco certs over the summer break.
drop out
just go ask on the cs subreddits. /g/ is a consumer tech board now.

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Press F to pay respects
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desu vive is a much better VR experience
>That fingers
Fuck. It's it because of VR?
>400 dollars
I don't even care if this is Oculus soon meeting their end. PC VR is finally cheap enough.

You can trade in any shitty POS laptop running 20 year old Windows for $75.


Bankrupt the fuckers

previous thread: >>61240527
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Yeah just did this. The guy working there was frustrated so many people were doing trade ins.
I'm sensing angst op
i mean does anyone actually LIKE best buy?

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Is data hoarding a mental illness?
I keep thinking about how much time I've wasted hoarding data that won't matter after I die and I get depressed.
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It sounds like a compulsion which is leaving you with negative feelings.

That's definitely not good.
I wanted to hoard data but my completion and consistency autism made it impossible.
Release the data anon

Looking at these two competitors to try and get you to join their ecosystem, which is better?

>massive botnet
>selling your data
>that data collection allows maps and shit to be amazing though
>GPM is based as fuck

>seem to care about "protecting your privacy"
>I have no idea how it's offerings are in things like "cloud storage" or Apple Music are

Which do you prefer? Why do you prefer it? What services do you use?
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I dont know anon, I'd rather be healthy than choose between having cancer or AIDS.

What kind of phone do you have?
why don't you just try both and pick which one YOU like best instead of asking for an objective comparison of somthing that's completely subjective?

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What phone do you currently own?
Are you looking for a replacement?
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Elephone P9000
I love it
s7 edge.
iPhone 6S. Not currently, although if I could go back, I would have gotten the SE (both were being offered to me for free from a friend).

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