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>people who refer to all firmware as "the bios"
>people who call the uefi configuration menu "the bios"
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I always call the UEFI the BIOS. Because then people know what I'm talking about.
>people who post on 4chan /g/
>people that call gnu/linux (or as ive recently started calling it, gnu+linux) "linux"

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ITT: your top favorite languages to program in

here mine:

1.) R
2.) LabVIEW

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1) Ada
2) Pascal
3) Common Lisp

im so quirky lol XDDD
How many can I learn before I start mixing them up?

Why does Google let developers do shit like this? They took VLC and added ads. They don't attribute it or provide source code though. Can I report it for violating to GPL, or is there nothing to be done?
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Call the FSF lawyer army, maybe they can help. I wouldn't keep my hopes up though.
Bring it up to the eff, or the creators/whoever is maintaining it now. They will look into it
Contact VLC, FSF and EFF.

so...this, is the power of .. linux gaming
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/v/ is that way -->
Fuck off to >>>/v/

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>Microsoft is powerful enough to get any info about any piece of computer hardware
>yet they still need to collect an ass ton of telemetry data
Something doesn't add up here.
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>Thinking this is limited to Microsoft...

First thought is info on a failed update and data on how it was automatically repaired.
They're collecting the data from the tasks your processor(s) are completing for Microsoft/whoever.
It's about collecting usage data to sell to advertisers.

Why does the kde compositor randomly break and not turn back on until reboot .......
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It's usually Kwin fucking up for me
>>>62124162 (OP) (You)
>It's usually Kwin fucking up for me
Why does it happen. It's only kde.

I could be browsing or doing nothing really then suddenly all fx stop working and my task bar looks like shit until I relog

Also when compositing is enabled, fullscreen videos lag

Linux software will never not suck it seems...
What distro are you using? you know what? nvm fuck off to

How the fuck do I ship my AMD fx cpu without original package and without damaging the pins?!??!!??! REEEEEEEEE
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bubble wrap

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I'm getting an amazon fire stick for live sports. does anybody know if the delay is any worse than regular cable TV? thanks.
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Why not just watch sports on the radio?
pic is the Fire TV box, not stick.

delay is the exact same as cable, provided you have good internet.

the thing is basically a processor and SD with video out. annoying thing is that it requires a separate cable for power, making it look not as sleek as I hoped.

worth the money tho, I got it for ~$50.
It streams everything through the internet so it depends entirely on your connection

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anyone else taking compTIA classes or anything of the sort? Any advice on how to remember shit? I just started. how do i pace myself?
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What cert are you going for?
go find "Testking" it has questions on ComTIA exam questions.

all their exams are one hour thrity minutes.
and there is like 200 questions all online only.

make sure when you go sit the test get the "pearsons" ones they are the best tester questions.

also look up the book A+certified by micheal meyers
just a+ right now. but might do more after. we'll see

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What would you use to maintain a backdoor into a Windows 10 computer /g/?

Currently using chrome remote desktop, however it's easily detected so I have to be careful how I use it.

I'd prefer some form of remote desktop.
Admin access is yes, port forwarding is no.
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Give it back, Jamal
this board is garbage now
Look into the msf. it has exactly what you need

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how in the world do i get ublock on android?
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>not adnauseam for android
works system-wide
install firefox, install ublock origin

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Anyone here know what's happening with boost?
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No, tell us, boost mobile marketing team!
$0.02 has been deposited into my shilling account?
Fuck off and die. And take your viral marketing with you.

>One window with 5 or so tabs open
>Two of the tabs are 4chan, two are YouTube and one is Wikipedia
>Posting in a 4chan thread
>Chrome stops responding
>Open task manager
>See this

Why is this allowed?
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Found your problem
splitting itself into several processes was like the entire point of chrome right from day 1
I too gnow that feel

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why did it take so long for lcd displays to become affordable to the point you could almost cover every decorate every wall in your house with them?

Why did it take until 2004 or so for them to surpass the sale of CRT's.
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Image quality, response and refresh rate, scaling issues, etc
LCDs used to be shit until quite recently, aka a decade ago
>LCDs used to be shit
Most still are.

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Does Kali Linux offers tools for Phreaking? If not, where can I get tools for testing security of mobile phones, SIM Cards, etc?
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Never use Kali.
Just use any linux and google whatever tool you need and install it
why do need to post about it
or just have it on a vm or live-disk so you dont have to fuck around with repos?
>google whatever tool you need and install it
Kali comes with the metasploit framework installed and configured, which saves so much time that alone is worth the edgy garbage.

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