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Newfag here, asking because I don't know where else to go for a real answer. Is it possible to get a 2-slot graphics card with the fan and components on the left side instead of the right side from a port perspective?
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There's none that I know of like that. Why do you want such a thing?
like having the components on the other side of the pcb ?

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Have they figured out how to fix jelly scrolling on OP5 with a software update? How the fuck did that shit pass the Q&A???
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You get it replaced.
unfortunately, they do not consider this a defect and won't replace it.
Then you just got Chink'd.

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What does /g/ think about AI virtual assistants, such as Hal Assistant, Denise, Braina, etc?

Also: are there any similar, open source projects worth checking out?
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she's pretty hot...
All completely useless and gimmicky
Virtual assistants are 30 years behind wrt to all other applications of AI.
Today I asked Google what I had planned for tomorrow morning and it wasn't able to respond, same thing with Siri on the iPad.

Generally this will be about the screenshots I have here, but y'all can bring up your own cringy topics as well.

Seriously, though, tf is this?
Its a page on Facebook. This dude literally bought his own ad and all; I hope its a joke?
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Part 2 screenshot
Oh god that font why
This doesn't seem to have to do much with technology.

I'm planning to buy one of these for reverse engineering. I've not seen any effort to capture audio from it in realtime (it can be extracted from the filesystem).

There's also a development kit available that depends on the botnet. I'm not sure if that one is more hacker friendly.

Anyone here tried mucking with one of these?
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into the trash it goes

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Why are techfags so concerned about a few framerates all the time and not worried about getting the best value for the price?
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Because fuck you
because the "techfags" you're talking about are 14 year olds that don't care about bang-for-buck because it's their parent's money.
or 20 somethings with neetbux

Won this piece of shit laptop at work in a raffle

Lenovo Ideapad 310

It comes with Windows 10

Why the fuck can I not remove this fucking thing and install Windows 7 instead? This is so frustrating from their stupid BIOS method with the NOVO shit and secure boot faggotry

All methods to install 7 has failed.

Goddamn what the fuck
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Don't complain about free stuff.
Most likely there is a button to start into bios. Turn off secure boot. Start from usb and install some Linux.
Just hold shift while clicking poweroff button in start. Go to UEFI settings and switch to legacy mode.
Then you will be able to access BIOS at startup with delete, or whatever there is.
This. Use something like i3 or xfce on that piece of shit too, if you want to be able to actually accomplish anything.

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>Going through drawers to find shit to throw away
>Come across thus gem
>TFW This was a great phone and I really had fun toying with it, installing and testing firmware on it etc back in 2010
>tfw when you realize it was a hipster phone that no one really heard about but had decent hardware for its time
>tfw you miss the satisfactory click of physical buttons

What did you find rooting around /g/?
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I remember seeing it in a magazine and really wanting it.
It's probably garbage though. Can it at least be used to browse 4chan and watch Youtube comfortably?
Don't know, never tried that. I just let it charge for a bit and die again. For it's time though it was good.
Trim your nails you nasty fuck.

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Hello /g/. I was wondering if someone could tell me what is wrong. I play solitaire on my computer and it won't stop lagging in performance. It only runs about 3 fps. What is wrong?

Win 10 pro 64 bit
AMD FX 9590
16 GB RAM DDR3 @ 1600 mhz
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>amd cpu

>Install Opensuse
>Neovim in repos doesn't support neomake
>Break my install after installing tumbleweed neovim

>fedora 25
>black screen on boot

>xorg crashes every 10 seconds on the live cd

What the fuck is going on here? Is there a decent KDE distro that's not arch?
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yeah ubuntu
why didnt you try this before
>Is there a decent KDE distro
>that's not arch?
that sucks too

install an actually working DE, like Xfce

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What is the appeal of the iPhone?
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all the cool people use it
It's a good phone.

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Hello /g/ [email protected] !
I have a question !
>Why is K&R so different from other programming books ?
>Why the exercics are so hard to me ?
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>>Why is K&R so different from other programming books ?
It kept it simple, and was a very relaxed text for its time, while still assuming the reader wasn't a brainlet.
>>Why the exercics are so hard to me ?
You are a brainlet.
This is a dense text that rewards thorough reading, not a "learn C in 24 hours" book. If you find the exercises hard then you need to do them and they will make you a better programmer.
if you're finding the first few exercises hard (1.1 to 1.6) you should either start actually reading or give up

/g/'s thoughts on personal cloud storage drives? What are some reliable ones/brands?
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It's shit
Just get a NAS instead, either a decent new one or a good used one
Why get this instead of an old used server?
>personal cloud storage drives
what the fuck is that?
a networked hdd?
exactly. what is the difference?

doesnt "cloud" mean it's on the internet and not a personal drive?

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Can somone please tell me if it's still possible to upgrade a new win 7 copy to win10 fot free?

I have missed the offer. And win10 is expensive.
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YMMV. I installed Win 10 and was able to activate it with my old Win 7 key.
This was a while ago (after the cut-opff date for the offer, though), and it might not work with OEM keys.

Worst case you get a gimped copy of win10 that's full of ads, but it'll work for browsing /g/ and playing vidya.

Alternatively, consider installing Gentoo...
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I just want ot play forza 6 apex, it works in genoo?

Do any of you faggots work at the new Apple headquarters? What's it like?
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is it a circle instead of apple shaped?
what a lack of creativity
thats a home button you dork,not a circle
you dont get apple design you pajeet poorfag
Yes I am a janitor there.
It's incredible, Apple employee shit literally does not stink.

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