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>750W PSU

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64 liquid recommends 1000w

Kinda stupid recommendations tbqh
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nah, pic semi related
That is called "Insurance against idiots plugging it into their generic $30 PSU".

Also, kill yourself housefires spammer.

>b-but muh resale value
Why is this the only argument mac users have against PC?
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mac are pc.
delete your thread
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>the only argument


Enjoy that piece of shit you're using to shitpost, OP... it's literally falling apart.
It only breaks if you have hentai streaming constantly. Ya faggot.

>Make six figures
>Notice all he projects I get at work are probably something others wouldn't want to do
>I still have good projects or a good job
>But feel the quality is lower than others and what they have on their plates
>Would you actually care about this or would you just collect your paycheck study on the side and don't focus that you are the engineer who gets the projects no one wants.,..
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This is the type of projects I work on
They are good to learn but not really something that I am interested in......

I don't manage the access layer as that would be the clients/user end
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4chan is a top 100 website now in 4 countries.


Do you think we'll ever be in the TOP 10 globally?
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>top 10
Never gonna pass top 30 in any country, actually.
And plus, we don't want to be
We don't want this to become facebook and this website to be infested with normie scum
It's already a shitposting and porn oriented Facebook.

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I really fucking hate this whole unboxing embargo

Cancerous as shit.
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Literally DOA.

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Shilling for free. All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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Anyone try Rez Infinite on the Rift or Vive yet?
My Rift got shipped yesterday from Oculus. Seems they're cathing up with the orders.
Do not ever plug any Oculus stuff in an Asmedia USB port, updated drivers or not. I recommend disabling the controller in the device manager and taping the ports belonging to it shut just so you brick your PC by accident.

>eye tracking as a cursor

Assuming it's accurate, would it work?
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If it's accurate, of course it would work. Why wouldn't it?
thanks botnet!

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What are some affordable exotic unix workstations? I'm looking for SPARC, risk, mips based workstations.

They're all 800+ dollars and more.
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>there's a retro thread
>you're looking the totally wrong shit if it's 800 bucks+
>you're a faggot, stop looking, they don't sell them to faggots
A E S T H E tetc

Are the os' not available?
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Loved my Sun Blade 1000s, but they use way too much power for me to use any more.

>scrum standup
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>agile development expert
>velocity and burndown
>Guy starts working on random thing in backlog without asking the group
>Someone else does it and asks the group beforehand if he should
>He does it better
Why are there autists and why are they almost always the worst in terms of smell AND capability?

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chrome with ugly gray Safari skin
Brave is literally better than Firefox (unless you are talking about Icecat or Pale Moon)

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Should I learn C# even if I'm not using Windows?

There is almost only Java and .Net jobs in muh country so I'm about to start to learn Java but I'm curious about C#.

Is viable or usable C# without Windows?
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>Is viable or usable C# without Windows?
not yet.
java ecosystem is superior anyway
do NOT trust the pajeets that tell you to Java.
C# is the way to go, anon
What makes C# better than Java?

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The absolute state of Nightly firefox
what do you expect, these idiots are all transsexual furries.
I would almost take a bet out on the fact that some mentally ill SJW tranny made a "reasonable" argument for this "cute" new icon.
That's not even a fox

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Firefox is now officially kill.
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Unjewgled Chromium, here I come (at least until all the devs update their extensions to work with the new firefox...)
Nightly is. Plain old FF has another couple of months. That said, I'm really wanting to jump ship, but don't see any good alternatives. I'm not even willing to upgrade to 55 at this point, because they won't let me roll it back if I do.
>at least until all the devs update their extensions to work with the new firefox
Won't happen, advanced functions are missing from the new API
And when they rewrite the extension, they could as well just make it for chrome, because google at least does not break the API every 3 months

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Leading German tech news c’t/heise tested Intels new platform and it is a complete fuckup:
>Core-X series also has 4 core cpus in the range with intentional limited lanes. All mainboards for the Core-X platform support the 4 cores. This leads to bottlenecking because the lane distribution for the pci-e slots and M2 slots. If you use a 4c Core-X cpu you can only use the pci-e with 8x lane connection. Same goes for the M2 slots: because of the low lane count of 4c Core-X cpus the M2 is connected to the chipset and not directly to the cpu resulting in more bottlenecking. Only 300$+ mainboards did not have this issue and connected the M2 directly.

>Mainboards run the cpus completely out of their thermal spec when in boost mode. They measured a 140W tdp cpu running at 290(!)W. This leads to hard to spot losses in performance because of overheat clock skipping although the taskmanager would show high clocks/utilization. This issue is suspected because of the two-month early launch and therefor unfinished firmware development. Their test PSU failed because of this although it should have been well in spec.

starting at 23:30
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link a fucking english post, most of us don't speak nazi
I'm sorry they only have the german podcast yet. This story will be featured in the next c't print magazine 17/2017.
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>tfw KDE is so bad but KDE apps are so good
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fuck you u made me horny
also KDE sucks use terminal + framebuffer like a real man
>tfw GNOME and it's applications suck but it's the only DE bistros are somehow able to ship with sane defaults
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>want to use 1 (one) single KDE app
>200 dependencies

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