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>hey anon you are into technology, right?
>yeah somehow
>I have a problem with my laptop. WIndows does weird stuff. Can you fix that?
>No sorrry, I cant help you
>But I thought you were such a computer guy?!
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>implying install gentoo is not unironically the appropriate response here
>i cant get my email
>hey youre like really good with computers right take my iphone and get my emails working

i haven't used an iphone in fucking years
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but iphones just workd, fren :D

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Is there any site that lets you upload an image gallery anonymously and privately like Imgur, but has a way to display the gallery in two dimensional tiles instead of a one-dimensional film strip?

Pic unrelated.
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Film strips are two dimensional too have you used a camera before
ptpimg :^)
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They're not a two-dimensional way of arranging thumbnails.

Pic related.

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Why "professional" software is so shitty?
Just took a peek at task manager with Photoshop and AE running: there are 27 (!) Adobe related proccesses running. Holy fucking shit, WHY?
Idling Photoshop uses 10 times more RAM than AE does, there are three node.js instances running and this crap is still relies on the fucking QuickTime.
It feels like most of the software orinted at prosumers and above is made by fucking brainless monkeys, Adobe is just a common example. Just about every other sw has stability issues and/or bugs carefully preserved for years and/or popular user requests being ignored.
How does that kind of software become a bloated poorly coded mess?
I am fucking butthurt.
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Pajeets are to blame
Fucking amazing, Photoshop just terminated itself after five minutes of no user interaction. What the fuck.

Pretty sure software like that was total crap even before Pajeet invasion.
It has a lot to do with Adobe. They know the people who rely on their software will always go to them for the newest updates and support but the thing is Adobe as a company just seems bad with resources in general. When we point out that they still haven't gotten around to fixing the memory leaks, bloat, and clunky unresponsiveness you'll know exactly why Flash is obsolete. They suck.

Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign are probably such a necessity to some that they put up with all of it. Even considering the cons, holy shit those 3 things really do what they do.
kids shouldn't be allowed to post here and you need to go to bed

holy shit it's so fast
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Even the logo looks fucking good.
can you install extensions reliably on a nightly release

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>be american
>get doxxed

So if you're American most likely your private data including your social security number has been leaked.

How fucked are you /g/?


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I'm already fucked
>right before obamacare
>heath insurance security breach
>didn't let anyone know for 7 months
>someone using my SS number, can't get obamacare, send them my dox and I'm still not """verified"""
>SS office says lol not our department
>btw your SS number is highlighted in pink, means pending criminal charges
>never had criminal charges before
>cops can't do shit
>have to provide a fuckton of personal information now to """verify""" it's me to anyone who needs it
>all that information is now probably hacked
the botnet was a mistake
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Jokes on then , I have 0 credit
There's an easy way to solve it, contact all the credit bureaus (there's three big ones and one minor one) and ask for a permanent credit freeze. Not that worthless "monitoring" crap, a full freeze. Once that's in place anyone who tries to obtain credit in your name won't be able to, because the lender will try to pull your credit file and get a message saying "We won't give you this information, don't lend to him"

This also stops you from getting credit, but you shouldn't be doing that on a routine basis anyway. If you want to get a mortgage or a car loan you contact the bureau and say "unfreeze my file for X business days" and get your loan.

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if (debian <=6)
end if

why would you do that to yourself?

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4 days
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Prepare your assholes ifags shit is gotta be huge
You know that iToddlers are going to be marching down the streets screaming I N N O V A T I O N.

Anything with an 'i' in front of it is preying upon the stupid and gullible.
apple logo should be the fingerprint sensor

so guys, is it any good?
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No. 56 is the only vega that's worth it, and even still it's only "decent"
I don't want it now that I can get it

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Dell / HP general!

Post your favorite Dell Dudes and share tips on the second and third tier business laptops!

Stinky Thinkpads not welcome. Dude, you're getting a dull computer!
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dell dude is redpilled, no more shitty removeable batteries for him!
HP is watching you and this thread.
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Linux support may be shitty, but Dell and HP have teamed up with MS to bring you the best Real Business Experience!

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>other person make gif with 20 frames
>i make gif with 24 frames and same size

why life hates me so much?
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It's your fault for making GIFs in 2017
>2.4 millibits
That's not a unit of anything
>frames per second
What a fucking retard, videos exist for a reason

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Anyone got a xiamoi qicycle. I know they look faggy but I have a distance to the public transport I catch and I would have to fold it up.

How heavy are they and how quick?
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>it's real
jesus christ
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I would suggest a raleigh twenty. 20" common tires and sturdy. Got mine for 100 bucks. People compliment me when I'm out on it. Never got that with a bike before and it fits in a duffel bag if needed but it also fits on a bus carrier.
Dunno the weight, but they aren't quick, even after you shift. Do you have to option of using bike sharing, such as Mobike?

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What are the best earbuds (no on-ears or over-ears, too big, needs to fit in a pocket) for a reasonable price? Currently using pic related but I want something with clearer and better sound if possible.
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Shure SE215
Does anyone have problems fitting earbuds into your ear? I have tried manny and in all possible bays, but the suction ones keep falling off, no matter what I try and i already got fed up with them.
OP's pic are by far the ones that fir me the best, but they are too expensive for their quality
I tend to let them hang in the bottom of my ear or wedge them to the back of my ear depending on how they are designed. Earbuds have always worked for me, but I could just be lucky.

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hella protein.png
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Delivering fresh gore.
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>: tombstone resistor
i hate this

When the fuck will wayland actually be usable
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>KMS = kill my self
>wayland used on fedora
>when will it be usable

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>San Fransisco
>that slave Asian with pink hair
Theres literally no reason for Brave to not be a plugin

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