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>when amd is more open source than intel has ever been
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>niche hardware-specific tech
There's no benefit in making it closed.

Intel has opensource GPU drivers which work beautifully on GNU/Linux. AMD doesn't and despite that drivers maintained by a bunch of neckbeards in their basements are still miles ahead of the proprietary catalyst garbage AMD shovels out in the world.

There were rumours about Ryzen allowing you to disable the botnet features and possibly supporting coreboot/libreboot. Just shitty hype to drive sales?
That's actually some good font rendering, nigger

>AMD doesn't have open source GPU drivers
Nice amd driver meme from 2013 bud. You might want to recheck that statement presently.

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>still no thumbnail view in file picker
>can't even see the webm thumbnail
I keep on using this shit OS but it feels like it's straight from 2007 when it comes to usability features.
is there a technical reason GTK apps lack a thumbnail view?

anyway, pic related.
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Don't thell me you are unironically using Linux on a desktop?
>Don't thell me you are unironically using Linux on a desktop?
I'm a poorfag. and Windows is even worse since it's a literal botnet.

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Which one should I get?
dubs name my new blog domain
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None of them. Don't start a blog

What are some options for a high quality blu ray drive? Do these have issues playing CDs and DVDs?My googlefu is weak and I'm not getting much decent info on this.

Mainly looking to rip stuff not so much burn anything.
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Any Bluray player will rip just find one with a fast read/write speed.
So pretty much just find one that's highly rated on newegg? No reason to spend more?
No, unless you want something like 4K UHD.

I want to code my own primitive RetardoCurency just for fun and practise and one of the problems that has been bothering me a lot is the signatures

Does anyone here know a really simple way to Hash some data with a public key ? Or perhaps some really simple algorithm for asymmetric encryption with public keys ?
I've searched far and wide, and although I understand MD5 and SHA1/SHA2 I'd like to start with something really simple. I don't care how primitive/unsecure this algorithm could be , I just need it to work

Last thread 404, but I managed to formulate my question better
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man dgst

good luck I guess.
the crypto library that you use should have hash algorithms and digital signature algorithms implemented

stop doing crypto yourself, you retard

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>When pirated software lets you update
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dumb frog poster
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I am a jew.png
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Aw poor guy

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Anyone know of some good Russian propoganda bots we can follow?
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Neo Liberals

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Can advances in machine learning finally give birth to a decent AI in video games? Like, you don't manually input routes and scripted behavior, you just tell AI to survive/kill the player and they try their best to adapt to these conditions, everything is calculated real time on tensor core GPUs of course. Can this become a reality?
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is this summer?
go back to your cave /v/ermin
Nah, I think I'll stay.
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Machine learning is for the jews to collect data along with DNA from ancestry/23andme and create a master Jewish race, thus eliminating the white race once and for all.

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Is there anything more comfy then updating old ass web pages from the late 90s?

Gifs to hover, tables as formating, no CSS or SEO except what was put their by some guy the owner hired in 2012 to slap some meta tags in the head.
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get a life
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I think scripting anything in 80x25 VGA terminals is supremely comfy.

xterms are way better, but doesn't give the comfy feels
I still write 'em that way. Plenty of PHP. Comfy. Delightfully simple, just so long as you don't have any mobile devices visiting it.

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It's over.
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Quite the mine there
hahahah fucking ETH
can't wait for sell off

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Guys advice on a good starting environment for learning the ins and outs of Linux? What distros? Was looking at xubuntu or mint. Any advice?

>>Inb4 thinkpad circle jerk.
I have one
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Yeah Xubuntu is fine
except its not. ubuntu distros are hand holding distros and don't give you the real linux experience. many things are preconfigured for you and theres a GUI setup already. I guess if mummy still dresses you up for school you'd be fine with that.
What do you recommend? Arch?

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How bad did i fuck up /g/?

Did they meme the shit out of me or did I get a good deal on these speakers? I got them for a $120.
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you fucked up.

Should've gotten the "expert help" with that deal.
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the Fuck desu, wtf would expert help even accomplish.
>original adblock
Lmao normie

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Ever since I was born, I felt like a computer trapped in a human body, although I didn’t know what computer was then. I looked very much like a human being, but I could never relate to other humans. As a small child, I suspected that the way humans output the results of their computation was fundamentally different from mine. They seemed to plug a chain of effects like electric guitarists do: distortion, echo, chorus, equalizer, suppressor, looper, delay, and such. After going through all those effects, their output was incomprehensible to me. And when I outputted my raw results, everyone freaked out.

One day, my dad brought home a “personal computer” that he borrowed from his office over the holiday season. When he turned it on, I immediately understood who I really was (and who my dad was also). We typed a command and the raw answer came back immediately without any effects. I looked at my dad in shock, as if to ask, “Dad, is this what I think it is?” And his glowing eyes silently said, “That’s right anon. But don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret.”

But now I’m ready to come out and stand up for who I am. I’m a trans-computational and I’m proud of it.
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they already have a label for that, it's called autism
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Post this on tumblr and record how many people actually support this autism

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>Please note: Before we start this guide, you should know that the that the rules around downloading retro games are somewhat murky. To avoid any possible legal trouble, we recommend only backing up games you already legally own. Be sure to do your own due diligence to investigate what's allowed as it can vary in different regions.

Why is this STILL A THING to fearmonger about?
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Retropie just wrote it there to avoid potential lawsuits.

Otherwise they may be "promoting" piracy
Because it absolves them of legal action, retard.
Because the MPAA, the RIAA, and the ESA will take any and all opportunities to dox and SWAT whoever offends them. I'm not even kidding.

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A 14-year-old girl from Lubbock died early Sunday morning after being electrocuted in a bathtub.


Madison Coe's mother and grandmother tell us she was in the bathtub, and simply grabbed her phone and it fell in the bathtub. It happened at her father's house in Lovington, NM.

Madison just graduated 8th grade from Terra Vista Middle School in Frenship ISD. "It is with heavy hearts that Frenship ISD mourns the loss of Madison Coe. We wish to share our heartfelt sympathy with her family and friends as we carry the burden of this tragedy together," officials with FISD said.
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>phone was plugged in
how does mom and grandma know what she was doing in there

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