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I was looking at upgrading my current video card (GTX 960) which I only really bought as a holdover and literally everything is out of stock or ridiculously priced. $500 for an RX 580? What the actual fuck? Isn't that a $300 card at best?

I get that it's the miners, but goddamn, when is this shit going to end? The get rich quick bullshit of cryptocurrency is going to crash, right?
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Where do you live? If in US, didn't they teach you economy in school? Low supply, high demand - prices rise. Companies can't "just" make more GPUs, it takes two to three months to raise a crystal.
Thank you for your insight. What about the cryptocurrency bullshit
The 580 was a 200$ card until miners took over

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Lenovo markets Thinkpad X-series as "business grade" when these are shipped with an ultrabook tier undervolage CPU.
I'm OK with thick laptops as long as the increase in thickness provides an increase in computing power. As in 2017, it makes more sense to buy a dell xps rather than a small thinkpad.
I'd also consider a Chromebook but I don't feel comfortable with having to "hack my way" in order to install linux on it and I find the lack of support frightening since I don't have enough knowledge to troubleshoot without abundant documentation.
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nice blog dude
Well done. You're hired!
Those are business grade.
What the fuck do you think businesspeople do?

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Are the legends true? Is MS the most evil company in IT? I can't think of a company which killed its competitors so cunningly.
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is this the new final fantasy x remake
MS is the worst.
>Allowing Nvidia to exist
>Ignoring existence of Linux
> Being non free panjeetware.
They are Apple tier garbage and I wont touch software made by either company
N-no, it's m-me!

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Just going to mount my cooler and discover this. Is this ok?
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Clean that shit off and then lap it. Lap your CPU too while you're at it.
You have no TIM in the house?
I'd clean it off and reapply.
But in truth, it's probably fine.

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I am looking at this laptop atm.


I got one friend selling his used laptop for 360$. Is it worth it?

The specs looks nice EXCEPT for the resolution but maybe since this is just gonna be a laptop for school work (programming, creating control systems for elevators etc) this might be a good deal?

Maybe I should try to get the price down a bit?
Thanks in advance guys.
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This isn't your personal consumer electronics review website, retard.
Get a ThinkPad, faggot.

I do not plan to use it to play gaymes
>Celeron n2806 dual core 2.0Ghz
>4gb ram
>HD Graphics 1792
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Then what do you intend to do?
If it's drawing stuff, I.e. Clip paint and Photoshop go Windows.
If it's just programming, reading scripts and Web browsing go with Linux.
You will:
Spare some bucks
Increase your value, as you eventually will learn how to use the terminal
Have a low resources de - > longer battery life
Less thoughts about telemetry
And rice all your shitty anime waifus into it.
>Celeron n2806 dual core 2.0Ghz
This is one reason why
A N2840 can run PS1 and N64 Games perfectly and everything below, so you're objectively wrong.


Quick question about laptop Wifi cards;

My HP Elitebook 8470p comes with a "Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205" card, is there any upgrade to this?

I have 200mb internet at home and want to get best speeds possible.
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hp elitebooks probably have 500 mbits wifi
My CPU is Ivy Bridge, so I think I can upgrade to Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
What is the difference between the ULTIMATE N 6300 card and my current ADVANCED-N 6235..?

Hahahaha Microshaft actually things is is the right thing to do on a laptop.
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Poojeet what is this grammar?
OP here, big deal. Made a spelling error.

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Ok /g/ I think its time to talk.
This is the situation: my friend got DNS changed like in January or something. He swears for his life that people talked to him on Twitch and Overwatch. He mentions his life was a like a bizarre version of The Truman show... whatever that movie is.
He claims he asked for help here and no one mentioned the word DNS let alone dnscrypt. In fact everyone here called him crazy and that it's not possible (when, actually, it is).
He claims people posted his private pictures here and that his going "through hell" all this time.
I know him since kindergarten he has some problems but hes actually kinda cool.

I need to know: is 4chan part of some hacking-targeting-trolling like it was 2chan not so long ago? Whats the deal? I won't tell anything to him because he already threw everything out of the window and is not using electronic devices because of this. But I need to know.

Pic kinda related this is something he sent to me.
Please dont do anything to him, e might be an asshole online but hes lovely irl desu.
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Sorry my englush is not very good

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I want to clone my current SSD that has my OS and applications to a larger one, but I will be using the larger SSD in dissimilar hardware, different CPU, motherboard, graphics card and RAM, so a different computer. I would like the cloned SSD to contain everything like my registry, configuration and all that stuff 100% identical expect if drivers needs to go. How would I go about doing this?
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run c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe, select generalize and Out Of Box Experience and shutdown. Then put the SSD in the new computer you retard.

clone to the bigger drive
install in new hardware
let windows figure it out
it will either work fine or fallback into safemode where you can tweak
i did this acccidently
you are lazy

hope a thread didnt die for this shit so i wish no no luck but no failure either

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Seems to me just about all the software has been developed and AI will be writing code soon.

Seems to me there is already a massive glut of programmers

How long until software developers are BTFO and real estate values in fag fransico crash?
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You're an idiot
Why are you posting Paul O'Grady on /g/ and not /tv/?

I want to make a tool that extends the guides on miniclip 8 ball pool, but I'm having trouble finding an ide that allows transparency 8-bit transparency to the degree that I want.

I want to be able to draw lines and shapes on the screen without being bounded by a window. If bounded by a window I'd need to be able to have it stay on top and be able to click through to the window below.

I started using winforms as it allows transparent forms, but only allows opaque lines and shapes.

Where should I start with this project?
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I don't think you understand how windowing managers work. For this to work you would have to have a transparent window that grabs screen focus but can send events at mouse position to the window behind it. It's not impossible. But it would potentially be very buggy and hard to code.
When testing out in winforms I used this https://stackoverflow.com/a/34703664 method to have the graphics stay on top, it worked for the most part.
Keeping the focus was the only problem I had
Right now I'm just looking for an ide that will allow me to draw graphics on a transparent window easily.

bought a X60 today, what OS should I use, parabola?
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install gentoo
Windows 10 with all telemetry options enabled

Just picked up the Moto Z Play and updated it to Nougat.

Tell my why I'm right/wrong.

Also picked up a battery mod from Verizon.
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>jelly scrolling
>PLASTIC screen
>lelnovo botnet
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>Willingly giving shekels to Verizon

Wew lad

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“There’s a law about Moore’s law,” says Peter Lee, a vice-president at Microsoft Research: “The number of people predicting the death of Moore’s law doubles every two years.”

Is he right? What's your take on Moore's law and the future of IC development?
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Moore's law is dead because it's more like 3 years now.

I don't think it's much of a concern, at least not until we physically can't go any further. Then we're fucked.
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Do you like this image?

I think this image is very nice
It's already slowing down. So we're mass producing 10nms now. We'll probably get to 8 or 7 in 5-10 years. Maybe even 5 in a decade, though it will probably take longer. But you can't make these thing a infinitely small. Say we get even better than we have at mass producing transistors - it will quite literally never decrease below the 1-3 mm range.

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