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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61521295
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dumb muslim poster
that's a feather, anon
you mean dumb kiwi poster

Do you love the 80s?
If you do, why?
If you dont, why?
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The music was good, but this is /g/, and tech has come a long way since then. I prefer now.
My first computer was from that era: an eight-bit Atari 65 XE. The eighties were an epoch of "killer micro" revolution, which lasts to these days I guess.
Apart from the normal childhood nostalgia, not really. The 90s were a better decade (for Americans, at least)

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You're in the github and this man walks up to your repo and opens an issue.

What do you do?
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Close the issue
close the issue and label it as invalid without any comment
ignore indefinitely

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ITT: /g/ writes a program one line at a time.
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I'll start.

#include <stdio.h>
$ install gentoo
#include "studio.h"

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I want to build a cheap study pod I have limited funds I want to make something better than a cardboard box any ideas?
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just make a fort from pillows and bedsheets pussy
empty out a closet
What the fuck?

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why are 2D game design tools so obtuse?
i mean, i know what goes into level design, its just basic datamapping for tools and objects and then dragndrop painting on a field.

i know what goes into a game, and what you need to do is simple enough you could build it into a tool so easy you could program an entire game with a controller for programming and the keyboard for variablenames[unless a specific avenue of attachment can be recognized through mapping that makes that redundant and a UI that makes things clear looking back through] and dialogue.

like, mapping and actionscripting is a simple enough concept, why not simplify it to a base form in an open-source game engine that meets my and anyone elses requirements as long as it adheres to a base logic of the design which we can all agree on?

if we make it simple enough of a design tool, we could design anything with it, even CAD diagrams.

i just need 1 person who knows input protocols, graphics, and physics i could tell them what it needs to do, but we cant do it without all of that so i say lets break the work up.
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so you're saying you're too lazy too learn programming in order to make a game? I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.
im saying it should be open source, and a large group of people should work on it together to make sure it gets done right away.
Sounds like Gamemaker, which is shit.

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What did he mean by this?
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I curse thy thread.
He wants a red rocket right up the ol' tailpipe.
A thread died for this

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Daily reminder once Linus dies your kernel will be more infected than it is right now. Daily reminder little by little Red Hat and Debian are introducing very suspicious stuff to the code.
daily reminder the kernel will have thousands of lines of bloatware code that will never be removed
Move to FreeBSD or TempleOS right now.
Not even Gentoo will be safe
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I'll wait about a week until release 11.1 comes out and try it again.
It's like looking at a bunch of underachieving neckbeard virgins, except these are female armpitbeard versions.
Move now before it's too late


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> Be comp sci grad.
> C/C++/Python/javascript/bash/etc avoided java and perl.
> Decide to learn java to make minecraft mod.
> Joy joy joy and IDE is like butter. That and stack overflow and I could program anything in java.
> Decide to interview for java position.
> Open collaboration editing page.
> Cannot remember basic (lol) java I/O
> Did not know heap implementation was java.util.priorityqueue
> Could not program java cold to save my life.
Now I'm trying to do it cold. No IDE, no web, until I've exhausted memory and my own notes.
Is this a good strategy? I think it's essential to surviving an interview.

Program this cold: Draw the mandelbrot set in text, using O for points outside and @ for points inside, 40x40. z -> z * z + c, c is the starting point, z starts at zero.

Here's one I did in C++ and blender, java image manipulation is complete but program it cold?
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Learn Ruby.
Install Ruby
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> According to its creator, Ruby was influenced by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp.


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Why is git so complicated? I don't understand anything. What is commit? What is pull? I am lost.
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`man git`
`git --help`
Who's the trouser arouser?
you have to be 18 or older to browse 4chan

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Is there anyway to get access to his computer? I know his steam password and can send him phishing emails. They're worth 200k and he's already spent a couple thousand of game he'll never play and weed paraphernalia.
I'm at uni but I could skip and go home if I needed physical access.
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nuke his hdd
Kill him

should have bought monero, no one would know how much you had.

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>be me
>be with father during vacation time
>father calls in relatives
>be seen writing code turbo speed in emacs by father's sister's husband
>"Anon that stuff's autismo. Stop pretending you're a hacker"
>aunt yells, "let him play C++"
>mfw I was actually coding HTML/CSS
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Also Autismo Pride thread
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>let him play C++
i lost

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What is up with Intel? Why it's falling behind in processor manufacturing what they are doing? Did AMD and mobile processor manufacturers catch them out of guard or what?
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Brian JUSTnich is a terrible CEO. Him and his beancounters that are running the show are slowly driving the company into the ground.
>AMDtards shilling for rypoo again
They're fighting Apple, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Global Foundries, and IBM, and they've enjoyed virtually no competition for the last decade so they haven't put in the R&D to stay ahead.

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Help a brother out, anons and bless me with your superior knowledge

I grew tired of never ending windows bullshit on my work laptop and want to switch to linux
I mainly program with c# so I imagine that would kind of be a problem

Either way, what distro should I go with guys?
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>I mainly program with c#
Stop that
Could you explain why?

I like the language quite a bit, but would love to hear why you think it's bad when a big chunk of the industry is using it

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The future is here and respect your FREEDOMS!
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>no trackpoint

>tfw can never find a Lemote Yeeloong for sale
well, I rather stay with my x220 then.

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