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This African child created an infrastructure to generate electricity for his whole village.

What have you done, white boi?

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Being white and superior than that poor boi. His dreams will be broken as fast as a nigger died in Africa.
>putting this much faith in your melanin deficiency
>"I am better because other white people did useful things"
kill yourself
Hi, I'm also here to hate white people and the occidental patriarchy because I'm smarter then everyone else and it's their fault that I'm failing at life, where do I signup?

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Can anyone recommend a decent inexpensive wireless mouse that can be used for gaming that doesn't look like the god damn batmobile with "Extreme Virgin Edition" branding all over it?
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>wireless mouse
You need to leave.
No. Buttsex
it doesn't exist give up right now

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>referring to programming as "hacking"
>saying "hacking on a script" or "hacking on a program"
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who does this
lots of people on ribbit and a lot of fags who can't into C/C++ so they use a babby language like Go
never heard it before
seems like something a normie might do though

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Let's examine the Minecraft modding community as an example of how the term "open-source" is completely abused.

>Minecraft is proprietary and obfuscated Java code
>Proprietary project called MCP deobfuscates and decompiles the game
>Open-source project called Forge creates a mod API layer, 100% relies on MCP to accomplish this
>Forge has permission to distribute MCP data
>Current lead Forge developer was lowly bug fixer who grabbed power when infighting resulted in many of the original developers leaving
>Most Mojang employees are ex-modders who made API competitor called Bukkit
>Original Bukkit team was eventually funded/employed by a company called Curse who made money from ads on mod downloads
>Curse also acquired the Minecraft wiki and forum
>Mojang acquired Bukkit employees and API in a business deal that was kept secret
>Bukkit API died when details of deal were leaked and remaining devs C&D their own project out of spite
>Most of the MCP team were also hired by Mojang and now have direct access to the source code, but always had inside information to assist beforehand as Minecraft became needlessly complex internally
>Curse employs lead Forge dev to write Minecraft plugin for Curse/Twitch launcher
>Curse employs people from the top modpack group to bring users to their launcher
>Modpack group tells modders they have to put their mods on Curse if they want to be included
>Curse becomes central mod repository
>Forge API has integrated support for devs to sync mods directly to Curse
>Forge dev is notoriously hard to get along with, writes bad code and won't listen to anyone
>People can't easily fork Forge because it depends on MCP and only they have permission to distribute it
>Mojang made Minecraft so bloated that no other mappings project can exist without their help
>Forge dev imposing stricter and stricter rules on mods to strengthen community dependency on himself
>Forge dev made LLC and claims ownership of certain parts of code

Forge dev is pictured.
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tl;dr version is that Mojang and Curse have ensured that Forge is the only mod API, and that they have full control over its key players. Being open-source means nothing.
fucking christ i had no idea it was this convoluted.

stallman was right
free =/= open-sores

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>/g/ idolizes japan
>/g/ uses linux, os x or windows 10 and an android phone
>japan mostly uses windows 7 and iphones

why are you guys not using what your idols use?
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I just like the cute drawings they create and Julia Boin.
You don't have to like everything a country does.
I just like their cartoons, not their shitty society that literally drives kids to kill themselves if they don't make it into university the first time.
I like that part actually...


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>computer crashes
>OS won't start
>do startup repair from flash drive
>it finishes 90 hours later

Really glad I stayed patient, I was tempted to hit the power button on multiple occasions. How can anything on a modern computer take that long? The hard drive is 1TB, 7200 RPM. 100GB free space at the time of the crash. Is it something to do with the speed of the flash drive?
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I hear that if you throw a flash drive really really fast, it can damage it. So yes, the speed of the flash drive can be an issue.
when my computer did this it was t he stock mobo failing
It seems like you're implying that referring to drives as having "speed" is a peeve here, like referring to magazines as clips is elsewhere. Is that correct?

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The most used excuse to defend the Chromenization of Firefox is "it will save up resources", "they can't afford more developers" etc.. Some people already know that's a lie since they invest heavily in politically motivated side projects.

What not many people know is that Mozilla also owns offices already the word, including this building in PARIS with GOLD LEAF walls.

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that is so old dude please feel free to stop posting at any time
Gold leaf is very cheap, you can stamp it ultra-thin and buy little booklets of food-grade gold leaf to coat food with for $8.
Hmm... gold does conduct electricity better than copper. Maybe it's inspiration to make faster programs?

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What RSS feeds does /g/ read? I want to stop using this shitty board for news.

I currently have:
Ars Technica
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Plus some more like ghacks that are in a different folder
2lazy2name, have a link to my opml instead https://u.teknik.io/YbJw5.opml
Wow, that's really comprehensive. Thanks!

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How might one go about repairing one of these? I have this exact model.

I have the hand mic but I'm missing the ant cable, 13.8V DC power supply, the PA and ext. sp cables. Where could I buy these?

I'll upload a pic or two of the backside, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Any helpful links would be greatly appreciated.
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why fucking bother
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Amazon and eBay friend. I use to be into cb'ing bought most of my shit at truck stops. Lol

Are you planning on using it as a base station or wiring it into your vehicle?

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What do you think about Funtoo?
Is it better than Gentoo?
Why isn't it more popular?
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Its basically the same but with le debian kernel as an option.

it also uses git instead of rsync for the ports tree.
I've heard git is supposed to be more efficient for that which is nice. Gentoo advised its users not to sync repositories too often because rsync is too heavy on their servers.

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Hey /g/ can you help me?
I asked /v/ but they didn't help.

I ran out of thermal paste and /v/ said I should use toothpaste and peanut butter. But I think I put too much. Will this be fine?
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install gentoo
you have to put the cpu in first and then the peanut butter formula, you fucking amateur. this is why nobody takes gamers seriously.
as long as it's a creamy blend you're fine

>"edge is a good brows-"
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>edge is a good brows-
said no one ever
Lurk more.
What are we supposed to be REEEEEEEEing about, exactly? Firefox keeps a 250MB cache by default. Chrom(e/ium) has one too, dunno how big it is. They all accept cookies, unless you turn them off.

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Is google botnet?
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We've discussed this countless times, yes.
>Is google botnet?
Do you even have to ask? Geez, aniki.

ok i want a nonmeme am4+ motherboard, but i dont want any displayconnectors on the backpanel because im autistic and wont use an apu anyway. which board should i get besides the crosshair hero? im thinking of buying an asus prime x370, is there anything better or equally good and doesent have epic gamer design
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asrock ab350m
asrock x370 taichi
Just don't use the LEDs and it's just a black board. I like the CH6 so far so I'll recommend that plus I think ASUS has the best UEFI I've used so far compared to MSI, Gigabyte and Asrock anyway
i have the asrock x370 killer and i am pleased with it so far

I use pic related literal piece of garbage browser and I want to make new tabs appear next to the current tab. Since an automatic update several weeks ago, the extension I previously used to control tab behavior has broken. I tried another extension, but it doesn't do everything I want it to do and also appears to be buggy. In fact, most of my extensions are slowly starting to break with each automatic "update."

How do you make this piece of shit browser minimally usable?
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>not using opera in the year 2017
>unironically using a botnet
I used to use Opera before they turned it into Chrome without any way to customize it. Has it improved since then? I loved how, with original Opera, I could hold down the right mouse button and use the scroll wheel to change tabs. I haven't found a browser or browser+extension combination that has let me do that since then.

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