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What's a good source for NIB or new production retro mice?

I'm building a modern gaming PC in an old case and would really enjoy having the peripherals to go with it. Keyboards are relatively easy to find, but mice really aren't.
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what's wrong with this?
your best bet for very old peripherals is probably going to be an online re-seller like ebay or what have you. physical sources I've had good luck with: schools, municipal infrastructure, libraries. think of places that are loath to get new hardware because they're dependent on some very old POS that still hooks up to a 3270 lol

>Ok anon I need you to answer the following questions

>What is an inline function?
>Can a constructor have return value?
>What is a pointer?
>What is boxing and un-boxing?
>How would you detect repeating characters if there are more that 2?
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>a function received as an argument
>something that link to a memory adress for some value/object
>putting something into/out a box
>I'd read the data and analyse I and I+1
I-I'm in?
>inline function
the generated machine code will not contain a "call" or equivalent instruction to a memory address containing the function code and will instead contain the actual function code in-place
the "inline" keyword is merely a suggestion; the compiler might decide not to inline the function at all

>constructor return value

an integer containing a memory address

>boxing and un-boxing
an absolutely retarded thing that only exists in java where you construct a fat managed object (allocated on the heap, referred to with a pointer) for holding a primitive value

>repeat char
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <assert.h>

bool fn(char *x)
char ch = '\0';
int len = strlen(x);

if (len < 3)
return false;

for (int i = 0; i != len - 2; ++i) {
if (x[i] == x[i+1] && x[i] == x[i+2])
return true;

return false;

int main()
bool res1 = fn("asdxxx");
bool res2 = fn("xxx");
bool res3 = fn("asdxx");
bool res4 = fn("xx");
assert(res1 && res2 && !res3 && !res4);
return 0;

Why a decent alternative to CPanel/WHCMS is inexistent?
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There's this thing called SSH. It's pretty good.

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Is a video with a native resolution of 4k downscaled to 1080p better quality than a video with a native resolution of 1080p?
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A video no? A video game, yes. Its kind of like a form of antialiasing. It looks nice in movement. Try it out in a trivial 3d game


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Now what?
What the fuck is this technology?
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go 100x margin and fuck off to /biz/

Daily reminder that it is ok not to use GNU + Linux if your use case doesn't require it, or lend itself to the use of said operating system.
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Which one should I waste the next couple of months of my miserable life on?
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>template rendering lib vs web application framework
what in the world
vue is babbys first frontend framework / angular 1
all over again

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is there any free software that allows me to create auto-filling .pdf files? as of now I only found that to be possible with adobe reader pro, and I don't want to go through the bother of cracking that shit again
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what really leaves me amazed is that one expertise on shooting and the other one on dodging. It's amazing more than the algorithm that learns how to play football because this focusses on the predator and pray balance. being you more clever and smart than me can you explain some point of view on this that i am missing?
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Hey /g/
What do you think about this board?
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For £49 quid I would expect more. Who are they going after with prox sensor and audio shit anyway?

into le trash
>we want the arduino audience
casual shit

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>having a mobile phone or a cpu with Intel AMT or closed-source operation system

I thought this board is for real men, not for some conformist pussies
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so why did you come in here then?
>never not centred


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Battle Station Thread.
Closet Edition.
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WHY did Google fuck up Google Wallet?
It was fine the way it was...Android Wallet + Google Wallet is a shit combo.
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They shit the bed when it came to getting their asses across the border, what the hell took so long at CBSA?

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Hello /g/. I just wanted to tell you guys how much AT&T can do for you. AT&T has a wide selection of devices, from the latest Samsung Galaxy S8™ with Google's Android™ 7.0 Nougat Operating System, to the huge Samsung Galaxy View™. AT&T also has the nation's fastest 4G LTE network. It's also much more reliable than T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, and only a fraction of the cost.
Switch to AT&T guys. You get better service for a lower price :)
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I bought the s8 on ATT Next and it is a pain in the ass paying $145 for 3BG DATA a month shared w/ two lines.


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Just getting started?

You need at least the following at introductory levels:
Linear Algebra
Multivariable Calculus

Book for beginners:
Book for intermediates:
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>AI graphics processing unit
>graphics processing unit
>optimized for AI
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I've trained my AI to deep "learning" into your mom's anus if you know what I mean.
i like this

here's a link:

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