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Entertain God and your ass will follow.
In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink them here.
use a better font at least?

I'm currently using cyanogenmod, but now that they've kicked the bucket I kinda wanna find a new ROM that fixes the carrier issues I had with cyanogenmod. Lineage OS hasn't been built for my model yet and I have no idea how to do it myself
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not op but why is it more difficult to change os for a smartphone than it is for a computer? i mean if you can get root access why can't you install any rom you want? cpu architecture are the same as far as i know...
I think it's because phones have different processors also specific drivers for a device's hardware. For example the International variant of the S4 has a exynos processor while the American variants have a snapdragon. I can't flash a ROM for the international on the American variant .
This anon has it mostly right:
Mainly to do with drivers for the hardware, vendors(hardware) out of shear incompetence or a pathetic attempt to "protect their intellectual property" or most likely out of shame for the absolute crap they've produced only publish a single driver for android or "android board support package" it's a motherfuckton of work and against a whole bunch of archaic and draconian laws to reverse engineer the hardware so in most cases the hardware on your phone only works in an android environment. Sailfish OS has a Q&D work around in the form of a hardware abstraction layer which emulates the base android layers and then a linux module (libybris) binds into that to rend things usable.

If this seems antitrust and dum and a whole bunch of other things that's because it is. As long as nobody cares and people keep buying devices that are locked (probably against a few laws) in ways most can barely imagine yet alone comprehend to vendors who would be yet more evil if they weren't so incompetent we're stuck with devices that run what somebody else wants in ways we don't expect and become obsolete at the end of 2 years weather we want them to or not.

There is an entire community of people who want nothing more than to write mother beautiful drivers for free and these fuckwits are too scared/blind/stupid to tap into this and they have enough money and power to make it suck for the rest of us.

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Why is wifi-direct slow and will future versions of it make it faster?

up to 250mbps my ass

We're soon going to get 320GB micro SD cards but we still have to transfer at 3.75MB/s over wifi?
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>3.75MB/s over wifi

I do better than that on my OPX when using my FTP server. What garbage tier phone can't even get 54Mb/s?
@>not knowing the difference between MB and mb

Get out.
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>doesnt know how to properly greentext<
get out

Ok, i got one ~interesting question.
Lets say ww3 starts, conventional weapons(so,not Fallout scenario,but really,really shitty one,WW2 on stereoids minus nukes).
Almost every country for itself,no alliances(us,eu,ru,ch,au,can,ind all for themselves) and, its 3-4 years deep in war,everyone feels it heftily..
Who (what country/continent)would be able to design but also PRODUCE ground up,all parts(cpu,gpu,mbo,monitor,ram,hdd,sdd,heck even OS,) ,
best computer for war but also domestic usage???
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*BTW, this is purely for discussion, no political/national bullshit.
Also,before you answer USA in a second, think about all the shit that goes into making any part of the computer/pc.
So,literally from geting silicon to gettin liquid crystal etc...

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>tfw no money for RAM upgrades
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>not just pirating more RAM
eat my jand

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>Wipe Free Space
>Complex overwrite 35 passes

Is this actually effective at destroying deleted files? I have... sensitive information I need to get rid of.
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Overwriting each bit a random number of times between 2 and 5 is more than enough
but do you use CCleaner? Or are there better alternatives
Top level software literally doesn't matter. If you're really worried about it burn your hard drive.

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Does anyone know how to make a static route to 4chan? I want to use a VPN for everything else and exclude 4chan so I can post from my own IP address. However using route.exe in Wangblows to add 4chan's IP address as a static route then enabling my VPN I still cannot post here. It works on other sites (like an ip address reporting site). My guess is it is either something to do with Cloudflare or something really sneaky in 4chan's scripting that still allows it to detect you as connected via a VPN (Maybe Google ReCaptcha I dunno).

It's a fucking pain.
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>Having this much time to worry about what IP you're using to posting on a Japanese Hentai board.
Get a fucking job.
Uhhh..shouldn't you be working slave? Mr. Shekelberg needs that money so he can fund Israel.
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/g/ this is cryptocurrency related but its about the technology behind it and not the business so i think it fits better here than in /biz/

So i think i can understand superficially how bitcoin works, its simply a ledger where unspent balances are kept, but reading about ETH and smart contracts it went way above my head, i read something about a DAO theft, and scape podes and attack contracts and i felt really dumb.
So could anyone explain eth vs bitcoin for me?
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Firstly, are you retarded? read the documentation

BTC blockchain is a tree like data structure in which each block (aka node in the tree) can record a fixed number of transactions. If you know anything about CS you would know this is incredibly inefficient and not scalable. Hence the need for something like the proposed lightning network to record transactions off the primary blockchain.

ETH blockchain has a similar structure except a block can also record the processing of smart contracts, which are scripts written in Solidity. This again is inefficient from a CS perspective and what is even worse is that you have to pay more ethereum (gas) the more processing the smart contract requires.
>Off the block chain
Literally Jewry. They're centralizing to give a return to their investors.

What Bitcoin didn't want.

Btc is dead to me. It's now centralized.
What would be a efficient way to do it?

Is owncloud still a good all-in-one hosting solution for one's home? What are the alternatives?
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Inb4 nextcloud
I never liked it, it is a clusterfuck and a resource hog.
werks for me

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>you are forced to use windows 10 forever

ABSOLUTELY Essential software for anything related to computer science, on WANGBLOWS 10

Also, Is iridium browser good?
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>you are forced to use windows 10 forever
Give me *nix or give me death
you might as well kill yourself

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>Mozilla plans to collect browsing data from Firefox users in a "privacy preserving way" to help Firefox product teams improve the browser based on the data.
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it's open source. if you don't like it, fork it.
Yeah no, I'll keep using firefox, thanks. Better than nonfree botnets and furfag trash.
it's called Palemoon

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which is the best programming font, /g/?

I think it's pic related
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we already have a thread for this
there's nothing to discuss about >>62047816. anti-aliasing is great

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Are there any light-weight web framework with built-in authentication and authorization?

I need something flexible and light-weight but I don't want to implement security.
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flask with one plugin
Security is not someone you just "implement." Every line of code must be secure because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link in this case.

If you don't know how to do security or don't have time, Rails is your best bet.
Flask is lightweight?


Pull out your wallet goyim, you don't want to be on an (((basic))) level Windows, you need higher ones.
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>greentexting a hyperlink

dont do this
>windows 10
good god i don't have such a problem.
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With microshit.

If they believe the average user does not need advanced filesystems they can kiss my ass.

Working with basic user PCs in a repair shop has taught me one thing: PCs need this form of data integrity.
I used to bite hook line and sinker that your average grandma doesn't need redundancy on her home PC and checksums to rebuild but after seeing so many units come in with fucked HDDs and explaining to customers that their data is destroyed because they waited too long without any backup, I'm not so sure, when they could have taken the machine in a degraded state to a shop who could get them up and running again without losing a thing.

NTFS is broken on current tech and will continue to degrade. All in favor of planned obsolescence.

I want to make my own personal, private cloud. And I am too dumb to know what to do.

I am thinking between Syncthing or Seafile.
I need to set up a NAS system on a Raspberry Pi or some such to do this??
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Build a proper NAS. ECC ram, server grade motherboard, HDD's rated to be working 24/7. Do not cheese this if you value your data.
?personal, private cloud
literally what is that
If you're talking about accessing your internal network from wherever I would just set up a raspberry pi with OpenVPN and then connect in whenever you want access to your files.

Like the gentleman above said, if you're building a NAS then make sure you splash out a bit on hardware.

If you want a full on private cloud (NAS, VMs) then I would buy myself some 2nd hand server grade hardware with some local disks installed, install a hypervisor (such as XenServer) and run your VMs off there, you could just run your NAS as a VM as well.

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