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help me /g/, i am confused. what is the purpose of open-source projects other than to pad one's resume and make one more employable?
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>I want software that does X
>guess I'll write some
>if I make it open source maybe I'll find other people who want software that does X that'll send contributions, patches, bug reports...
>and even if I don't, why not, maybe it'll be useful to someone somewhere
then i must deal with users' complaints for software i have written solely for my own use. this is a waste of my time because if i do not respond to these complaints i will seem unprofessional, and this will negatively affect my public image.
Kind of the wikipedia type thing, people enjoy something so they work on it with others

Honestly though I think it's become a bit of a meme for finding a better job. A hr guy I was talking to at a company called their software "open source" and I called him out on not knowing what the fuck it meant. I asked him to describe their development process if it is open source and he couldn't do it.

Why is Edge so much fucking faster than Chrome? I have been using Chrome for Manx years but I just really wanna make the switch. It also scrolls much smoother.
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cute illya
Why are you here?

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What does /g/ think of Python?
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It's alright.
gave your mom the python if you know what i mean

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I'd like to clear up some erroneous information about where I stand that is circulating on 4chan and perhaps elsewhere.

I have a low opinion of Gentoo GNU/Linux.

Gentoo is a GNU/Linux distribution, but its developers don't recognize this; they call it "Gentoo Linux". That means they are treating me and the GNU Project disresepectfully.

More importantly, Gentoo steers the user towards nonfree programs, which is why it is not one of our recognized free distros.
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If this is actually Stallman, I'd like to recommend a book
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Stallman wouldn't use 4chan because of google captcha

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Is this a good deal?
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I have one. The IPS is really good.
just ebay an i5 laptop
yeah why not

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Went to track my amazon package, and then I see a picture of my house with the packages saying "Your package was delivered."

Wtf amazon? Why not take a picture of my dick instead? And can anyone confirm this who ordered a package recently?
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What is your problem exactly?

Amazon's own carrier service (Amazon Logistics) usually takes a picture when the package is delivered. I guess it helps with "my package was stolen" disputes or just confirming it was delivered properly.
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Why would amazon want a pic of ur dick theyd need a microscope lol

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Is this Facebook's endgame?
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I don't know about Facebook. But wechat is quickly becoming this in reality.


Add in this and this is worse then an episode of Black Mirror.
This is literal premium food for fucking SJW is literal good boy "points", RIP humanity
If the West adopts this in large enough numbers we're fucked

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I'm unironically considering buying one. But for 70 bucks it seems too much.
What do you guys think?
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I think you have to be over 18 to post on this site
I'm actually 28, and 29 in exactly 3 months.
Then grow up

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Wanna buy this keyboard.
What do you think?
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>$2000 bucks

WTF that keyboard better give me a blowjob
>$2000 bucks
Are you retarded?

Can I fix this
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no it's fucked
Nope. Buy another one.
If you have to ask 4chan if you can fix something then you certainly cannot fix it.

>youtube is broken
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I have no idea what to do with myself.
yubube brkn mincreft iwant wach my uncle benny play minceraft

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Hi /g/
I'm looking for good recommendations, brands and devices, concerning cellphones jammers. I'm looking for one to block any phone calls in my shop.
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you're aware these things are illegal right?
Nice try [local law enforcement agency].
maybe not in my area of privacy

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What happened to YouTube, /g/?
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we've time traveled back to 2007
i'm pinging with cmd .exe
sorry guys

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>Service Tier = the speeds I pay for
>Above = the speeds I get
How is this legal? Am I bottlenecking somehow?
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It's called traffic shaping and throttling
It's legal since Americans are cucked and let ISPs maintain monopolies and so whatever the fuck they want
I'm on the Spectrum™. Are you?
>How is this legal?
You signed a contract agreeing that you were paying for *up to* advertised speeds.

If you didn't want to agree to those terms you shouldn't have agreed to them

I've got a 2006 17" Macbook pro with Intel Core Duo Processor and 2GB RAM. I'd install LXLE on it if Linux wasn't such a bitch to install on 2006 macbooks specifically due to the way their UEFI works. So, what should I do with this thing?
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Wait until September and put it on Craigslist near a university. Some poor freshman desperate to fit in will buy it.
Use a normal distro.
Please, do some research before you shitpost.
>So, what should I do with this thing?
install gentoo
give it to me for free

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