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Konqi uses Plasma because it's the DE of the future! Why don't you?


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I prefer Trinity.
i prefer mate
Are there any reasons to use plasma over mate?

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The real question to be answered
>1440p at 144hrz
>144p at 1440hrz
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14400000000p at infinite hz
> chooses 1440p at 144hz
> realizes 144p at 1440hrz is what bill gates use
dumb emoji poster

>NVIDIA Volta GV100 GPU Based Tesla V100 Benchmarked – A Monumental Performance Increase in Geekbench Compute Test Over The Pascal GP100 Based Tesla P100

>NVIDIA’s flagship and the fastest graphics accelerator in the world, the Volta GPU based Tesla V100 is now shipping to customers around the globe

>The score puts the Tesla V100 in an impressive lead over its predecessor which is something we are excited to see. It also shows that we can be looking at a generational leap in the gaming GPU segment if the performance numbers from the chip architecture carry over to the mainstream markets. Another thing which should be pointed out is the incredible tuning of compute output with the new CUDA API and related libraries

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>815mm2 and 15 tflops

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>There's human beings that exist on this earth that still use heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc ...)

just fucking use CSS you moronic lazy autists. its a fucking deprecated tag why the fuck do you still use it when CSS exists, you can change the size and thickness to anything you like theres absolutely NO reason to still use these damn tags
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op is a fag
lol what?

you use semantic tags like h1, h2, etc... and then you style them as needed.

are you retarded? is this some attempt at trolling?
<div class="main-title" id="main-title">Derp</div>


>Current state of Nvidia drivers on Linux

Why do people use this fucking heap of shit? Is this what we can really expect in 2017?

Fucking abysmal.
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You can always buy AMD.
Their open source drivers are great for Tonga and onwards.
Why should Nvidia make drivers for an OS used by permavirgins who live in their parent's basement and don't buy new hardware? Oh, I'm sorry Nvidia isn't spending money so you can play Doom II on some video card your mom got you in 1999.
Like I'm actually in awe at that webm. Can you people please click it?
>Yfw that fucking window resizing lag

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Anyone notice themselves switching to Apple products as they become more successful in life and have more disposable income?

I used to never even consider buying a Mac. I didn't have that much money and all I wanted to do was game.

Now that I'm older, have good disposable income and have more interests than just gaming, I started to consider my options. The iMac is by far the most aesthetic computer out there with a brilliant 5k display. It works perfectly smoothly and I plan on replacing my PC with an iMac very soon.
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Nope, the more disposable income I got the less money I spent, and the less I used computers at all.






>The Apple slaves can't motivate their purchase other than that they are rich
I don't get it, you having a good income makes apple worth supporting how?

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is this what it looks like when you build a computer?
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Not exactly.
Skirt and Kneesocks
Who the fuck makes these? Are they very old people stranded in the '60s or something?

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Will we ever achieve human germline engineering and have male babies be born shredded from birth and grow up to become 150KG manly mans like pic related without any exercise?
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>Height: 5'8" (172.5cm)
That can also be fixed by human germline engineering.
We already have mass abortions in progressive European countries so that's a start at least. Countries like Iceland have about 15 babies with Down's born every year, the rest gets offed prematurely. Cheap and effective.

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Is the project dead?

The site is down and the devs github has been deleted.
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gitgud is still up
Check nl.cloveros.ga
The bitcoin miner was spotted

The best phone currently in existence.
Face it, you’d buy one if you could afford it.
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I have a desktop. My phone is just for phone calls, texting, and GPS.
not a cumskin to buy such a shitty product

I can afford one. That's why I've got one pre-ordered.

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What is the most reliable way to back up my anime?
I have a bunch of high-quality series I want to be able to access whenever (and from any mainstream OS). I'd buy an external hard drive but if it breaks I'm fucked.
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This might actually be the most reliable, but I don't want to pay out of the ass every year for 1+TB of file hosting.
inorganic(non-LTH) BD-R

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I'm going back to windows 7. Fuck LOONIX.
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Poor baby can't terminal?
What a little bitch.
Scared off by sudo commands little fella?
Linux is a meme used by code monkeys who enjoy tweaking everything about their OS.

Think about it like Windows being a new modern car vs. Linux being a classic car. Windows will always just work and get you where you need to go. Linux requires some work on it but some people really enjoy tinkering with an OS like they do with a classic car.

>not using deep learning

What's your excuse?
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> He fell for the artificial intelligence meme.
>AI meme
Fuck off.
>falling for the AI/ML/DL/NN meme.
[email protected]

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62470536
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Is rust worth learning?
>inb4 GHC Generic is metaprogramming

>Best viewed at 800x600 with IE 6.0 or Netscape 7.02 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 or higher.
©2017 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. All rights reserved.
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post more comfy websites
comfy af
remember before they got a CDN to host their stuff, you had to download the drivers via FTP from an IP address in taiwan?

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