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>August 2017 $540
>September 2017 $608
Fucking bitcoin miners REEEEEEE
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Memory prices are going up 30% too this month.
I like to look on the bright side of the matter. As long as these faggots are buying up desktop components, the hobby stays alive. The future of the desktop PC was looking pretty grim because of mobile devices.
holy shit glad I made a full upgrade last year

does /g/ use ublock extra?
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>The extension is useful only for Chromium-based browsers. There is no need for such an extension so far on Firefox, and thus there is no version for Firefox.
dafuq u mean no version for Firefox, is your head up your ass

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Cheapest way to register a website domain with anonymized WHOIS information?
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Any .nl since the registry doesn't disclose WHOIS information.
That's the dutch domain, lol
I'm dutch
Well namecheap as something called whois guard and it's free

I hope I didn't make a mistake

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Hey guys, so i have built my pc for little over half a year ago. I had a basic Intel CPU cooler in it, but after awile it started giving off this noise.

Getting to the point, what kind of NON-LIQUID cpu coolers do you guys recommand to me that is hopefully under the budget of 75 dollar?

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cooler master 212 or whatever it's called is a pretty solid budget cooler
Other suggestions? Also, please ellaborate on your experiences with the cooler.
seconding this, it's been one of the best for years now, installing it might be a bitch but it's great for the price

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The void of existence. The trash that is justified just for the sake of possibility. Democratization of technology was a huge mistake, but we had to please the merchants.
All you have to do is press the three dots and select "not interested". Then press "Tell us why" and select "I'm not interested in content from Linus Tech Shill".
why is advertising youtube channels still being allowed here?

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>he unironically uses a Jewgle NSA spyware OS on his phone
Do you losers not realize this shit is only for Indians and people who make $10k a year?
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There is no alternative if you want an actual smartphone.
You're not rich just becuase you bought an iphone with your welfare or food stamps
t. Poojeet

Can someone explain this?

So I bought this for 1.79 and the seller shipped it 1 day priority mail.

Wouldn't he be losing money by shipping which would cost like 6 bucks? Losing a LOT of money?

And it seems he sold it 60 times too... So?

What's going on here
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>Hong Kong
China subsidizes sellers on sites like ebay. They don't actually pay shipping costs.
The shipping label says NJ though.

Either way, that must mean SOMEONE is losing a ton of cash shipping a 1.79 item out with priority mail 1 day... 60 times.

It's a Chinese seller bro. The Chinese state pays their taxes and shipping costs to disrupt the Western market.

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Is there a catasthropic difference between gtx1050 vs gtx970m on laptops?
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Yes the gtx 1050 is a desktop grade gpu and isnt cut down. It's also far more efficient.

Dont get bamboozled in a double whammy with the 970m
The 970m is about 10% faster overall but uses a bit more power (75w vs 81w) also the 1050 is newer and is a bit better for specific things.. (1050 laptops look better, are usually lighter and make less heat)
gtx1050 supports full, dedicated HEVC decoding, which is a big thing for underpowered dual-core low-voltage laptop CPUs.

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We describe our favorite languages as anime chicks.
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Kobayashi-san is a joyless python codemonkey who spends most of her time writing unit tests.
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>Rust is a 6 years old brat with prodigal heritage, incredibly stubborn and incredibly picky. She refuses to eat SystemProgrammer-san's meals unless if they are of the highest quality, making SystemProgrammer-san frustrated and leaving to C-Obasan for advice.

> C-Obasan is much nicer, she pats his head, gives sage advice on how to raise children and praises SystemProgrammer-san's meals even when they are totally shit (C-Obasan simply throws up after SystemProgrammer-san leaves).
C++-Ojisan is an old and smart. He's pervert however - he's a cross-dresser, constantly likes to steal other's girl panties and likes wearing them. When you ask him why he does that he says: "that's the only way I can maintain my youth! Keke", and quickly flies off before anyone can catch him.

Since he's C-Ojisan's wife, he always says he prefers her underwear the most.

Finally got a new hdmi cable after a year of screen blacking out and then coming on again when watching high quality (1080p+) videos
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Good for you?
yeah a new cable help sometimes. guess my older one was made for 720p. lame

only works on some sites or something


I have no problems on my 2nd screen though but it is using a vga (or that newer one) cable

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What adblockers block ads on Twitch? Getting real tired of seeing that shit
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what are you using?
uBlock Origin works for me.
I have uBlock Origin but ads still show up, do I have to add some custom filter or something

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>/g/ likes free software
>hates google, even though it's free
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It's not free as in freedom.
Libre not gratis
Proprietary is not free as in freedom, even though it might be free as in free beer.

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What's the best public tracker now that Pirate Bay and Kickass are zombies?
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i like 1337x
Lol my dogger always does that when we go for a walk and he picks something up while i'm not looking

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Hello /g/,

this is an ATtiny13A.
It has 64 bytes of RAM, 1KiB of flash and has a CPU speed of up to 20 MIPS.

What should I do with it? I am out of ideas, but want to do something with that tiny chip.

The microSD is just for illustration purposes.

Also embedded general. What are you working on?
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Blinking LED!!!
attiny is not really great for much, because it's got so little pins. i prefer a QFN atmega328p which has a lot more pins and flash space but is the same physical size. only issue is that it's surface mount so it's a little bit more of a hassle to build a board for it.
Can't really do a whole lot with those other than some simple logic. make an alarm for your door with a reed switch or hall effect sensor or something. Also, might want to pick up some ATTiny85s, they're great (as in a lot faster). I use them all the time to make i2c drivers for sensors.

Trying to figure out how to flash pic chips with my buspirate here. I don't want to buy a pic programmer if I don't have to. Those little pics are real appealing if only I could flash the tiny bastards.

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Hi /g/ newfag here. How do i avoid the jewish surveillance as much as possible while using mobile devices?
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FIrst of all, it's not the jews but CIA niggers.
Second, use VPN whenever possible.
Oh, surely you meant to post in /pol/. Happens to everyone. Don't sweat it.
Hold it right there citizen, why are you speaking in such a doubleplusungood manner of our chosen benefactors

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