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ITT fountain pens and mechanical pencils finally become one! No more separate pen and pencil threads.

Post high quality fountain pens, mechanical pencils, and similar stationery. No BICshits or wood penfags.
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My collection.
MIRIN. I love mechanical pencils. No Rotring 600 though? By far my favorite. I also have a Kuru Toga, a Graphgear 1000 and a Graphgear 500. The Graphgear 500 is my second favorite. I'm considering buying a Pentel 925. Anyone knows how it fares compared to the ones I mentioned?
Nevermind, I'm retarded. I didn't see the Silver Rotring 600, I was looking for black (because that's the version I got)

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What will happen to the internet once robots can solve 99% of CAPTCHAs?
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1% of captchas won't be solvable by robots
Literally nothing, this has been the case for the past 5 years.
you will have to do 100 captchas, which is were reCAPTCHA is going right now

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Requires 2 GPUs and 2 monitors or hooking up two GPUs to one monitor and switching between inputs.

Any use in gaming over RDP or equivalent to Windows VM?

Anyone here using passthrough for gayming?
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It's only for the most extreme autists who value never running a native Windows OS above all else, but still need the software. If you're sane, just boot into Windows.

FWIW, you can use streaming software like Moonlight or OBS to send the picture back to the original display, avoiding the need for the second one, but the latency means it's only acceptable for slower things.
Can't you use just one monitor and cable, switching the cable manually to the graphics card?
Sure, or KVM, am looking for a way that's not a pain.

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What's your excuse for not keeping your cables organised?
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I'm lazy and I don't care.
>raceway pleb
Just get those wall kits.
>owning a TV in 2017

fuck off normie

>at work
>lappy on a picture frame
>2nd monitor in vert douche mode
>ball full of air for my delicate bottom
>Session IPA in the kitchen keg
>high as hell

I know a bunch of you are leagues above me in their comfiness lets see the masters at work please
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nice shirt
>tfw fell for ALL the memes
holy shit dont ever post yourself on this website again

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Pajeets get a lot of hate around this place, but not so many people talks about the fucking ruskies in the software industry: I have been working for 4 years already with many of these subhuman programmers and I can tell you they are the WORST kind of coworker you can ever have. Because pajeets at least let you do your work alone when they have no fucking clue what they are supposed to be doing, but with the ruskies? noooo, they just can't let you code in peace... They (and I really mean ALL THEM) are the most useless arrogant twats you will ever have to deal with in the industry. They really believe they are good programmers, it's fucking amazing! it doesn't matter that they can't make a single fucking commit without including nasty bugs and unreadable crap. And how terribly lazy can they be??? for fuck's sakes, they are unable to just do they work, their brains simply doesn't function in that way.....

So fuck you Ivan, you are literally the worse thing that happened in the industry. And there is a reason why your 3rd world country is a shithole, so just please stay there and stop invading other countries.
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Russia is literally the definition of 2nd world retard
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Yeah, maybe in the 60's that was accurate, but not anymore. Pic related: this is how 99% of Russia looks like.
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sounds like someone is just mad that some slavs are doing a better job than him

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Prove me wrong

(protip: you can't)
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If anybody tries to argue otherwise, that's how you know they are an audiofool
I can't
We're not crazy. We are just sonically trained. If you can't hear the difference between 500kbs and 320kbs, you are either
>A poorfag with a shitty or no audio setup at all
>Or a filthy casual.

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> 15 inch laptop
> Iris Pro graphics only
> still uses Haswell
> $1800
Why does Apple still sell those?
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Why would you want a dedicated graphics card in a laptop
I have many criticisms of Apple (like the price), but I don't need graphics for my sysadmin daily driver. Once I got rid of trashOS and put the botnetOS on, it was actually the best Windows laptop I've owned.

i5, 16gb, 256gb ssd. Ran VMs, all admin apps and all the shit I have to deal with daily and it handled it perfectly. No IRQ stutter, the best battery life to date, video playback felt like a discrete card.

Apple is gay AF hipster-tier, but they make a great Windows laptop. Oh and the chassis, I really do like the milled aluminum chassis. Cold as fuck in the winter but took drops and bumps like a champ. I have a dell precision now and it's bretty gud but fucking heavy. The Air was the perfect size and weight.

God I feel dirty now..
I hate macshit but to be fair GPUS on laptops were a mistake.
I don't want to have something in my laptop that will just make it bulkier, drain battery and be obsolete in a year or two.
Gpus just advance way too fast.

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If you don't support Stallman or any form of the free software movement, please leave this board
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GNU + fuck off
This is a technology board. I suppose the discussion of bad technology belongs here so freetards are welcome, but there are other things out there as well.

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How did this literal nigger get one letter domain? What the fuck is ICANN doing?
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>life so trivial that stupid shit like this gets you mad
kill yourself
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Here come the acolytes
It used to be used/owned by paypal before they were paypal.

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will reactos ever be usable?
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will OP ever stop being a faggot?
Will you ever stop posting this shit?
>Haha girl male girl male I want 300 replies with lewdposts and traps xddd

>I don't even care about the initial post i want an anzu thread!

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What are some must-visit web pages for /g/ people?

I visit
What do you visit daily?
I need some good recommendations.

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realclearworld.com/ (for geopol)

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/g/, I need help.
I recently signed a contract with the devil. Why? Because they offered 1gbps speeds in my area, so I figured why not switch.

Today the agent came out and set everything up. The first thing I did was run a speed test.

Guess what speeds I'm getting?

24Mbps D
5Mbps U

That's 2.4% of the speed I'm paying for. I called, and the lady said I just need to wait for the 'speed to build up'. What the fuck does that mean? It's been 5 hours now and it's still a consistent 24Mbps, or 2,400kb/s. It's like I'm just stuck in the lowest tier internet speed despite it saying Gigabit on my account.

I already know I wasn't going to get anywhere near 1gps, but I was atleast expecting 70 or even 80Mbps. But 24?

What the hell can I do?I already called and they offered no help. It can't be the modem locking me in at 24. I'm using ethernet, so it's not some weird wifi issue. Should I wait a few more days or just cancel this shit? I knew Comcast was terrible and such, but holy fuck this is insane. That shit should be fucking illegal. I have never made such a huge mistake in my life.
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what modem do you have? What router? Have you tried connecting your pc directly to the modem via Ethernet and doing a speed test?

I hope you got a good deal, I got gig service for $70/mo with 3 year contract and no data cap.
20Mbit is probably not lowest tier.
Give it a day and then call back.

The asymmetrical speed points to it being Comcast.
It's provisioned asymmetrical as fuck. The gig service is 1.2gb/s down and 45mb/s up. You have to get the 2gb/s fiber service for a symmetrical connection.

>have virtualbox
>make several virtual machines
>store all your porn on one of them
this way you wont have any suspicious looking files, and you dont have to be paranoid about some program autocompleting for porn titles or showing porn thumbnails

how about you /g/? how do you hide your porn?
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I don't.
Inception of virtual machines, use a complicated OS and hide it in a wierd place.
>hiding your porn
but why

mine is all 2d porn though, 3dpd a shit

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Any anons remember the Pandora? Well this is the Pyra. Run by a new team, so won't semi-fail like the Pandora did. Can we get a discussion on this? Anyone preordering one?
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Forgot link
I don't know man, back when Pandora was a newer idea mobile phones weren't as powerful as they are now. This whole idea is kind of antiquated since you can bring around a ThinkPad x2XX with a SSD and have a much more usable machine for most likely around the same price or cheaper.
But can you fit it in your pocket?
That's what I think is most appealing about this. I can fit it in a pocket and take it anywhere. With the ports, USB and mini-HDMI, I can easily convert it into a full desktop pretty much anywhere.
Plus, I can't run debian on my phone, possibly some you can, not sure, but not mine.

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