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Sup /g/? I just managed to get my own mailserver up and running. It's running from within my own home network, on a rasberry PI. My network faces the internet through a router running DD-WRT and everything beyond that is handled via NAT.

How can I make sure I'm as secure as possible from an attacker? Router is using SPI firewall blocking everything unnecessary, NMAP only shows ports 143 and 587 open, software is up-to-date, passwords are strong.
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Use Gentoo as an operating system for the server
I would just like to interject for one moment. The operating system you are suggesting for me to install, and rather commandingly might I add, will in fact, not directly solve my current problem at hand, and will actually cause me to ask further questions about the difficult process involved in installing it. Gentoo is a very nice operating system itself, but I'd rather you directly assist me in my quest to solve my current predicament.

I understand that many computer users run the Gentoo Linux operating system, and I realize they may enjoy it greatly and are not currently experiencing the current problem that I have whilst using my non-Gentoo operating system. Through a peculiar turn of events, I have noticed an enormous amount of users make the "Install Gentoo" suggestion, but many of its users are not aware that this suggestion, in most cases, is actually not an "easy-fix" to every single computer-related error.

There really are reasons for installing Gentoo, and there are people using it, but it is just for the few users who choose to compile their own source code locally according to their chosen configuration. Gentoo is just another operating system: the problems I am experiencing will not undeviatingly be solved if I make the choice to install it. All these so-called "Install Gentoo" suggestions I am noticing should cease immediately.

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On linux:

Is it actually possible to record your screen as a webcam output or record your audio output as a microphone input?

I know many gaymers who wanted to play dank meme tunes on call of duty have tried and failed to do this. I've never been able to figure it out and now I'm just curious if it is even possible.
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As long as you're running PulseAudio/JACK and running X11/Xorg It should be pretty easy to set it up
>webcam output
v4l2loopback and ffmpeg

>microphone input
set your input device to stereo mix

You really didn't try hard enough to figure this out.

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ITT: GOAT computer mice
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awesome mouse that had the most horrible cable desing
just rewire it lol.

What is the replacement for the 400s? Everything seems shitty or super gamey now. I use to buy the solid color ones for people at work. I still have like 4 of my own in various places but I dont know what Ill buy when they finally die.

Name a better value mouse
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Used to have one of those. Too small for my hand but otherwise it was a pretty good mouse.
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Secondary pc.png
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Speccy thread
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Just upgraded my SSD. Old 240GB one is now in my mother's laptop.

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Doing extreme budget build. Need good performance for ~$500. Someone linked me this build yesterday.. Should I just go with it? I don't intend on purchasing the optical drive.
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Also, I have amazon prime.. So, free shipping from Amazon is always a plus.

So, TVAddons is back. But is it real or a honeypot?
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Who cares, download your files like a big boy
Streaming's more convenient. Especially for shit like movies that you don't necessarily need to watch more than once.

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Will the Chinese one day take over the tech scene as we know it?

Pic unrelated.
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I watched that video and ask my fellow Taiwanese if this is accurate, he said no.
Also, >>>/pol/, >>>/reddit/
Chinese only know how to copy. They don't innovate. They are culturally trained that you have to copy the masters to ever get good. No kid right out of college (which is a joke in China) will come up with a brilliant new idea nor will the Chinese people trust a kid with doing a good job.

So long as other countries are innovating, China will be around to make a copy.
One other thing they are good at is maximizing profits with least efforts

you've been visited by the pavel durov
lean gainz and secure communications will come to you but ONLY if you post 'damn son' in this thread
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Damn, i would look like this if i worked out :(

Just a bit more hairy.
>secure communications
Dam son
>that hilariously weak core

This guy is dyel tier and a shit one at that

Let's say nowadays feminist can damage a lot of people without a proper reason, but they still get away whit no harm.
This is the type of conduct that really causes the degradation of the image of women in general, they harm more than they help their own "gender"

We really need to make some internet justice, even the government is powerless in this type of situation,
Because this "group" abuses their right stating that their right is more important than every other.

Link to a video of the theme :

Sincerely a average white male.
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This. /g/ doesn't want to discuss social issues.

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Indigenous in tech.

Boy, as it is, leftists and right wingers are in that same racist camp...

Oh, the PC coming out of your corrupt mouths, trickling out.
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Yes, yes red "man" move on.

Your kind was never meant to use technology anyway.
The white race created technology not you, that's why they are the ones on the top.
Every single race is indigenous to somewhere. The phrases "natives" or "indigenous people" are truly meaningless unless you use it as doublespeak for non-white
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Here, maybe this is better.

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Is this the future of Winshit?
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that site is old as fuck anon
get the fuck out

Do you have a personal webpage?
Where do you store(home server or normal)
What did you put there?
I have built a home server and I put a webserver on it, but after the about page I have little idea what to put there. Maybe source codes of some personal projects
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I thought about it, and I went so far as to set up a VM and install nginx on it so that I'd be able to set it up on a VPS. Then I realized that there were two problems.

One I'd have to actually build a website to put there, instead of just a "yeah, the web servers working" HTML page. This looks to be a pain in the ass, especially since every tool for the web assumes you want to load your site down with tons of ads and tracking and comment sections and general bullshit. Making websites without JS or any active content of any kind seems not to be a use case that's on anyone's radar, and I'm unwilling to hand-write all the HTML for it.

Second, and a much bigger problem, is the one you found: I don't really have much to say. I guess self-hosting my photos would be nice, though.

It's on some people's radars, check out motherfuckingwebsite.com and the project that came from it, txti
I have a series of html documents containing links that I regularly visit, a search bar, and scripts that fetch the weather. I don't serve it anywhere though. It's just for me.

I'm not sure what I would serve if I did. For file sharing, I'd rather use other methods besides http or ftp. I still have it in my mind that those protocols are slow.

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Starting a SE career in a year and I bought this on a trip while browsing a brit bookstore.

Am I in for good advice? I don't really like self-help books but Pragmatic Programmer had some good, if dated, advice.
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>taking advice from a guy named "Chad"
>believing in chad memes
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>mfw there are no /g/ versions of this meme

computer programming books not based on math aren't work your time

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OOP is still the best!

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>His language doesn't support both
>He thinks these two paradigms are alternatives to one another
What message is that image trying to convey? That using lambda expressions isn't functional programming?

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